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  1. Wc are aware of it but seriously, how long do we have to wait . Basic stuff here. Just so frustrating when esp you get so many blue screens above the norm in arctic biome .
  2. PS4 official legacy . Since dlc launched blue screens have occurred arctic biome . Definitely a problem , guaranteed when you travel in . Or even doing nothing and just standing there . Easily get min 5 a session and tbh has created a no go zone for tribe . Very frustrating esp when settings aren’t saving since launch . These 2 issues would go a long way to helping us on what is becoming a most enjoyable map
  3. We knew caves were being made unbuild able areas. Guessed defo lunar would be one biome as there are only 3 caves and even though we had one . We understood as 3 caves = 3 tribes and no one else has a chance so fair enough . Wasn’t sure about ocean but no change there as there are quite a few. I understand the decision . Lame that they let you build then say you can’t. Where did we find this information ? Crunch . Forums . Twitter . Yes we were told . We weren’t surprised when update came . There are glitches in these caves and some tribes block all access so I say fair enough wildcard , just next time don’t change your mind with oversight after releasing a new map when clearly as I can see . There’s no way in hell genesis was tested before release with what was broke lol
  4. Defo needs tlc , the current iteration is not scary at all and looks like a great white . Size will need to change , huge . Less spawns but obviously if you encounter one you would poop your pants lol. Vision. Scent. Cool additions . Bleed effect or gnash effect . Fin surfacing water as you try to swim away. Basically one terrifying mother . It’s a MEGAlodon damn it . Not a easy to swim away from baby shark dodododo dodo
  5. Should be limited to be fair. Like once you’ve placed one then you can’t place another due to proximity. Or one per tribe .or limit to ocean biome placement only on genesis. There’s obviously easy player workarounds potentially but it’s a start . Just can’t see it happening though , too much else going on In game that needs addressed first. It’s in the game now so get used to it
  6. Ocean biome raft destroyed by microbe swarm PS4 Is this a legit game mechanic . Or bugged . I’m losing rafts to these swarms that can also kill you through raft too. Annoying . Anyone else having problem? Will a metal motorboat bypass attack or prevent being destroyed?
  7. I like this biome but I avoid playing it as often as it’s the only biome I constantly blue screen on. Hopefully they patch it
  8. I’m on PS4 and ocean is fine . No blue screens , but Arctic is blue screen every time I travel to bed there. Or just standing around in base . Very annoyed esp when you have to keep redoing your settings. Problem I have in ocean is microbe swarms destroying rafts even though I’m not in that biome
  9. Yh , I’ve died being eaten through raft. I’ve looked but couldn’t find an answer , two of my raft were destroyed by microbe swarm . Nothing on raft to aggro and I was in a different biome . What’s happening? Is this a bug . Is there a work around? One raft had sunken foundations , the other not . Is it supposed to be like this . Does a motorboat get destroyed? Hopefully someone out there has an answer or it’s a bug. Both rafts were destroyed on separate days in different locations , both are wooden raft and I play on PS4
  10. You accepted alliance and you got tribe war. Or you merged as your saying your gate is open. Was it locked . Pinned . What? Check your tribe log , check alliances, should all be in there . Has your tribe name changed. Etc...you’ve given too little info at moment. Good luck though.
  11. Helpful if you said what platform your on but for PS4. I would scroll chat to keep convo from disappearing. Screen shot with controller which is quicker. Or snap with mobile device . Nothing in game can save chat .
  12. Can’t we just calm down and spread the love . Why are community managers fear mongering? Can everyone incl legacy players just be allowed to enjoy a fantastic game . So much time invested . A loyal player base . And yet legacy players are constantly being slapped around the face with a wipe hammer. Are people that eager to see the death of ark . Ark itself is finite. If people are playing and populating servers . Let them be.
  13. Lol. I love all the scaremongering. How ill educated people are . Though I understand new players . It’s all the first day player base still playing now that just need to roll their necks back in and just enjoy ark. Legacy is finite. If no one plays, servers don’t stay. Simple . Done . Officials with all duped items on them are what ? Doomed to become legacy 2 . Again. If servers are being populated and played . They will not be wiped. As a business you would not pay for servers that no one plays on. Yet you wouldn’t also in the same way wipe populated servers to see your customers leave and go elsewhere. No one . No one can point out or supply evidence where it’s been stated legacy is being deleted by ......date..Which is why new content will continue to be available to legacy players as long as servers are populated and meaning in simple terms . People play.servers stay.
  14. Depends , though most likely not . Just submit ticket and see. You need to be more specific . Looks like you lost it due to normal game mechanics and no fault of arks . But you never know . Good luck
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