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  1. As I'm playing now, the turkeys don't seem to be aggressive unless aggro'd. Thats good for just in case they spawn inside your base and your turrets don't aggro it and it eliminates everything. In PvE servers, sicking them on the many platforms that take up space would be a decent idea if they're being pain, but at the same time that could be used to just troll....and thats just plain annoying. I rather enjoy how they have things now for PvE at least. I still don't see how people even PvP on officials anymore. I can't fathom it.
  2. So is there a particular reason for boss-type random spawn dinos roaming around and appearing inside peoples' bases and destroying everything worse than a newly-implemented dev treat? I have yet to be able to do a complete turkey trial event as I was always usually busy...but from what I'm seeing....is this basically just cancerous and stupid for a wide variety of people who can't cryo their tames? Or is it actually a decent event?
  3. This I realize - which is great - but I'm hoping that they at least give benefit of people who just got screwed over and give at least a couple hours more worth of time to actually finish what they started.
  4. Extra Life Event Did the care timer for maturation suddenly just skip from 8 hours to 1 over night a couple hours before the event is set to end..? If the event is 8.0x maturation, I'm wondering why the care timer was still the same when they'd have known full well how destroyed the imprint timers would be? Set everything up. Go to sleep. Awaken. Realize imprint is screwed, but thats okay, its just an hour now. But wait - the event ends in two more hours? So whats the point in such a surprise?! Did they have any idea how much of peoples' time that just wasted with that? An excellent event for gathering supplies, but as far as breeding goes, it feels like they just flipped me the bird as per usual.
  5. Had enough of this on overwatch. Pass.
  6. I'll spare you the trouble of a ticket: "We sincerely apologize as a fellow survivor but too bad, you aren't getting compensated for your time. I am closing this ticket, but please don't hesitate to contact us with anything else you may be concerned about so that we may repeat ourselves and laugh. Survivetheark!" -Literally Every GM
  7. Noted. And I enjoy official because they are more permanent. Spent a lot of time on a private server only for it to suddenly disappear. I'll pass on that notion.
  8. Thats actually exceptionally true. What I propose is a PvE solution. As it stands, after a year and a half of doing it, I honestly have no idea why anyone even takes PvP seriously anymore. You haven't? Odd. I've gotten my entire giga stuck on a freshly-rendered rock while walking down black sands on the island doing a meat run, only to hop off and see if I can get her to follow me to get unstuck and find myself in an infinite falling loop upon dismounting as I too had became stuck in said stone. Worst part is that I had no tool to break it and a stranger had to come break me out.
  9. It should depend on the volume of people getting stuck in which time intervals in the first place. Example: One player was stuck about 10 minutes right before I died, respawned, then got immediately stuck on the exact same tek bridge. The players that consider things like this a zero-priority issue are a moot point, considering that getting stuck as a huge issue in this game when people love to overbuild on spawn zones. What would you consider a high-priority issue? Most people in this game actually don't possess the empathy required to fathom complex issues, but then again the devs lack the resolve to actually implement such fixes in the first place. Its mostly a lost cause, but I'll just tell you that if other games can have a /stuck function, then one plagued with collision detection issues should've had it considered as one of the absolute first additions as opposed to stuffing it with even more content to get stuck on.
  10. They haven't implemented a command to get you unstuck from every other greedy player's constant overload of useless tek garbage on beachhead spawn zones, so I'm sure they won't consider much else in regards to suggested performance enhancements.
  11. That. They. Do. Not. I honestly haven't bothered to do any events because it usually ends in disappointment when I lose something I can't replace, and somehow expect an invisible dev team to do anything about it. I just do the minimal in order to keep everything alive, and just wait for the day that a better team fixes more problems. Best of luck to you, as I know it must be frustrating.
  12. The game seems to be spawning gigas like hotcakes now on official servers. See one on obsidian mountan, then ne near my base - kill it, then 9 minutes later another spawns in near the same spot. The game seems to think its cute to let it glitch through gates and even the side of mountains to bite you, and even have it dodge your slow RPGs like godzilla 2000 dodges missiles. *edit: Also, electric Wyverns special attack also glitch through their bodies without hitmarkers or any notification effects that you've actualy been striking it unless you just dance the beam somewhere random half the time and it'd possibly begin to hit. Good stuff.
  13. To think how many White Knights there were a few years go. Now, even the most loyal, dedicated White Knight won't dare defend them. Even they realize. The game was made by trolls, for trolls. No, seriously... Literally speaking: "The game was made for people who like to kick down sandcastles". Sad part is that they're soo trollish they won't even offer assistance, so cheating and abuse are rampant. Who'll stop them? whats the point? Just do what you want. This game is perhaps the most capable of winning multiple game-of-the-year awards for how expansive it is, and for how much you can do, and its replay value. But the staff? The support...? They are what just snatch all of that possibility away, and disintegrate it. A shame. An amazing game without the proper staff is like an obscenely powerful lone mecha, but lacks the appropriate power supply so its basically maybe even barely capable of competing with basic grunt units. For you Gundam fans out there, just envision the ZZ Gundam with the reactor output of a Zaku I. Embarrassing, right..?
  14. .....Why you aren't a moderator I have no idea, because you're literally the only one thats given any semblance of an answer - let alone a reply - thats actually 100% helped. You have my thanks good sir/madaam!
  15. Duping the character? I thought that could only be done with items? How does one dupe a character?? First time its happened, just short of almost randomly losing a character.
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