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  1. Owl freeze still works, its just slightly harder to do than before. Everyone on official servers is doing it again. You can search on youtube to see how the new post patch trick works. There needs to be a new patch and a proper fix for this exploit.
  2. You probably who do not know how to play the mana right. Even after this nerf mana is still the single most fastest dino in game. And remains the single best dino in game. Third best damage, fastest mobility, incredibly tanky. Most of complaints about this patch comes from people who dont really know how to use a mana properly.
  3. Snow owl freeze still dismounting players According to patch note 298.41 snow owl freeze will not dismount players anymore. But snow owl freeze still dismount players. Why is this the case ?
  4. Contrary to popular belief it is not raiding that is too OP but defending. Most bases on official servers are effectively unraidable. They are built in cave or tree spots that practically impossible to raid online. Offline raiding is possible but it is not a practical method most of time. Most tribes have members from different time zones and always have one person online. They are also part of an alliance and can call for reinforcement if they are losing too much. There are lot of bases on official that have survived every raid on them for almost 2 years now and are considered unraidable short of cheating methods or insiding. All it takes to become unraidable in officials is to recruit about 20 people from NA, EU and Asia/Oceania timezones and build in one of the OP cave or tree spots. Anyone can do that with minimal effort and having unraidable bases be so easy is not a healthy thing for a PVP cluster. Official PVP servers have basically become PVE servers, because all people do is sit in their unraidable caves and endlessly breed and talk trash on discord, no one has any ability to wipe each others bases without resorting to hacking.
  5. Well on the official ARKPOCALYPSE servers which wipe every 30 days, manas are lot more used than lightning wyvern. A max level tamed Mana, and its bred 2nd gen descendants are still much faster than a lightning wyvern. And the range and damage on their beam is equal or better. Wyverns are pretty strong on Arkpocalypse due to fresh server reset every 30 days preventing them from being powercreeped by bred dinos, but manas still dominate pvp, due to being far easier to get while being almost as good if not better in most situations.
  6. Why is the managarmr immune to owl slow, reaper slow and other abilities ? Snow owl slow does not work on managarmr. Reaper owl slow does not work on managarmr. Enforcer slow does not work. Lymantria slow does not work either. There is discussion about managarmr mobility nerf. The thing is there are already tools in game that could counter manas. Mana mobility is so broken because for some magic reason it is immune to all dino abilities. Snow owls would be perfect counter to manas if they were not magically immune to the slow effect. If reapers could ground manas like they could to wyverns that would also be good counter. So question is why, why was the mana intentionally made to ignore ARKs game mechanics ? Please fix it, no need to upset PVE players anymore with nerfs that just make the mana annoying to use rather than actually address what makes it broken. Just actually fix the damn game and make dino abilities work on manas.
  7. How are manas harder to obtain than lightning wyverns ? As a fresh character you can do a 20 min note run on island to reach level 70, make some dino gates, port to Extinction and tame your first mana. I am not exaggerating on official ARKpocalypse servers people get their first manas within 2-3 hours of a fresh wipe. It takes nearly 2 days before the first lightning wyvern is fully raised. And how are manas weaker than lightning wyverns ? On official servers manas can have 30K+ HP, 190 armor saddles, 11K stamina. Wyverns are made of tissue paper compared to how tanky mana is due to saddle and HP mutations. Lightning wyverns electric breath damage pales before manas ice breath that is second only to gigas and velos in DPS. And even with nerf manas are still far faster and leave wyverns behind in dust when going from one side of ragnarok to other,
  8. apologies, i let my temper run wild sorry about that. I just wanted to highligjht its not a case of the managarmr being op in pvp. The manas design make it just as op in pve. And makes wyverns, rock drakes, griffins completely useless on pve servers except as a vanity. I should have phrased it better sorry.
  9. Come meet me on an official server. We can race a level 400 mana vs a level 40 mana. We can race from blue ob to red ob on rag. A level 400 mana will leave the low level mana behind in dust. A high stam mana can be chaining dashes forever, only staying on ground for fraction of a second between. What threads like this illustrate clearly is that the pve community of this game have little knowledge of the game mechanics and should noy be listened. According to them the mana was nerfed to appease pvp community and the mana is useless in pve now. How can a dino be OP in pvp but useless in pve ? pvp players also need to get around the map very fast. And there is still nothing faster than a mana. If there were then we would be using that instead. What comments from pvers really illustrate is that they have no idea how to fly a mana. The mana still has extreme damage from its ice breath. According to pvers it has no damage. On pvp we use the mana because its damage is second only to gigas and velonas. We would not be using manas for OSDs, or killing racers with 100K hp and 100 armor saddle, if not for fact that it has incredibly high damage. PvP players use manas because it is the fastest dino in game, one of highest damage dinos in game, and also incredibly tanky. Name one other dino that has all 3 qualities. Name one other dino that can 1v1 a mana and win. The mana is still the single best dino in game. The problem is not the dino its the user. PVE players do not know how to use a mana simple as that. Itd a skill based dino and pve playera have no skill. On pvp the mana js and will remain dominate because it is still the fastest dino in game and one of best damage dealers and highly tanky on top of it. If pvers were right anf mana was nerfed to useless state we would not be using it. All pve is doing is revealing that they know absolutely nothing and should not be listened to for game balabce decisions.
  10. There was a turret tower, the rider was using beer. But thats not the point. The point is if you go out to pvp now on a giga, a rhino, a reaper or anything you are going to die in one shot to a mana. You can not ride any ground dinos right now and pvp. If you are on a mana if the other mana pounces you then your mana probably going to get one shot as well. Fights are going to be manas trying to pounce each other. Exactly what happened last year.
  11. Looks like we are back to Dec2018-Jan 2019 manas again. It only took them 2 months to even begin fixing it. This time tho with Genesis around corner a lot of official tribes might be refunding or not buying the DLC.
  12. Manas make rock drakes completely useless in their native environment.
  13. Manas have been insanely buffed with last patch The damage on the dash and dive bomb has been increased by a ridiculously high amount. You can kill a level 50 wild giga in just a few dashes with a 1500 melee managarmr on official PVP servers. Dash seem to be doing 10K+ damage per hit. It one shot rages tamed gigas with 180 armor saddle, 100% imprint. It one shots other tamed manas with 15K HP, 100% imprint and 180+ saddle. The dive seem to be ignoring all armor. Players in 1300 dura max armor flak instantly die to dive attack. It seems like the manas dive was reverted back to its 2018 state, when it was insanely broken and ignoring all armor and one shotting players. That was the reason why it changed. Whoever reverted the changes probably does not know why the change occurred. There is also fact that the main two counters to manas plant y and plant z have been heavily nerfed, z is reduced to 50% range and y reduced to 10 second timer. With the main counters to manas gone, and this insane buff manas have become the most OP thing in game. Exactly 1 year later we are back where we started with pvp being nothing but manas pouncing each other. Last year it took over a month before devs realized this and fixed the broken dive, despite the community forums, reddit, discord and twitter being spammed with youtube videos of manas dives one shotting everything. With Genesis release around corner if a fix is delayed many players will be refunding their pre-order or not buying it at all if the game is in similar broken state to Dec 2018-January 2019.
  14. Still far faster than a wyvern. Still much tankier a wyvern. Still does much more damage than a wyvern. Can breed unlike a wyvern. Has saddle armor. Can swim underwater faster than anything in the game. In what world is a mana useless and weak ? Useless and weak compared to what other dino ? Oh and the mana is also Immune to being grabbed by tusos. Immune to reapers slow. Immune to owl slow Regens full stam in 3 seconds, 0 to 11000 stamina in 3 seconds. Regens stamina even underwater. The only counter to manas plant z and y have been nerfed. Z is reduced to 50% range and Y reduced to 10 second timer. What other dino can fight a mana now other than another mana ?
  15. Some time ago plant y was reduced to 10 seconds. In upcoming changes it is stated plant z will range will be reduced to 50%. Plant Z and Y are the only counters to manas we have. Y has been nerfed into the ground. Now you cant even kill a mana that gets trapped in Y, the mana will free itself and be whistled to safety because the duration now is only 10 seconds. Next Z is getting hit by nerf bat. Even as it stands Z is hardly reliably against manas and often does not work. Especially if manas are spamming the dive bomb attack, it is incredibly hard or near impossible to Z off dive bombing abusing manas. With a 50% range nerf, it will become basically useless against manas. With plant Y being nerfed plant Z was the players last counter left against manas. And now even that is being taken away. Z and Y allowed for some skilled, tactical gameplay. Flame arrows could counter Y easily. No one in history of official pvp ever asked for a plant Y nerf. Why was this done ? Plant Z allowed people to ride ground dinos that are not manas. In particular rhinos with Z could counter manas. Is this what the Z nerf is about ? Devs love the mana and dont want ANY dino to be able to fight back against it ? After being in a horrible state for most of 2019, official pvp is starting to be somewhat good again. We are seeing a variety of dinos used again instead of just manas. People are using rhinos, theriz. gigas, velos, meks, pteras, wyverns, . We have an interesting team work based meta where owls, manas, rhinos, pts, wyverns, gigas, meks etc all work togather. Every dino has counterplay. Owls slow rhinos and gigas to make them easy kills. Z dismounts manas and open them up for gigas, rhinos or velos to finish them off before rider gets on. Strategy and team work is heavily rewarded. Game is starting to feel fun again. So why bring about the Z and Y nerf, and a signal a return to dark ages of early 2019 when people were using nothing but manas ? Devs you have stumbled upon start of something good, please dont ruin it.
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