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  1. The rules about INI, if they even exist, are not enforced. Devs dont care if people cheat. Everyone in official pvp servers uses ini. If you dont have ini you its like playing without gamma 5 at night.
  2. IT TAKES MULTIPLE SLOTCAPS OF METAL AND POLY TO REPAIR A CAPPED TEK SUIT NOW ! It's not a nerf, crafted TEK suits have been effectively removed from the game. Repair costs are so artificially high now that no one other dupers can afford to use tek suits now. TEK suits are strong, but not strong enough to be worth the outrageous repair costs. Not only that with max dura being capped at 1500 flak is now stronger than TEK suits at tanking hits. It used to be that TEK suits were only good for base maintenance and showing off. One good thing about EXTINCTION was that it made TEK suits an actual wortwhile endgame armor set. But now the game has devolved, we are back to days of everyone running around in flak, and TEK armor only being good for roleplaying inside the base.
  3. Undo the TEK suit repair cost nerf TEK suits were nerfed because of cheaters in official pvp. The problem was duped tek suits. People using hacks and spawning in TEK suits with 2.7 K dura something that can not be legitimately crafted under official settings. Deleting these duped TEK suits was fine. Nerfing max dura to 1500, its mostly fine (i would increase cap to 1800, which is what you could realistically achieve under official settings). But making repair cost scale with BP quality, it has made crafted TEK suits all but impossible to use for legit players that dont dupe. SInce TEK tier was added to the game in 2017, TEK suits used to be a vanity item that was useless in PVP. One of best things about Extinction was that the TEK BPs made TEK suits an actually worthwhile endgame armor set. But now what you have done is basically remove TEK suits from pvp again. We are back in 2017-2018 era, where TEK suits are only good for base maintainence stuff and showing off. Well not entirely. Cheaters are still running around with duped 1.5 K suits. What you have done is made TEK suits unattainable for anyone that does not cheat. You have effectively removed TEK suits from the game for everyone that does not cheat. That includes PVE players. And in the process made the game a less interesting a world. Everyone just runs around in flak sets now, TEK armor brought some interesting variety to the game. TEK suits are an iconic part of ARK, they are seen in the cover art of DLCs, and featured in cinematics. It's high mobility and powers made for some skill based gameplay. By effectively removing TEK suits you have mutilated your own game.
  4. Fire wyverns are immune to fire damage from other fire wyverns, as well as flamethrowers and flame arrows. Magmasaur taking fire damage make even less sense and seem to be an oversight.
  5. whats 724 like ? is there any alphas on the server ? i dont have any information on the cras h. but i started a new character on the server today. i am curious if any fellow survivors on this server are on the forums and have informations on tribes that live here.
  6. Magmasaur breeding outside of genesis Are there any other lava sources outside of genesis that support magmasaur breeding ?
  7. If they intended dinos to have unlimited amount of mutations why does the 20/20 limit exist to begin with ?
  8. They did not bring the mek over. They made it on genesis. Which is very easy because element is easy to farm.
  9. Nerf cave bases. They are main reason why official pvp has become so dead. Nobody feels like playing the game when there are only caves or trees to raid.
  10. I think missions will be like OSDs, scripted scenarios you do for good loot.
  11. Quoted for importance. Caves have turned official PVP into a PVE game mode where everyone lives in unraidable bases and engages in salty discord trash talk.. Because thats all you can do in current meta, only way to wipe a base anymore is to inside them.
  12. In earlier patches the Managarmr breath damage range was nerfed to about one mana length. However lately manas have been doing damage further than that. Here is a screenshot taken last night from official PVP servers to illustrate. The distance from the bag at end of the manas tail to the dead trike is current range of the manas damage. It used to be around one mana length, now its around 1.5 mana lengths. Just wondering, if this is a bug or was there an undocumented buff to mana ice beam ?
  13. Owl freeze still works, its just slightly harder to do than before. Everyone on official servers is doing it again. You can search on youtube to see how the new post patch trick works. There needs to be a new patch and a proper fix for this exploit.
  14. You probably who do not know how to play the mana right. Even after this nerf mana is still the single most fastest dino in game. And remains the single best dino in game. Third best damage, fastest mobility, incredibly tanky. Most of complaints about this patch comes from people who dont really know how to use a mana properly.
  15. Snow owl freeze still dismounting players According to patch note 298.41 snow owl freeze will not dismount players anymore. But snow owl freeze still dismount players. Why is this the case ?
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