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  1. This is true. They clearly really don't want much confrontation while they bankroll. Then again, they were said to have been "ran off" of the forums each time they post by the many, many disgruntled players. Speaking of which. I was very recently gifted Extinction by my buddy to learn a few engrams, and I must say: How does 'anyone' even play this? Every 5 seconds or less, it lags for 7-8 more seconds. The Sanctuary is quite literally uninhabitable, let alone playable. They were lagged out twice in the span of 6 minutes while we were just trying to leave, and my screen stayed frozen for up to 15 seconds at a time. We were the only two players in the server. Words fail.
  2. Its no use really coming here for answers about the state of the game, considering wildcard has moved pretty exclusively to twitter in order to talk about the game, as opposed to their own website. As stated by an 'admin', the forum is just here for players to communicate with each other... ...and by communicate, I mean having people complain about issues, and then other types of the same people come in to just post up memes/gifs - many of them similar - mocking and trolling while adding nothing constructive of their own, before leaving. Thats about it, from what I'm constantly noticing. The trend. I've hopped on after reading this to check and see if any of the servers listed are high pinged and/or dropping out right now.
  3. Exact same thing happens to me on single player. Just when I thought I could continue to test things out before dedicating anything important in the official I'm on, I hit another wall. Its the usual nowadays.
  4. Stable and guaranteed...as in they won't suddenly disappear as an unofficial server would over night at the behest of a bored owner. Best to understand the statement before leaping to conclusions, correct?
  5. I both agree and disagree with this on the account that some people use that as a basis for conducting business. Some people are just saying: "Look at all I have to sell! Come on down, and shoot me an offer!" Then again, a lot of people are indeed just spamming their cloned creatures everywhere. Does get a tad annoying.
  6. No problem. I'm glad I can help ease a bit of frustration on a frequent annoyance since support tickets are at best an incredibly vain effort. A lot of us only have the one character we play with.
  7. Oh, I'm well aware. I said we may have a misunderstanding because we expected them to do what they said in this regard, but were "surprisingly" mistaken. I feel we should understand the fact that they're not going to compensate for any losses in that manner, no matter their fault. I feel as though we should understand that they'll just say: "LOLno" when asked to abide by their own standards. Trust me. I'm here.
  8. I've done some testing since my character was affected by this as well. Here were my findings: Problem: You've transferred from server A to server B, then came back to server A, only to find out that you cannot ever transfer out again. Solution: You technically exist on both servers, and are still able to manipulate your environment with permanence - meaning that whatever you place will remain there, without being disturbed later on or acting as if it never occurred. However, within Server A, the state you are in is that of a shadow - a "duped ghost" - so to speak. Your true identity actually resides on server B. Go back to the game menu (not an ob or anything of the sort, but the start menu's server listing) and select server B. If you go there and see that you had to download your character, then that is your true identity. They will be naked with zero items in their inventory, but if you try to leave the server, you'll likely find that you can freely move about now. The catch: your ghost that resides with all of your accumulated wealth on server A must be extiguished. You must secure your belongings before doing this, along with transferring ownership of your tribe to a trusted friend. I'm not sure how this will go for single tribe owners. Once you try to transfer back, it will prompt you to overwrite your character. I did, and succesfully replaced my ghost. However, my tribe was red, as though I'd left it. I needed an invite back to reassert my presence. All worked out well. If you cannot transfer from one charscyer, then try to log into a server that you were just in. That may be where you still reside. I'm not sure if your belongings will reset once you complete this task without assistance, however.
  9. Masurao


    When you click "Join with survivor" or whichever, does it simply allow the click action but does nothing afterward?
  10. I don't see why not. With each server you enter, a new tribe must be created. However, your first tribe will still exist on your prior.
  11. Did you just get back from another server before you tried to transfer? Or was this a green character that was speed-leveled, as you say?
  12. The GM didn't even tell me that; they just flat out told me that the Dev team had advised them not to compensate me for the two little Deinos that were sucked underneath the ground after killing a rex. You can provide all the data in the world and get nothing, as apparently they may choose favorites? Either way, expect compounding issues without compensation until it actually gets fixed. I feel like we may somehow have a misunderstanding of these policies.
  13. Unofficials are better, but not as guaranteed as Officials. Officials are as stable and guaranteed at this point as the resident forum knights that tell you otherwise when you feel you've wasted money on enjoyment. A constant. And yes, if its something you wanted to do that the game offers that you simply can't for whichever reason, then you hath indeed wasted funds, whether or not anyone wishes to believe this fact. I'm still withholding any funding until higher quality bug fixes are present. As it stands, I can barely even play the game, so why would I bother throwing more money at something that only gives me grief? Cobretti is correct though; if no officials are available, then you have no choice but to embrace unofficial. Ignore those who speak of single player if you bought this game for social interaction.
  14. Its a survival game. Congratulations on overachieving, your reward is theft. Thats the true wildcard thrown in. I'm not being sarcastic.
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