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  1. nevermind, i just picked the correct answer and murdered all my bloodstalkers with a shotgun, thats some garbage raptorin bullpoop
  2. how to stop the bloodstalker web so when the bloodstalker has a web shot out, how do i get rid of it, just the key to stop the web
  3. can you not have water creatures on extinction anymore? i used to see people have mosa's and tuso's out on ext before, and i myself have pulled out the basil a while back because i wanted to raise a baby, but it takes so much depth damage both in the desert and underground forrest areas, i go to try today with tuso and mosa and it just says cant deploy underwater no matter where i go it seems, i know i've pulled them out in less water on other maps, i play on official, i see nobody else has their stuff out either, if im just not doing it right does anyone have any good locations?
  4. Dude realistically it would just be faster and slightly less tedious podding the dinos and just plundering whatever like you said vs filling a ticket, i actually just went thru this same issue, tribe leader and all members stopped playing except 1 other guy and we didnt even have admin status, i podded my stuff, spent a few slow work days transfering stuff to another server and got over it, just got done setting up my behemoth gate perimeter. Like a band aid, right off! It always kinda sucks in a way but the faster its over the faster you can go back to fun stuff
  5. Like only 1 person said golem, also the dung beetle and snail need love
  6. I thought this was fixed? I remember having to pin code when tek storage first came out, is it still bad, is this still a widespread issue?
  7. Count me on baryonyx as well, great mount on land and in water, instant healing from just attacking fish and fast healing from forcefeed fish meat
  8. I play on official pve and every cave has their correct artifact for me and i frequently see many crates at their correct spawns, i do not have your issues
  9. Lol i was just thinking about that terra nova show at work the other day, it needed to have a ensemble cast to focus on more little stories about people to get away from spending so much money on special effects, like star trek there would be whole episodes with no space battles just ppl talking, focusing on just that family was bland
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