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  1. Vaculity

    Dragon Island

    It feels more like the dragon's AI has somewhat slightly changed. It never breathed down under while still flying before, only when it landed. I don't know, I never saw it doing before until recently.
  2. Vaculity

    Dragon Island

    It was buffed for a while now, probably prior to Homestead patch. You need to be more careful now.
  3. You probably got a stupid GM that doesn't know what they are doing and give excuses to close the ticket. And I would assume it would be what you said, jealousy, and possibly racism. (The griefers I assumed don't like "foreigners", but probably ts just me though, because I ran into several racist tribes who would grief those tribes not solely speaking only their native language.)
  4. Vaculity

    tame oviraptor

    Here are a few tips. First off, before you try to tame it, see whether if it has bunny ears. The event has started, and those guys will spawn. As someone mentioned here before, They can't be tamed if they have bunny ears on them. Secondly, get a primitive, or at least a low damage Crossbow with tranq. arrow or Longneck Rifle (no attachment) with tranq. dart. Don't aim for the head, try to aim for the body. If possible, try to bola the creature first. Its movement can be hampered so you can tranq. it. Watch out though, if there are lots of blood appearing, stop shooting and wait for it to recover. If you can't bola it, try to chase it into a trap where it can't escape in case the former happens.
  5. Let me guess, you ran into a GM who refuse to replace a dino even with sufficient proof. Item probably won't be replaceable, but dino (excluding the few) are. If the GM says otherwise, send a ticket again, and hope you get one who is more helpful than that useless excuse of a fool. I was about to get a few meshed dino out with GM aid before. But some GM are just too lazy and use that tomfoolery excuse not to help you despite that.
  6. Vaculity

    Bring back Managarmrs!

    If I am going to be honest, no matter how people suggest on improving Mana without breaking it, there will always be people who just want to keep stamping it down because they think its not enough nerf to ruin the creature. I read the whole thing, and here are what I have to say. Have you tried to do PvP with it? Judging by the post I assumed you didn't do enough to figure out. Because most of the nerfs were due to that particular group. Prior to the massive amount of nerf, even a rex holder can't get close to mana close enough before it can freezelock them to death. They don't have to deal enough damage, they can freeze enough, even after nerf, to ensure that anyone else in their tribe can wipe the rex well enough before it get the chance to retaliate. Manas were never intended to carry anything, but acts more as a mobile mover. See how they move faster than anything else while on walk movement, and even faster on run? It would be absurd to think they can be pack mules unless you bred it that way, and even then, it won't be able to hold a candle to both Wyvern and Drake. Its true that mana don't fly, but glide and dash on air. Even then thats more than enough to dodge most bullet, if the user is experienced in that, before it runs out of stamina. If it does fly, then it would be outright banned in Aberration Map like Snow Owl, but it isn't. (Don't pull Desert Titan into this, before any of you tries to.)
  7. Vaculity

    Alpha Rockwell

    And why bother posting this when you have nothing constructive to say? They just wanted to know how to deal with Rockwell, not hear someone whine about data loss related. If they lose their character, its their problem.
  8. Vaculity

    Wiping 4/18

    ...The title is too misleading.
  9. Vaculity

    mana bug?

    You can thank the PvP group for it.
  10. The biggest concern is the corrupted giga. While granted that they don't do bleed damage unlike original, would you be shocked to have 50 Level 500+ Giga piled up in your base and you have only 2 or 3 bred giga? (While wildcard mentioned about them despawning if too far from the OSD, lately I noticed that they have been wandering too outside once more, with no sign of the OSD they came from in sight.)
  11. Vaculity

    Can we tame bunny dodos?

    If you had read the patch notes instead of just asking pointless questions like this, you would know. Plus if you have already known, No wild prefix means no taming capabilities (Drake, Reaper and Wyvern don't count). No exception.
  12. Some people will go to such lengths to do that.
  13. Unfortunately for you, thats your only place to find Glowtail, and they don't appear frequently. You'd have to use a powered Tek Helmet to locate it, should be small and on ground, with its tail swinging around. (Also, why is this in extinction forum? )
  14. These guys just want them "wiped out" of the server through illegal means of using environment against them.. through their own ways. Some people just do it without reason, and with no reason at all. It has already been seen with several tribes doing this kind of stupidity.
  15. Vaculity


    I have seen way worse. At least Wildcard don't offer pay to win stuff other than DLCs (Not counting mobile microtransaction) unlike most other games.