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  1. Don’t know how long you’ve played ark , from day one ? Then you know it’s never gonna happen. If you like to explore without the confines of official then host or single player. Official performance has always been like this but tbf far worse pre launch and wc have tried to mitigate issues but such is the nature of the beast and how vanilla it is , so late in its life span with ark2 announced . Don’t hold your breath. Great game , great concept , maybe poorly executed but who am I to moan . 5 yrs and loving it
  2. PS4 official servers pve , crystal isles. My main account character . Not duped. I can transfer to all servers . Had character day one pre launch. I can transfer at will , any time , multiple times a day . Yet crystal isles is the only map where when transferring in I get my base and bed spawn yet when I download I’m dumped in the middle of nowhere and kicked from tribe . I get invited back in , but as soon as I leave then return another time , same thing. The maps a pain in the rear. I’ve tried to leave , get kicked , create and merge a tribe . Everything, but I just get kicked . I’ve a perma
  3. Glitch? Been in game from beginning. Never been patched . Intended? Who cares . People late to the party shouldn’t complain but have every right to do so . Discussions over complicated. I know one person who capped Rex pve official .This one person who holds down a full time job yet never missed a cool down . Ran multiple servers to achieve . The basics is it’s a numbers game . The more you have the better the odds. Guy breeds for his free time and clearly is passionate about ark . Who are we to take that away from anyone . If ark does . So be it . It’s still here and not going away . So why n
  4. Played since day one and all these yrs no issue. The other day my tribe mate joined server and got kicked from tribe . I invited him back in. Tribe log didn’t show who kicked him. So to test . He kicked me then invited back in. The log does show who kicked you if it was anyone in tribe just for information. The fact he was kicked in first place is worrying.
  5. Oh dear. I’m on PS4 Official Beta day one on pve . Played everyday exc 4 months total whilst diagnosed depression and hospital for 2 attempt suicide. One of the reasons I’m still here is ark . It may play a small part yet having played ark for yrs and a real good friend and tribe mate who kept everything running whilst I was away and I’ve never met him , I’m from uk and he’s Dutch from the Netherlands. Through ark I’ve talked to people all over the world , ark become a family. Funny that the moaners nowadays don’t know what beta was like. I tolerated the bugs , game launched and because of the
  6. Tbh he just felt need to vent his frustration like a lot of us , it’s what we put up with playing this game . However how you choose to do it is different for everyone. He’s probably playing right now . I see a lot of folks complaining about it’s wc fault , when with more experience at the game would have resulted in a different outcome. Absolutely you can get unfairly done over in game . Though I would say it’s more player error over WC to be fair . Op ? Just persevere if you enjoy the game , usually the only reason we vent when we enjoy something so much . You rarely hear people using there
  7. Last I heard . Atlas was grapeshot not wildcard. In fact I don’t see any atlas content on this wildcard forum. Think I might go on ea forums and ask for COD zombies on battlefield or battlefront maybe. I don’t work for wc but maybe visit atlas forums .Or submit a ticket so someone official may reply. Seemingly as an open question on the wrong platform is replied to kindly by its members, why post if you don’t like the answer? Personally wc did the dirty and tried to float another game on the back of us players waiting on a dlc which was delayed above everything we’ve had delayed before which i
  8. Doesn’t need a fix . It works as intended . We all have to work with the building mechanics of an ocean platform. I never learnt the hard way as I checked a few things first before building anything. I also referred to you tube too. Your gen will have to be placed within the building remit for said structure , like rafts , platforms , motorboats , skiffs , tree and cliff platforms etc.goodluck
  9. Depends . What you playing on. What you playing . Pve , pvp . To be fair without much information, you could have duped your character by accident . You need to close app , go to server you transferred from at menu . Then with character creation screen download character if it is listed . You can’t transfer if there is already a character in ark data. If it’s not there then it’s another problem
  10. Having completed boss are players still experiencing character wipes when they ascend?
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