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  1. I really love how people are demanding or asking for things for posts like this ever since the first.
  2. Birth-only breed should remain Birth-only breed, they should never be breedable. ...cept for Griffin. They already made it breedable in mobile by unique means, so why shouldn't Griffin not be breedable?
  3. Yes, it was there in the past and lock or no lock, can still transport any dino that are permitted into the arena, but perhaps those older players than me can explain further.
  4. It was removed for a reason, because people can literally abuse the transmitter feature and force teleport several dino just to kill them.
  5. The problem is how its going to be implemented. Because the feature might eventually end up becoming abused since its hard for system to tell if you are genuinely stuck, or if you are just trapped.
  6. It would be better for it to be crafted as well within City Terminal since it does have rather limited functions to craft specific item, mainly the Drone and Enforcer.
  7. This has been discussed quite a lot. Baby gacha will have a random pool of resources. It will not inherit any current resource pool from its parents, making breeding redundant unless you are aiming for crafting skill mutation... If it can even mutate that.
  8. I honestly felt like some of the point of this post is just pure contradictory. You said "our first instinct is to try and take action with the intention of preserving the integrity of our official server network", YET some of your staff here doesn't even know how to moderate the report properly. Some very good example are restoring of lost dino and reimbursing most, if not all, data of old character to new ones because of rollbacks, because of the issues YOU GUYS didn't bother to fix or just fixed temporarily and slapped it as completely fixed. Half of your staff will fix the player's is
  9. That was blantantly rude. We have the rights to comment. And i was there. So what if i forgot a small part of it? That does not mean i dont get to comment.
  10. That just looked... like a three year old scribbling random words on it. oh my god lol. But on a serious note. I do not think there is any Global font that prevents that kind of issue. Highly doubt wildcard had made any font other than a select few to work properly with numerical values of the dedicated storage. Have you tried the font for the S+ variant? (not vanilla)
  11. Ask nintendo to hurry up with allowing wildcard to deploy it when they can.
  12. Going to say a few things: Just because Wildcard made the beta testing for the major patch doesn't mean the end result will be flawless. There will always be holes that didn't get patched up properly, especially since most of their releases always have a giant hole that "needs time to patch up". When mana gets nerfed, people complained why the nerf. When mana gets buffed, people start QQing how OP it is. The complaints are even more frequent in Reddit and Forums than in game. Honestly? Mana is broken, Underpowered and Overpowered, especially in PvP. Wildcard has
  13. All dino in extinction are not immune to radiation. That includes enforcer and mek, which is really stupid since they are technically robots.
  14. Adding official solo servers is most likely never going to happen. You have to find unofficial servers that dedicates to it. Not eveeyone will want that idea and it would waste more of wildcard money and not to mention, undesirable lag as well.
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