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  1. prodigy1202

    Ark 2

    I'd be down for an Ark 2, but only if it meant all of the awkward dino mechanics and occasional bugs of our current Ark were fixed. Otherwise, I'd just stick with what's familiar.
  2. The thing about game companies is: if you've played their game for 2.5 years already, they've already gotten out of you what they need.
  3. While I definitely agree that most if not all of those dinos require a reskin, I'd definitely rather the devs focus on the dinos that don't really have their own niche in the game anymore, namely the Araneo, Carno, Icthy, Plesi, Megalodon, Liopleurodon and Mammoth.
  4. Massive Creature AI Overhaul? Ever since I started playing Ark I thought it was strange that all that the creatures on these landscapes ever really do is wander around aimlessly and often independently. The only variation in this behavior being the carnivores attacking other creatures and eating them and sometimes wandering around aimlessly in packs. So here are some suggestions I have in order to change things up a bit. Also, I feel like I have to say: I'm a strictly singleplayer survivor so I'm not going to even mention any of the server issues, and some of you multiplayer PVPers (or maybe
  5. I have really nothing to add to this other than Ichthyosaurs are an air breathing REPTILE not mammal. Just a friendly fyi.
  6. The raptors that are already in the game are Utahraptors
  7. So if any of you bothered to read my one or two past posts on this thread you'd know that I just restarted a new world on the Island, however I'm doing it again. Why you might ask? Because I'm going to try to play Ark Hardcore mode. What is Ark Hardcore you might ask? Well I'm sure other people have their own rules for Ark Hardcore mode, but the only rule I'm abiding by is this: The game doesn't end until you either beat the game or you die. I will have certain multipliers on. The taming speed and xp gain will both be 2x, and gathering rates will be 3x. I get that that may not be hardcore enou
  8. So I'm now in college, and sadly there is no room in my dorm for my PS4, so my old Ark world on The Center with my old dino buddies must be put on hiatus. As of a few days ago I hadn't played Ark in almost two months. I had, however, previously downloaded Ark via Steam on my old Macbook Air. As you'd expect the game ran like a slideshow on the lowest settings. Good news is, I've gotten a new computer since then. So, I downloaded Ark onto my new computer a few days ago. This is no gaming laptop, but it's certainly more powerful than a Macbook Air. Anyway, I now have the game running fairly smoo
  9. Questions: My baby rex, Princess, is only level 204 while her father is level 267 and her mother is level 273. Is it just me or is that absurdly low? Is level 204 reasonable with parents of that caliber or is that as far in the low end as I think it is? I play on single player PVE without maturation speed cranked yet she grew up so fast that she only needed to be cared for once and she was at 100% imprinting. I went through this process about a year and a half ago with a baby Carno and I took MUCH longer. What’s changed?
  10. I continued the process of smelting up twenty-five thousand metal ingots using refining forges. I destroyed my camp fires and made an industrial grill. I hatched and raised a female T.rex names Princess. (Question: Her Mom is a 273 and her dad is a 267. She hatched at 204, but that seems incredibly low. Am I right about that?) She’s got mostly orange skin with a white underbelly. She was about 60% finished developing when I logged off. (Question: I checked and maturation speed is not cranked for my game, yet for some reason Princess matured very quickly. I only needed to care for her once and
  11. I started the LONG process of smelting all of the metal I have. I managed to craft eight air conditioners and a generator with electrical cables connecting them. I then built a ramp from the second floor of my base (where all of my crafting and work stuff will be going on, including incubation and hatching.) to the outside of my base where my dinos are. My next order of business will be to load the forges back up with more metal and to build a dino breeding pen.
  12. Alright so my metal gathering expedition was cut a bit short at the small volcanic island... I died, but as expected my boy Cloud prevented any further death. The part that really cut the trip short is that three of my large storage boxes of metal were destroyed when my group was attacked by T.Rexes, so I needed to spend about 45 minutes transferring the dropped metal to the remaining storage boxes. I then decided that since all my other storage boxes were below half health that I wouldn’t risk losing all this metal so I headed back home. Overall I’d still call this a successful trip. All in a
  13. Single player: as friendly as it gets, lol. I don’t have any industrial forges yet. I’m just now upgrading my base from stone to metal and industrializing. I’ve been operating with a room full of ten regular forges.
  14. Damn that’s literally just across the bay from my base XD. I should have started off with that. I might fill up my storage chests before I get back there. Meh, I can build more storage chests. But thus far I’ve collected the equivalent of about twelve thousand metal ingots: already twice the amount that I gathered this past weekend.
  15. Today I set off On a quest to find and mine metal all over the center map. I loaded up my raft with like ten large storage chests, my 230 Ankylo named Oreo, Cloud my 270 battle argy for security, and Victoria my 210 cargo Quetzal for easy metal transport to the raft. Now I’m setting sail across the ocean like jack raptoring sparrow in search of metal hotspots to mine out. As of now I’ve stopped by Skull island, and the southeastern island. I also plan to stop by the two lava islands (Cloud can three shot a mid level rex so I’m not so worried), and the northern jungle area. I know that there’s
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