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  1. If you're after boss creatures its honestly best to just buy a egg or two, i never normally buy stuff off ppl but at this point in the game you might as well, everything except my boss creatures is stuff i tamed and bred up myself
  2. Dude realistically it would just be faster and slightly less tedious podding the dinos and just plundering whatever like you said vs filling a ticket, i actually just went thru this same issue, tribe leader and all members stopped playing except 1 other guy and we didnt even have admin status, i podded my stuff, spent a few slow work days transfering stuff to another server and got over it, just got done setting up my behemoth gate perimeter. Like a band aid, right off! It always kinda sucks in a way but the faster its over the faster you can go back to fun stuff
  3. Ayo raptor the fans, you do you WC, haters gonna hate
  4. Like only 1 person said golem, also the dung beetle and snail need love
  5. Tbh it seems to me dilos, raptors and carnos do this to me about 50% of the time i encounter them no matter what i have equipped or if im on something, they run straight away from you like they're trying to fake you out then b'line straight back to you, its tedious
  6. I used to do swamp cave on frogs, i use baryonyx that i bred now, you can use megatheriums now with pods, lots of things, realistically at this point there are so many options, if you are going to use a old school smaller traditional cave creature i would recommend a bred one even if its only a generation or two deep. I personally like to use cheapo gas masks instead of high level ones, its good exp in that cave too Edit: also if you have ragnarok you can make a little bed and chest by the 5 desert drop ground red beacons they give great stuff, i used to leave a alt on a rag map and would just log into it briefly to fast travel around the beds checking the drops
  7. Back in the oldentime grandpa days my first time solo getting a egg and raising a wyvern i just tamed 2 high level puhternadons bred out about 8-10 babies, they are only like a 24 hour raise so its fairly easy and effortless to get an army, works fairly well, nowadays there are so many options snow owl is fairly decent
  8. Upload them to a drop or cryopod them
  9. So i did the bosses for the first time on the island during the glitch with the homestead patch where you couldnt see the explorer notes in inventory I have beaten them since and i never saw one pop up ever and they all show locked in inventory screen? I have only beaten them on hard
  10. I thought this was fixed? I remember having to pin code when tek storage first came out, is it still bad, is this still a widespread issue?
  11. Count me on baryonyx as well, great mount on land and in water, instant healing from just attacking fish and fast healing from forcefeed fish meat
  12. I have not played scorched earth very much and i do not know of much deep water, the only deep water i can think of is around the obelisks and 1 easy cave i explored My idea is the cave with water, is it possible to deploy a raft in a cave, if i could build a raft and put a feed trough and dino leash on the raft i might be able to raise my mosa babies in there, or else try that by a oblisk
  13. Dont bother breeding those they are garbage
  14. For alpha brood you will need 19 rexes and your yuty, i would recommend better saddles for sure, the actual stats of the rexes were fine
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