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  1. Well said. Regular servers should have wild dino cap raised to 450 to match bred boys. When you are on a level 420 mutated theri with 140 armor saddle there is zero survival element in this game. This ought to change. This change would also level the playing field between megatribes with OP lines and tribes starting today.
  2. Hold E, mouse over to lay, dont left click and you will stay on the bed.
  3. Adding to this, i have an idea for slotcap issue. Up number of slots to 100 from 70 as in conquest/classic. The extra 30 slots are reserved for people with x amount played on server in last 30 days.
  4. I was derping around in a private server today when I noticed that Mek pistols can not damage players. I was shooting nakeds and emptying several element worth of blasts and doing zero damage. I was told that this is a feature and not a bug. Mek pistols apparently can not damage humans. Is this really true ? Make no sense really that a tek gun would do nothing to a human while being able to melt dinos.
  5. If your base is offline you are just a bob. Any decent tribe has all timezones covered with members recruited from NA,EU and Asia. And while it may be a grey area, everyone runs steam bots that let them know when potential griefers transfer into server. You will almost never catch a decent tribe offline. But you claim to be this highly experienced pvper. Why dont you pull up on d2, center88, d34, d7, k180, k37, center365 etc. I am just listing some random servers I have PVPed on in last few months. I am sure with your elite skills you can offline god damn Gang Gang or N3 and become a legend on officials.
  6. You seem like a salty bob. Have you even played official PVP or is all of your hours on unofficial PVE ?
  7. If you build a 50 turret base on the beach then yeah raiding is overpowered. But if you are not a bob the truth is complete opposite. Have you raided an Abberation shadow cave ? Center ice cave ? Or hell even just a regular bear cave. This is the meta for base building building now. They are virtually unraidable. One person on a giga could defend vs 69 players in an island ice cave. Or hell looking outside cave meta, have you raided desert plats, carno islands, blue/green obs before extinction came out? Before titans came out it took combined efforts of a whole alliance full of megatribes, hundreds of players, a server slot capped for days or even weeks, to take down a decent alpha or beta tribe. The reality is its defense thats overpowered. In a server cluster like official PVP, thats about raids and wiping enemy tribes, it has now become near impossible to wipe anyone. Devs have removed every tool from the raiders kit and just kept buffing defenses. They added heavy turrets and buffed tek turrets making it impossible to rocket run caves. C4 on dinos was disabled forcing you to soak every last element shard, which is an impractical proposition, element costs nothing with gachas and extinction, and raids go on for days and days of soaking without turrets running dry. Kentros were nerfed and gigas rage meter was buffed preventing any way to get past mesh biting gigas. There is a vast gap among ARK players when it comes to skill. There are beach bobs making giant 50 turret noob palaces on Herbi island. And when those get wiped by one guy on a stego they think defenses are useless in this game. And there is the real game played by actually skilled players where no one is able to wipe any one anymore. The truth is the 50 turret bobs never had a chance to begin with. Meanwhile the people who play the game most, the official pvp veterans are quitting because they are tired of sitting in unraidable caves and playing PVE. If you are playing ARK to collect colorful tames, build pretty bases, roleplaying etc PVP is not for that. PVP is for war, not playing minecraft. There is single player, pve and unofficials if you want to just build and tame.
  8. 450+ dinos will not get wiped if you cryo them. All you have to do is to cryo your dino if a server restart is announced or before logging off so a restart dont happen while your sleeping. On official PVP servers I seen some people use level 500+ rhinos. Its doable with a little bit of planning.
  9. Fairly certain its longer than 15 mins. Thats the upload timer. People AFK by transmitter longer than that regularly.
  10. I hope the new DLC undergoes testing with PVP testers for balance and exploit issues. We dont need another broken on release fiasco like Extinction.
  11. forgot to mention, tek melts golems. They are virtually useless vs tek turrets. Put some up if you can and your base is basically rock ele proof.
  12. Rock elementals are weak vs explpsives. Use rockets or c4. Or a a dino with bleed like allos or gigas.
  13. Yeah. ARK is a game of politics and the most valuable resource in the game is reputation. Insiding can get you blacklisted by every big tribes and your life on officials become very hard. Insiding is part of the game and there are moments where it makes sense but it is a very serious decision and you have to be smart about it why you are doing it. Like switching a side during a major megatribe war example, the official pvp community will more easily accepted the narrative of a disgruntled player joining the other side than an unpredictable kid that insides for trolling.
  14. Another alternative suggestion for how you could fix cave meta without major changes to the game or high degree of work on part of the developers. Simply add a tek version of the cannon, it would work just like the cannon except it can shoot thru the terrain and objects like the railgun. Limit its range to to slightly less than turret range. Ammunition should be slightly more expensive than mek cannon ammo. This way if people are just camping forever in a cave you have option of using artillery to dig them out and force them to come outside and pvp.
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