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  1. The devs have decided to buff the managamr again. Look at upcoming changes notes plant Z range reduced by 50%. The only counter to manas we have they have decided to nerf it. Before that they nerfed plant y, reduced its time to mere 10 seconds. These are changes literally no one in PVP community ever asked for, or even thought about. When they community is crying about fixing cave meta, they go nerf plant y and z. Thats their priority. Dino leashes used to stop managamr breath. And was only way to pvp back when mana was at apex of broken OP. Literally nerfed within 10 days when much more pressing issues go unfixed for years. Its clear devs love the mana and only reluctantly nerfed it due to intense community outrage. But now they are stealthily going about nerfing every counter to manas, so it again becomes the sole dominant dino in game. The fact that for last few months people have been able to use rhinos again and even win against a mana with a rhino, is unacceptable to them.
  2. The plant z nerf is uncalled for and harmful to the games health. Plant Z is one of few things that make ARK's PVP playable. It is the only counter to manas. Plant Z already is not reliable against manas with their speed and lag on officials. If they spamming the dive bomb it frequently does not work at all. Devs, you have already nerfed plant y into the ground. Now you touch plant Z. Why ? Z and Y are what brought other dinos back into the game, after the mana domination of first quarter of 2019. Now with the last of our anti mana item being nerfed its time for rhinos and theriz to go back into the cryofridges again. The MEK pistol nerf is also uncalled for. Yes duped MEKS with 500% pistols can be OP. But you should not punish legit players, or more importantly PVE players for actons of few official pvp cheaters. More importantly the MEKs power is earned, they require expensive element to shoot that pistol. And very expensive one time use BPs to craft. The PVP frontline composition today consist of MEKs, gigas, rhinos, manas, owls, velos, pteras. Wyverns, reapers, theriz, and even argies see some situtional use. Every dino in the meta has a role and tactics assosiated with it, and appropriate counters. It is an interesting combined arms game where different types of dinos have to work togather now instead of just spamming manas all time. After nearly a year of being god awful ARK PVP is becoming interesting again. Whether by blind luck or intent devs you have stumbled into start of something good. Please dont mess it up with mis-steps like z nerf or mek nerfs.
  3. You have to play on the server to get a true feel for the lag. The ping value is not the whole story and can be misleading. The official PVP server I play on shows a 30 ms ping in browser, and often similar values ingame. But it is one of most laggiest server I have ever seen in ARK. You would randomly get minute long lag spikes. There are no huge megatribe bases on the server, just a small outpost in a triple waterfall. I would know because I am the alpha on the server. But despite having so few structures or uncryod dino this server with just 3 players on literally has worse performence than a 70/70 server that is being DDOSed.
  4. A month or even 3 months wont make any difference. See the history of Valguero servers. Fresh server dino lines are years behind godlike lines on officials. Every dino you have become worthless the moment transfers open. Unless you know people on the outside and formalize an alliance with megatribes, you get annihilated within hours of transfers opening.
  5. You are doing it wrong. There is no need to slowly level up and play with low level characters. Or tame useless dinos like raptors and carnos. This is how you play ARK correctly. Spawn on island, do a note run. You can reach level 70 in 20 mins on official rates. Search on youtube for "ark note run" to see how it is done. Then you go to ragnarok, spawn on highlands, tame a horse to farm narcoberries. Then tame a pteranodon. After that tame an argy. On highlands you will find pletiful sheep which you can kill for mutton and tame decent high level flyers.. Once you have you argy you are all set and can farm up whatever you want easily, and kill almost any wild dino. It takes only 3-4 hours at most to get to this stage playing on official rates. Dont waste your time getting useless dinos like thylas or other random land dinos. After flyers next dino you should get is a managarmr. Manas are strongest dinos in game and you can kill anything with it. They are also fastest dino in game and can also go underwater (and is much faster than actual underwater tames). Manas will make game super easy for you. After manas get some gachas and some owls. They give you resources for free. You feed them seeds, which you can make in limitless quantities with an iguanadon, some crop plots. With gachas you never have to worry about farming rare resources like crystal, pearl, oil etc ever again. Makes life super easy for smaller tribes. For caves get some cryopods. There is no limitations on what dinos you can bring to caves anymore. Yiu can run caves with high level theriz if you want it easy mode.
  6. I dont think you are using the mana correctly. Are you actually using the ice beam or just biting with the mana ? Manas ice beam is one of most damaging attacks in game, the DPS is second only to a giga or a velo. A 1000% melee mana's beam would melt any wild rex in seconds. Even the level 400+ god rexes on official does not come remotely close to a 1k melee mana's brutal DPS. Also you mention that your mana has 1000 stamina, well there is your problem. Stam and melee are primary stats you level on a mana. Even a 150 tamed mana should have at least around 2K stam. Are you trying to use the manas beam from the air or while jumping around ? Dont. You use the mana by being on the ground when using the beam, hold down the beam till the target dies which should not take more than few seconds. If enemy gets close, just backpedal while beaming, mana is incredibly fast on its feet and it is easy to keep the right amount of distance between you and the target. As for spinos, I am sorry to inform you as a former spino lover, that they are complete trash. A MEK will TEK pistol a spino from distance. A mana will melt your HP in seconds with the ice beam. And if there is a giga well you are just a tasty snack. For rhinos you are a big fat target for a one tap charge. Trust me I have stubbornly tried to make spinos work in pvp throughout 2019 on official pvp and at some point realized what insanity that is.
  7. It could be nice to have natural effects like rusting that cause structures to slowly lose HP. We have supply closets like rust that you fill up with building mats to auto repair structures in range against decay. This would be much better than current decay timer at preventing excessive structure spam.
  8. Poison wyverns counter anything. They are a terrific addition to a grief squad of manas and owls. Owls slow, wyvern one taps. Devastating combination. A poison + mana or a poison + owl is a combo that is one of few things even manas fear, if your mana is on ground and gets blindsided, or frozen, you are good as dead if there is a skilled poison wyvern rider in the skies.
  9. PVP is most popular game mode on unofficial as well. You do a count on https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark?sort=-players
  10. Thats not true at all. PVE is a minority. Check https://arkbrowser.com/clusters ffor real time player count for offical pvp, 6man, clasaic, official pve, legacy pve etc all the official clusters. You will notice that pvp clusters playerbase playerbase outnumber pve playerbase. ARK started as a pvp game. PVE came later, added as an afterthought.
  11. Breeding broke pvp. Its a good idea in theory and nice for pve, but implementation was extremely poor for pvp server balance. Breeding dinos cost nothing. You can raise endless number of dinos for minimum effort. Which bring us to todays officials where individual players own hundreds of gigas. Taming takes much more effort and skill than breeding, yet tamed dinos are complete trash. The game itself was balanced with taming in mind. Powerful dinos were balanced by being much harder to tame. If breeding were to be disabed it would not be as easy to spam nothing but army of theriz, rhinos and gigas with perfect stats. People would actually use things like raptors and dire bears. And with OP god dino linea gone all tribes would be on fair and even footing. Unlike today where its impossible to play officials unless you are in a mega or can trade for level 400+ dino lines.
  12. Arthos are cool ! When scouting i always carry a cryopodded artho so if i end up on a blocked server i can bite my way out.
  13. Classic pvp has more players per server on average than small tribes or main officials. You can check numbers for classic, 6man, official and other clusters on real time here. arkbrowser.com/clusters Just because salt discord tribes are not playing anymore does not mean classic is dead. These people are deluded, they think the entire ark community revolve around them when they are a tiny elitist fraction of the pvp scene. Classic is best mode for smaller tribes. There are not as many megatrine level threats. And gap between alphas and fresh tribes is much smaller. Breedlines are not crazy yet, anyone can start lines today, and have fair chance of competing and becoming alpha.
  14. What server are you trapped on ? I will come with my mek, clear the drop blockers and free you.
  15. It is said that ARK pvp community is toxic. And yet ARK official scene has some of most tightly neat social communities i seen in online gaming. I made more close friends playing official pvp than other games like Warframme with their supposedly friendly, welcoming communities. In most other games you are just playing against faceless screen names who might as well be bots. Playing in an official tribe togather, trying to survive and raiding togather build a bond unlike any other. I prefer the "toxic" 123s that answer my call for help on discord, arrive on my server at 4 AM and heroically spend 12 hours defending my base, because of the friendship and trust we share, over fake niceness faceless mobs in other games.
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