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Community Crunch 184: Mysterious Mysteries Introducing: ??????


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7 hours ago, Snipar88 said:

An old man that likes the design of Dinosaurs through many generations of Movies and Games, till the point when they look like Chicken Hybrids...

I also gew up with the lizard like raptors but i prefer the modern versions because they look less plain and more interesting imo. They have been related with birds from the moment they got named, where do you think the name raptor comes from? Also wanne point out that Most Dinosaurs in ark don't have feathers including the ones that have been proven to have them like the Gallimimus (literally means chicken mimic), So let the feather lovers have this one.

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17 hours ago, SaltyMonkey said:

Free will lol. Read the lore again.

my point is he was never intented to be a part of the protocol. the arks new that when the titans were defeated to ascend back down to earth, rockwell only most likely learnt of this when the arks started to descend down, unlike the overseers which pretty much control the arks like a captain of a ship, rockwell can think like a human, he does not have to follow the protocol, which will most likely lead him to using corrupt element or as he would call it corrupt edminium or what ever the heck he says.

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On 6/5/2019 at 11:20 PM, Nothuman1 said:

Uh what if someone falls off a cliff or gets disconnected while flying above the water or something a hardcore server maybe but not a 1 life one 

Next idea lol

if you fall of a cliff irl you would probs die, and if you passed out in water irl you would probs die, thats the point of my idea,  a hardcore hardcore server, it would only be a event, timed event for maybe 1-2 weeks, very fast decay and ya character auto dies if you dnt log in every 24 hrs

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