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  1. You mean mostly flying creature
  2. Not unless its already aggrod at you when you dismount getting the present. But it will lose aggo eventually if you run far away.
  3. Very likely not until part 1 release.
  4. That previous quote was added prior to winter wonderland 4.
  5. If you expect any fixes, wait until next year Event (2020).by the time wc returns to fix, the event would have already been over.
  6. Okay, maybe i did jump the bandwagon, but not all dlc showed everything. Do you see rockwell in any of aberration trailer?
  7. They are worth it due to its special challenges you dont find elsrwhere But for a new player, i recommend knowing the basics of island in ark first before you dwell into it, or you are going to go into a ton of hair tearing moments.
  8. Remember, we are of another being without an implant. Plus, even i have no idea where genesis is supposed to head towards, a simulation of the past? Or what.
  9. I am Honestly a bit concerned about the unique method of how you can websling with a bloodstalker. Wont lag comes into play here like rock drake and managarmr? Still, curious to see what it has in store for a phase 1 genesis.
  10. There will be more. Previous dlc didnt show every creature as well.
  11. T;dr you arent suppose to ask for transfer date when the dlc is not even released yet. Because there are none. Lol
  12. This is honestly the worst suggestion. They are already cash cow, but they are a company. And company need money to continue keeping the server and game running, server that they are terrible at maintaining, but server for non hosting players to play for free with the base game. Asking for genesis to be free because of these bugs are just whining about their costly dlc. If you cant afford, dont buy it (now). Plus, you are on your own server, you can fix this yourself.
  13. No Announcement, not going to happen.
  14. Qft. Fast travelling if desync is risky if you are carrying vital/valuable stuff, because chances are, the bag will not be at the bed when you return back Thats how i lost 50 element and full tek set.
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