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  1. I really love how people are demanding or asking for things for posts like this ever since the first.
  2. Birth-only breed should remain Birth-only breed, they should never be breedable. ...cept for Griffin. They already made it breedable in mobile by unique means, so why shouldn't Griffin not be breedable?
  3. Yes, it was there in the past and lock or no lock, can still transport any dino that are permitted into the arena, but perhaps those older players than me can explain further.
  4. It was removed for a reason, because people can literally abuse the transmitter feature and force teleport several dino just to kill them.
  5. I honestly felt like some of the point of this post is just pure contradictory. You said "our first instinct is to try and take action with the intention of preserving the integrity of our official server network", YET some of your staff here doesn't even know how to moderate the report properly. Some very good example are restoring of lost dino and reimbursing most, if not all, data of old character to new ones because of rollbacks, because of the issues YOU GUYS didn't bother to fix or just fixed temporarily and slapped it as completely fixed. Half of your staff will fix the player's is
  6. That just looked... like a three year old scribbling random words on it. oh my god lol. But on a serious note. I do not think there is any Global font that prevents that kind of issue. Highly doubt wildcard had made any font other than a select few to work properly with numerical values of the dedicated storage. Have you tried the font for the S+ variant? (not vanilla)
  7. Ask nintendo to hurry up with allowing wildcard to deploy it when they can.
  8. All dino in extinction are not immune to radiation. That includes enforcer and mek, which is really stupid since they are technically robots.
  9. Adding official solo servers is most likely never going to happen. You have to find unofficial servers that dedicates to it. Not eveeyone will want that idea and it would waste more of wildcard money and not to mention, undesirable lag as well.
  10. Well, I did say probably not and some. We don't even know if they will consider adding pillar for being tested.
  11. ...Its called beta branch for a reason, so clearly no, unless the major bug it is related to the beta items like S+ integration or new kibbles. Probably not. They are only including some features in it.
  12. Debating if I should test the beta branch. 1. S+ implementation will come to console, most of them anyways. 2. Their eggs are still usable. The problem is that if they have kept the specific ingredients are kept inside, people would complain about how it is hidden behind a paywall if it does get released.
  13. The main point is the blood sweat tears of finding a high level wild either for taming or killing. If they had the intention of making it incredibly easy they would've added this, but they didn't. Plus, some random people will come and jack away the wild from you.
  14. Something just came to my mind. Will we still have access to official server if we have that beta installed? Not stated. Given how they work, i doubt this will be taken into consderaton, hence the tribe or bp reason. Doubt it. If they have no kibble, it probably will stay that way. Aak the mod maker. Oh wait, he has no plans for it. Too broken in vanilla gameplay. Nope. Now where did you spring that assumption that thry will add more dlc? Tlc is in question but dlc? How. We will only know if thet add that kibble set to thos
  15. And its going to be something he will deliver by their final decision, so we won't know until then. It was done with fence support, which judging by the looks of it, is a hastily patched up version of dynamic adjustment of railings model, since it just rotates and not adjust.
  16. Thet never mentioned anthing about the reworked kibbles retaining the recipe from extinction. We can only wait until the public beta comes out this week to kmow of they are lazy or not. They mentioned nothing about thr recipe point, so given their reputation, most people would assume the worst for that. The stone stairs/ramp woudl make a great addition. Its a shame it wasnt added before.
  17. If you had read the post (which apparently you didnt judging by this post, no offence), you would be aware he plans to give the source code to an interested party to continue on. The problem is whethrr if wc will permit it or not.
  18. I really love how many people who are against the reworked kibble system are appearing with this crunch. Its sickening, really. I really do hope they change the last (and for Exceptional case, Fungal wood) material for kibble though when the public beta hits, because it would make it near impossible for anyone without extinction DLC to craft it. I wished the cryopod were craftable at City Terminal, because having it only in Replicator and as OSD drops isn't really a great idea as it would not encourage more use of it. I get what you mean, but heres a quick question: Do we really n
  19. Just because it exist doesnt mean its 100% stable when parts of it arr being cannibilized and implemented as base game. Would you rather suffer thr bugs it might contain inside like all the other bugs that has not been fixed? PC in a sense are mostly the guinea pigs so consoles can get less issue.
  20. Most probably not, but need to wait until.the public beta goes live first.
  21. gift drop are like beacon. Be the first to snatch them... Unless that server is pvp .
  22. The 30 second limit was there to make sure people don't just pick up and place down like Fortnite PvP. Though I do agree that 30 second is just too short. As for the kibble rework. I really hope the final phase don't require prime fish. Because exceptional kibble is already annoying enough to make with finding that particular ingredient that rots rather fast, even with preserving salt. And like someone said, you don't find fish that leave behind prime fish meant in scorched earth even with ichy buff. Also, this won't stop some of the tribe from capping the server. One o
  23. It would be absurd if they did. They probably won't, but if they did, they have a lot to answer for.
  24. It will happen today. They just ran into some snags. They didn't state they are gonna add no-tek server? Or am I missing something.
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