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  1. Wooww... For an owl?? Snow Owl? We'd have just given you one. Some people tend to play this game to just suck, however. They were probably joking to see if you'd actually do it though, on second thought. Either/or..
  2. Its the reason I won't either, nor will I purchase glitchy, buggy DLC. I know my abstinence won't matter, but hey its my money and my statement. I'd fork over so much if the game actually worked properly, but hey they have so many others not giving a crap so it matters not - they'll get paid. Truth. Its why I'm only doing the bare minimal to keep structures and tames alive. I do that and go play another game typically as I wait for any temporary halt in the reoccurring stream of BS. The one time in a while I try to have fun on the new Deino I get sucked under the floor and everything lost. In fact, just after posting this thread, I get word that a sabertooth has spawned inside our small, sealed off sleeping quarters and killed me while I was off. Odd coincidence... 'Very' odd... I feel like it isn't always that simple, but if you pack light that'd...work....albeit not really surviving the game so much as you're just dealing with how brolen it gets. I see your optimism though!
  3. Certainly helps more than any feedback you have. Keep your blinders on and move along.
  4. Seriously.. I'm honestly trying to find the point in playing the game - or even taking it seriously - at this point. It seems damnear impossible nowadays with given reasoning. A dev team that barely communicates anything except to tell people that more content is being stuffed into a broken, struggling carcass of a game with a pissed off fanbase. Players are losing items without any type of compensation for work in a game that literally wants to steal your life via time away, giving them a sense of turmoil and hopelessness so they duplicate items to give themselves their own sort of insurance for this problem since the admins are told by the dev teams to refuse any compensation. This is a two-sided coin however, considering the same method used by dupers given the holes in the game were used by malicious means for the unskilled garbage to assault those who they could otherwise find impossible to touch due to their own lack of prowess. Punishing everyone with an anti-meshing system in a game with collision detection equally as raggedy as 1/4th a single sheets thickness of Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil against a 4lb thrown hatchet means that everything is going to glitch into the abyss and be destroyed at any given point, randomly. With a dev team that refuses to correct this sloppy, incompetent disaster, the players continue to not only combat the constantly random rollbacks and other glitch-born, tame killing issues, but now they must find 'some' sort of means in which to just get by, knowing full well that they'll just be told "Lol sorry, sucks to be you!" by some of their fellow playerbase, and then even "we can't help you, but keep up the good work fellow survivor!" by the dev team's ever trusty and prompt-to-close-tickets-without-any-real-solution subordinates. If players are top afraid to even leave their server or actually even leave their own base for fear of just falling through the map now and losing everything...then whats even the point of continuing..? I honestly don't even want to do anything but the bare minimals to ensure that nothing is dead, but even pokeballing everything won't ensure safety as we've had things even starve to death in those as well. And yes we were told the same thing as stated above when a ticket was submitted. So throwing more money at them is a suggestion? Thats a negative; if someone is paid for a newer DLC only to find is just as broken - in this case evem moreso from what I've been reading - then how in the eight gates of hell is throwing even more money going to sol e the problem when there is literal evidence pointing to the fact that there is a content-over-quality mindset in play? If it didn't help it before by getting the opposite result then how will it help in the future? The numbers add up to compounding annoyances. No stability. No insurance allowed. No support for lack of insurance, time wasted as a result. No support to ensure that insurance/cheating isn't necessary, only more cause for a desire for insurance. Absolute refusal of overall stability over excess content. Hell, they don't even want you to thrive well enough to the point where of you are given a powerful weapon from a friend to make up for your losses that happened because you randomly fell through the ground, thrn proceed to head back to your home server, then that weapon is degraded in both damage and durability. How? They implemented crafting sbility for this. So..? A trollish mindset I believe. So as it stands, I'd just love to know. Whats the point? Why spend any more time doing anything if its inevitably disappointing to lose everything that didn't involve you being bested by the elements and/or players respectively? Where is the point..?
  5. So you're telling me that with a slogan that dictates you play on their servers to "rule the ark with your friends", they somehow didn't mention that you'd need to pay extra for your servers? They...didn't mention that one either, did they? "Soo uhh...add more content with the money we have now an-" "Wait! Shouldn't we make sure that our customers are happy with the servers first, so they can support us further? How about we just taaake a steo back an-" "NO! MORE CONTENT, LESS RESOURCES TO FIX PROBLEMS--I DON'T CARE HOW IT HA-" Right. So how about upkeeping the online game that was created for people to play with eachother "online" like most other companies do instead of making excuses.
  6. Who told you that? They won't even replace two Deinos that just got snatched underground and killed, stating it was "as per instructed by the dev team" to refuse this request. I saw that some people were compensated, but I've yet to be compensated for anything thats ever happened to me. Its always been either myself finding a way out of the situation or a random cool person assisting me. This team...this team doesn't do much but tell you "too bad. Keep on surviving!"
  7. Masurao


    You mean to tell me that while the actual legitimate players are getting screwed over by the thousands due to this broken implementation of a solution that this is still a thing...? Indeed then!
  8. I can't even stay logged in for 7 seconds. Every event its the exact same thing. They give you a tedious set of demands to go out and do, then destroy the server reliability. Every. Single. Time.
  9. This isn't even my conversation but I can't help but respond just a little. Last I logged onto Xbox, it allowed the option of joining Unofficial sessions, so I'm pretty sure that they exist. Also a quick PSA for those of you who are telling people that it is their own fault for not playing single player in a multiplayer-specialized game - especially for the experience of what their ad says about "Join your friends and together exploring/ruling the ark" - then I firmly believe that this entire issue is lost to you, as such making statements that others are at fault for not playing thr game alone a moot point. The issue doesn't involve you, so why tell others that they have the problem, let alone even post here? I couldn't even believe people were up in here saying things like that.
  10. For me they do this weird bounce as if they'd just been released from a pokeball. But you have those too? I spec'd mine for stamina, speed and 390%+ melee. Also because why not?
  11. As long as x2 is available then I'm sure there will continue to be problems. After its over I'm sure everyone will be able to sign back on cleanly as they will have "fortunately suddenly resolved the issue at hand".
  12. I'll be using both of these solutions. I do appreciate it, because this game wants to waste as much of your time as humanly possible.
  13. Wow....Since beta? I guess I had a sixth sense telling me not to breed things when I first played for a reason. I had one out of four fall through metal foundations before, so I destroyed them to get to the baby, but then in my moment of genius to have them born on just solid ground to prevent this problem, the brilliance that is ark takes it one step further as if to spite my efforts. The sad part is: Nothing flew out of this ovis to even mesh under the map in the first place. You mean to tell me that things like this 'still' happen when you're forced to wait hours for this type of result in the first place? .....Noted. Thanks for the suggestion though. I'm going to put this thing on a 20ft diving board overlooking several rampa along the way and I bet the baby does a 180 jackknife and flies through tje bottom of the map, teleporting through the base and glitches enough to be mistaken for an RPG round and detonates to take out half the pen before crashing my console.. At this rate, I'd put money on that.
  14. Tames having miscarriage? As the title says; my pregnant sheep just birthed air.
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