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Op Giganotosaurus

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10 minutes ago, Wyvernboyb94 said:

Does anyone know how to kill a level 236 Giga that destroyed my base and killed 3 rexs 1 stego 5 trikes 1 bronto and 1 Carnotaurus


Gigas are terrible swimmers, so if you can kite him out in the ocean,  he'll probably drown.  But that depends on what map your on. 

Otherwise,  a 236 giga would be really hard to kill by normal means. 

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2 hours ago, arkark said:

Regardless the level that giga will "only" have 80k hp, if you have one of those ~355 gigas with good saddle you can kill easy. If not, with a wyvern you can kill too.

And if youre new or something then you can always lure to sea and drown it.


Don't forget the fact that wild (not tamed or corrupted) Giga can bleed, and Gashed debuff hurts bad at creatures with high health.

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25 minutes ago, Vaculity said:

It depends though. Didn't the OP mentioned its a level 236 Giga?

Ye the wild one. This is probably:

- A corrupted one. Very easy because even though it hits hard it only has 30k hp and does not apply bleed.

- A regular one (on unnoficial). As I said its easy if you have a decent giga, and by a decent giga I mean a base 355 or better, already leveled at 740% or so damage, imprinted, and with a good saddle. I've seen gigas of that kind kill gigas lvl 600 1vs1 ez.

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The game seems to be spawning gigas like hotcakes now on official servers. See one on obsidian mountan, then ne near my base - kill it, then 9 minutes later another spawns in near the same spot. The game seems to think its cute to let it glitch through gates and even the side of mountains to bite you, and even have it dodge your slow RPGs like godzilla 2000 dodges missiles. 


*edit: Also, electric Wyverns special attack also glitch through their bodies without hitmarkers or any notification effects that you've actualy been striking it unless you just dance the beam somewhere random half the time and it'd possibly begin to hit. Good stuff.

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