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  1. If you are on PS4 or any other console, you are out of luck. Only PC has a mod addon that makes nest appear at specific spot.
  2. Even some of my creatures I used tends to poop a lot when I often use up their stamina, causing them to poop often even when they have no food in them.
  3. If it has no food, it shouldnt even been living in the first place. Jokes aside, constantly using food bar to replenish the stamina (its intended) will result in tons of pooping. This is no exception for managarmr, which uses a lot of stamina for quitr a lot of moves.
  4. Luring wild dinos to base on pve is technically forbidden. That doesnt stop fools from luring corrupted into thr base, probably just to "wipe" them.
  5. afaik, the thing just vanished immediately and gets auto replaced.
  6. The problem is if you die or transfer, the paint resets.
  7. There arent wyversn, so.. Not for a rather long time
  8. I did not mean upload and download. i meant starting a boss fight at loot drops. Is it enabled in your server?
  9. Just curious. Are the ability to start a boss fight at loot drops (not surface) disabled at your server? If not, you could technically bring all your rex fastEr than loading them with brew and traverse to rockwell terminal.
  10. Vaculity


    Booated damage against corrupted only applies to enforcer. Meks only deal bonus damage to titans.
  11. Rememeber that this can only br done in singleplayer and non-official server.
  12. Would not help if the issue is at official server.
  13. Are you sure the tek rex that spawned in isnt an enraged rex? Those looks like tek rex, with additions of corruption and alpha glow on it. max level is a level 500, but you only see those in purple osd. At normal spawn, the max level is 150.
  14. They have been doing that every single new map. If you have a lot of doubt they will open when you asked, then why bother asking?
  15. God mode resets when you restart single player server. However, if it was multiplayer server though..
  16. One word: cryopod. course, that would involve needing to get at least one tekgram to ger the replicator.
  17. They wont add rockwell boss battle in here.
  18. Or prettified one. I mean rare colored drakes and other mutated babies are in the craze with decent stats.
  19. Did you validated your game file?
  20. Vaculity

    Rockwell help

    And probably should note: Even if you want to primarily use Domination Rex as part of your group, you need a few people to focus on the orbs as well (tl;dr: Survivors with weapon on Rock Drake, Stegos to tank the hits). If the survivor dies, the dinos inside are as good as dead: Another simple but crucial reminder that you aren't facing just any boss you can maul down immediately. Orb will hit survivors, even if the dino they are riding on are large, and are very fatal to even the naked survivor with high HP. My recommendations are as follows if you truly want to use those Rex: 4 or 6 Ridden Drakes or Stego with survivor carrying shotguns and pistols (and spare armors), 2 Domination Rex (Damage dealer) to deal with the riff raffs, 4 or 6 Light pets (if you need to call the Rex to deal with the massive Nameless and Reaper Kings). The survivors riding the creatures deals with the tentacles and the orbs. Whoever is on Rex Duty (NOT on it) must whistle and attack where required... and make sure that theres no tentacle where it is, as it can literally stop them from attacking (even if they have a high HP on a boosted mod server) sometimes if the tentacle decides to hurl an electric wave, AND he or she must have a light pet with charge on at all times, because even a Domination Rex can get dominated by a group of Reaper Kings. (yes, pun intended, gtfo)
  21. If I were to give my 10 cent, only THOSE that thinks like this are rare, if not extreme. Most people don't want to waste their time trying to rebuild everything again when it just gets boring again after a wipe and will truly quit. And even if they come back, chances are it will mostly either be single player, or private Non-official dedicated server. I have a few people I know stopped coming to the game, mainly because of the fact it got boring. Even after their bases and creatures were wiped due to inactivity, they still didn't come back. Even if they did, its mostly just to look around (and die often), but not bothered to build or tame anything. Don't get me wrong, its nice to try new things once in a while and get off ARK and come back eventually, but some people don't want to spend all their time redoing things, or trying to climb back their milestones. They just rather leave the thing buried if it dies (wiped), and leave it as it is, never trying to start anew. Some are persistent, but not everyone will have that kind of mindset.
  22. This topic has been appearing frequently, and its from the group that are too new. the answer are mostly no.
  23. We already have free map. Its called Modded map. And those map are made by modders before they became part of Wildcard team... or so I thought.
  24. Did you trap the wyvern in a trap?
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