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  1. I 'really' wish to know wildcard's stance on this. Too much "You bought the game, not the support and/or servers" current logic floating about. This could set that straight.
  2. Truth. That in and of itself should tell you plenty. Then again, it hasn't told the dev team much besides to pump out more content so...likely not. Wasn't trying to start a "captcha" trend, just stating that it seems exceptionally bot-like.
  3. I've never seen a single soul in these forums preach the exact same thing more than them about unofficials. Its almost bot-like...
  4. "So as we see here, despite the constant problems, some players are still managing to come out pretty well for themselves. Lets seeee....There's sheep in the game? Oh, yeah! Ovis! Almost forgot about that one..." "Yeah, they're either finding them or gathering resources for a tame, then keeping them to get around better and even succeed at building up from little in order to survive better." "Indeeeed... How about we just go ahead and tweak that for 'em." "Genius!" See? It's fine when you take into consideration the fact that you aren't actually fighting to survive the game - you're fighting to survive the dev team actively working to screw yo completely over. -SurviveTheDevs.
  5. I won't bore you with a healthy, lengthy response. I'll just tell you that right now its...pretty terrible. You'll sink hours upon hours into what could amount to - at any given point - nothing at all due to something that happened with literally any recent patch, only to get trolled when you question why and mostly ignored when requesting assistance. The integrity of the current official servers make it seem largely that of a laughable parlor trick. All of this will likely happen to the point where you just pokeball your tames and only log-in a day or so out of the week just to make sure things haven auto-decayed because the problems caused make the gameplay seem much more like a mundane chore than actual enjoyment, as as such no longer worth your time. It is okay though...because there's a new map and a creature coming out...
  6. Regretful, but I doubt that anyone can give you any solid response any time soon. Support moves as rapidly as an achatina, and I'm honestly still surprised a lot of people aren't opting for the whole "shut down" approach to their bases.
  7. You should've checked your tribe permissions. I used to leave a vault of junk(to me) open when everything else is prohibited to see if someone wishes to loot 'n scoot. Randos should not be trusted otherwise. Or...y'know... ....This...
  8. Its true. The only option for social interaction is going into an unofficial, and then when that stops suddenly, then you may hop to yet another. Then another. Also another. I mean, likely a little better performance at the cost of uncertainty weighed upon the official's buggy-yet-consistent(for the...moderate part) nature. There' a chance it may stay up for years, actually. You just have 'no' idea unless you purchase your own, and even that may become corrupted at your top dollar. So unofficial is....is the only way to go....just be prepared to spend more and/or keep travelling, I supposed. Y'know...if it doesn't...work out... The best idea. ...I'm fired, aren't I?
  9. You do realize that without anyone to take responsibility for anything resource-wise in a server, then most everyone will simply destroy access to said resources, and then those people will be right back here on the forums to complain about it again, and you'll be right here with around that exact same response....right...? The GMs do not "police" resource areas that are necessary, but instead, leave it in the hands of the players obviously from what I've been told. Excessive pillaring is annoying and should be illegal, but resource protection shouldn't be, and apparently isn't. Not all problems can be solved with a black and white solution. The true problem remains lack of research with affirmative action. Also, there is no possible way that this can be the most arrogant player you've ever met...if that is the case then I honestly...honestly question whether or not you still play the game.
  10. Sadly, this is how a lot of incidents end up. Many authoritative figures granted by wildcard are essentially loose cannons that go about doing what they will and when they will. That fact is also while assuming that there isn't another side to this coin... Either way, my stance on their actions remain firm. Pillaring beaver dams is not a punishable offense regardless - as dictated to me by a GM. If it suddenly is..? Well, refer to the aforementioned statement above.
  11. I was told that pillar placement was not an offense unless it was inside your own base when I submitted a ticket...
  12. This....This is just sad. I'll simply never understand the mentality of certain people. At least they did their jobs though. Kudos. On a future note, you could seal off your entire base and prevent literally any and everything from entering - save for those that just spawn inside. This option takes a 'lot' of work, however. Then again if you're in a server with people like that, then it's probably not the worst idea.
  13. It isn't a headbutt. It is biting. Nomming.
  14. Recent data dictates that you are indeed correct. Don't forget the resident trolls that just unconstructively laugh and/or pitch a snide remark then leave. Regrettable, but you also will not be compensated more than likely, but a way to vent is always important. I've known since Scortched Earth that everything from that point on was catered toward the Alpha collective. Its sad but true, as is the nature of the beast. PvP nowadays is designed for a very...very special type of individual. Unless its x10, then I feel that the amount of time invested and competitive nature of the current established populace does not measure up to any positive benefits gained as a result. Bootlick or die. I'll pass on the bootlicking and only join if I'm just itching for a fight and the thrill of the hunt. There's also that. PvE can get a bit too...passive...at times. Good ole unofficials are key for those moments.
  15. I'd still stand by this logic despite aforementioned statements; everything is pretty "brain dead" when you have overpowered tames and gear to carry you through. If the thrill is lost, then ditch the gear and see how one fares. Truth, at least until the server hiccups and rubberbands, causing this melee to resemble a pack of severely drunken ducks trying to play volleyball with broken tennis racquets before finally kicking out the vast majority of the combatants to the point where the victor is decided by whoever is left somehow unscathed by the latency and simply two-taps their adversary before making off with their easily-gained loot. If this has yet to happen to you, then I'll need to know this miracle official that you speak of. If unofficial, then good on you - enjoy as you were.
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