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  1. Simple Kibble Question So I hadn't played Ark in about a year and I'm just getting back to it. I think I have a general grasp on the new kibble system, so in order to try and tame a Gigantopithecus I wanted to get myself some Regular kibble and I have plenty of turtle eggs with which to do so. I put it in a cooking pot with fuel for the fire, water, cooked meat jerky, fiber, savoroot and longrass. I lit the fire and waited for several minutes, but nothing came of it. Am I missing an ingredient or does kibble crafting work differently now too?
  2. I have really nothing to add to this other than Ichthyosaurs are an air breathing REPTILE not mammal. Just a friendly fyi.
  3. Yeah, thankfully I haven't built a kibble farm yet, so that didn't affect me much.
  4. I've been away for a while. What did I miss? Hey there everybody. I'm a pretty big fan of ark and have a bit over 300 hours logged in the game, but since I've gone to college I didn't have room for my PS4 in my room. That's led to me being absent from the game for almost exactly a year now. I've been trying to keep up with the Community Crunches and it looks like the community;s thriving which is good to see. So I'm aware of the grand-scale stuff. Valguero looks super cool and I'm THRILLED that they FINALLY added another actual dinosaur in the form of Deinonychus. I'm also aware of the Genesis season pass and am happy that they're doing it. Are there any smaller-scale updates that I missed? Content additions? Bug fixes? Is it finally a safe bet to transfer a character and dinos between maps?
  5. The raptors that are already in the game are Utahraptors
  6. So if any of you bothered to read my one or two past posts on this thread you'd know that I just restarted a new world on the Island, however I'm doing it again. Why you might ask? Because I'm going to try to play Ark Hardcore mode. What is Ark Hardcore you might ask? Well I'm sure other people have their own rules for Ark Hardcore mode, but the only rule I'm abiding by is this: The game doesn't end until you either beat the game or you die. I will have certain multipliers on. The taming speed and xp gain will both be 2x, and gathering rates will be 3x. I get that that may not be hardcore enough for some of you, but frankly the game is too boring for me to play with base resource rates. I don't want to feel like I'm spending 90% of my time grinding. Also I will be playing on the max difficulty, so highest level dinos will be able to spawn. I'll be posting updates on this little experiment of mine whenever I get the chance to play.
  7. Ark should take a long break from DLC's. They should stop announcing paid things for a year or two. I wouldn't buy an Ark 2. What I hope they do is maybe take a couple steps back from the sci-fi theme, add some more dinosaurs as there are more niches to be filled, further optimize the game, try and detoxify their community a bit if at all possible and just work on the already good product that they have. The ending of Extinction *Spoilers ahead. Stop Reading if you have not already seen this* looks like it could lead into what may be an exciting new DLC (and hopefully not a new game). IT would be cool to have a truly expansive map, even if that means looking back into, and refining procedural generation.
  8. So I'm now in college, and sadly there is no room in my dorm for my PS4, so my old Ark world on The Center with my old dino buddies must be put on hiatus. As of a few days ago I hadn't played Ark in almost two months. I had, however, previously downloaded Ark via Steam on my old Macbook Air. As you'd expect the game ran like a slideshow on the lowest settings. Good news is, I've gotten a new computer since then. So, I downloaded Ark onto my new computer a few days ago. This is no gaming laptop, but it's certainly more powerful than a Macbook Air. Anyway, I now have the game running fairly smoothly on Medium settings. Day 1. Went pretty much as you'd expect the Ark Adventure to begin. I started building a thatch hut, crafting cloth clothing, spears, and the necessary tools. Since I was building a fairly large starter home, I actually ended up upgrading to wood before I finished the house. I quickly worked my way up to Bow and Tranq arrow level. I was having an incredibly hard time finding high level dinos for some reason. The vast majority of the dinos seemed to be level 20 or less. Eventually I did find a level 100 Dilo, knocked it out and tamed it up immediately. I don't have a name for her yet. I upgraded to Hide armor and completed my wooden home. I died at one point at the hands of a Titanoboa, but managed to keep my now level 149 Dilo from having the same fate. I knocked out a level 100 Pteranodon and things seemed to be going well. It was at that point that I decided to log off. Day 2. Didn't go quite as well. I didn't exactly lose any progress. I did die and lose all of my stuff, but at this point in the game recovery is super easy. My Dilo is still alive and well, but the Pteranodon woke up while I was out looking for other high level dinos. I found a high level trike and started gathering narcoberries and narcotics in order to tame it, but it ended up getting killed by a spino. I wandered around for another hour and a half and found nothing worth taming. It was pretty boring. Hopefully I can find something useful eventually, but we'll see.
  9. I’m not gonna y’all about starry here because Ark is a survival game and you don’t need a story at all in order to have a decent survival game. What I’m gonna address here is you saying “Ark itself if we are honest Ian nothing but a copy of Jurassic Park.” Gimme a moment...*inhales* BOI, comparing Ark to Jurassic Park is like saying “Oh Hey, Mass Effect is just Halo because aliens exist in both of them!” They’re two entirely different franchises. There is no space age tech in Jurassic Park. Nobody’s riding dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. There is hardly any survival aspect Jurassic Park. Jurassic Park is a different franchise that treats the concept of dinosaurs completely differently than Ark.
  10. Questions: My baby rex, Princess, is only level 204 while her father is level 267 and her mother is level 273. Is it just me or is that absurdly low? Is level 204 reasonable with parents of that caliber or is that as far in the low end as I think it is? I play on single player PVE without maturation speed cranked yet she grew up so fast that she only needed to be cared for once and she was at 100% imprinting. I went through this process about a year and a half ago with a baby Carno and I took MUCH longer. What’s changed?
  11. I continued the process of smelting up twenty-five thousand metal ingots using refining forges. I destroyed my camp fires and made an industrial grill. I hatched and raised a female T.rex names Princess. (Question: Her Mom is a 273 and her dad is a 267. She hatched at 204, but that seems incredibly low. Am I right about that?) She’s got mostly orange skin with a white underbelly. She was about 60% finished developing when I logged off. (Question: I checked and maturation speed is not cranked for my game, yet for some reason Princess matured very quickly. I only needed to care for her once and she was at 100% imprinting. This was not the case many months ago when I had a baby carnotaurs to take care if. Have the devs changed something for single player and if so how do I change it back?) I also started building up the third floor. I decided to let Princess roam around the base, but once she’s all grown up I’m gonna need to go on an obsidian run, because lots of the tech I need requires Polymer.
  12. I started the LONG process of smelting all of the metal I have. I managed to craft eight air conditioners and a generator with electrical cables connecting them. I then built a ramp from the second floor of my base (where all of my crafting and work stuff will be going on, including incubation and hatching.) to the outside of my base where my dinos are. My next order of business will be to load the forges back up with more metal and to build a dino breeding pen.
  13. Alright so my metal gathering expedition was cut a bit short at the small volcanic island... I died, but as expected my boy Cloud prevented any further death. The part that really cut the trip short is that three of my large storage boxes of metal were destroyed when my group was attacked by T.Rexes, so I needed to spend about 45 minutes transferring the dropped metal to the remaining storage boxes. I then decided that since all my other storage boxes were below half health that I wouldn’t risk losing all this metal so I headed back home. Overall I’d still call this a successful trip. All in all I gathered over twenty five thousand ingots worth of metal: a solid haul, and probably well enough to finish up the body of my base. My next step is to start forging all of this stuff. While the forging is going on I’ll need to go on an enormous cementing paste run. Really wish you could get cementing paste by killing Araneo and such with the frog, but sadly I need to go into the swamp for dragonflies. Anyway after that my next priority will be air conditioners so that I can incubate eggs while I continue construction.
  14. Single player: as friendly as it gets, lol. I don’t have any industrial forges yet. I’m just now upgrading my base from stone to metal and industrializing. I’ve been operating with a room full of ten regular forges.
  15. Damn that’s literally just across the bay from my base XD. I should have started off with that. I might fill up my storage chests before I get back there. Meh, I can build more storage chests. But thus far I’ve collected the equivalent of about twelve thousand metal ingots: already twice the amount that I gathered this past weekend.
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