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  1. I also gew up with the lizard like raptors but i prefer the modern versions because they look less plain and more interesting imo. They have been related with birds from the moment they got named, where do you think the name raptor comes from? Also wanne point out that Most Dinosaurs in ark don't have feathers including the ones that have been proven to have them like the Gallimimus (literally means chicken mimic), So let the feather lovers have this one.
  2. I'm sorry but i think a feathered raptor looks alot beter than a naked one. Also who are you to say what a dinosaur should look like?
  3. I see alot off people saying it's a Deinonychus, how can they be so sure of that? I'm not saying that it isn't but there are alot of raptors that are similar to each other in appearance. velociraptor, utahraptor(yes i know we have the utah already), dakotaraptor, Dromaeosaurus Albertensis just to name a few.
  4. Carnotauros: - the dossier mentions that the carno is supposed to be the cheetah off the island and while the carno has beter speed potentional compared to other large theropods i do feel it's starting speed is to low. So i would suggest a higher speed stat for the wild and tamed carnotauros around 20% would be plenty enough. - The secondary attack is to similar to the primary and needs something more. I would suggest to change the secondary attack to a armor degrading attack with a slightly stronger knockback. In order to balance this i would lower the attack speed from this attack aswell. - Appearance wise the carno is not horrible but i would personaly go for a more slender and taller look (it should look faster). And also fix the jaw, the uppar jaw goes further than the lower jaw. I can't think off single creature on land that has a jaw like that. Megaloceros: - The megaloceros is honestly underrated, it's one of the better cave mounts in my opinion but this doesn't mean there is no place for improvement. - The megaloceros jump is great for extra speed but only on flat land wich makes it nearly useless on most situations. Give the jump more height atleast 2 walls high ( i would go for 3 walls). Also give the megaloceros a fall damage reduction. - give it weight reduction on some items like the ravager. - The dossier mentions a bleed inducing attack, I woudn't mind this but it honestly doesn't need it that badly. - Add the megaloceros to aberration and give it the same special ability that the charge pets have. wouldn't it be cool if the horns had a smilar shine like that of the shinehorn? This could potentionaly be made in to a flashbang but that might be a bit to OP. - appearance should feel more majestic, it could be a little bit bigger. There are alot of the older dino's that need a buff of some sorts, i only mention these 2 because they are close to my heart.
  5. The carno is supposed to be the cheetah right? so make it faster, i want it to be the fastes land carnivore the theisland. If your gonna do the female megaloceros you can do the male aswell, give them a decent jump, atleast 2 walls high (i would go 3 tbh). and for the love of god give them a fall damage reduction.
  6. I noticed, there are actually 3 other creatures in the screenshot. 2 next to the parasaur a rockdrake and another small creatures that seems to be giving off a light and another rockdrake on the first ring
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