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  1. Wait... You just outright stated that the game is loaded with bugs with a disrespect towards players with additional terrible quality whilst acknowledging even more problems across the board with each subsequent update, then immediately went on to say that you'll keep shoving your face into that veritable tungsten alloyed wall of problems that continues to flip you the bird, hoping that the next go-around will be better...? I...I don't...I don't understand...
  2. A regrettable ordeal, but it'd likely be wise - if you simply just enjoy officials only - to just cease wasting your time on such a broken game. At least abandoning any sort of gratification whilst playing on officials. I only hop on once a week for a few minutes to make sure things don't despawn; waiting for the day when this company would actually gain 'any' semblance of permanence in their "bug fixes". Personally I feel it is no longer worth any more than 10 minutes of my time.
  3. Indeed. Because most everyone bought the game without the intention of playing on the official servers that were offered before and after its release. The original intent was most certainly without a doubt to immediately head to single player or make their own server. Absolutely. I'm sure that is exactly what the developers intended. In fact, they aren't even really called official servers. They are just complimentary servers. The term official holds zero relevance here.
  4. Indeed, no problem. It's certainly much better than simply telling you that you're just screwed.
  5. How about this: You could try to go into any other server, start a new character and make your way to an obelisk to transfer over to the Island. If it allows you, then your character is more than likely completely disintegrated. However if it tells you that there is already a character there then for some odd reason it does indeed exist....you just can't get to it now. If that doesn't work then... Worst case scenario: You have no character but you still have your tribemate. You can make a new one, power-level them back up to current standards after you replace your position within the tribe, and continue as though this never happened.
  6. Odd... So you were completely downloaded, spawned at your base, 'then' the server crashed? Doesn't usually happen that way from what I've seen, but this 'is' ark...
  7. Have you tried to go back to Ragnarock first? Your character may well still be there. If not, I'd dreadfully and regrettably suggest submitting a support ticket that likely won't ever be answered. With any fortune however, your character should still be on Ragnarock. I'd give that a shot.
  8. This is true. They clearly really don't want much confrontation while they bankroll. Then again, they were said to have been "ran off" of the forums each time they post by the many, many disgruntled players. Speaking of which. I was very recently gifted Extinction by my buddy to learn a few engrams, and I must say: How does 'anyone' even play this? Every 5 seconds or less, it lags for 7-8 more seconds. The Sanctuary is quite literally uninhabitable, let alone playable. They were lagged out twice in the span of 6 minutes while we were just trying to leave, and my screen stayed frozen for up to 15 seconds at a time. We were the only two players in the server. Words fail.
  9. Its no use really coming here for answers about the state of the game, considering wildcard has moved pretty exclusively to twitter in order to talk about the game, as opposed to their own website. As stated by an 'admin', the forum is just here for players to communicate with each other... ...and by communicate, I mean having people complain about issues, and then other types of the same people come in to just post up memes/gifs - many of them similar - mocking and trolling while adding nothing constructive of their own, before leaving. Thats about it, from what I'm constantly noticing. The trend. I've hopped on after reading this to check and see if any of the servers listed are high pinged and/or dropping out right now.
  10. Ah, don't have Ark on this laptop anymore. Was about to stroll in and see for myself.
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