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  1. Remember that their damage are ludicrous if their projectile hits them.
  2. Vaculity

    Managarmr Madness

    We have all been there. These noodle beasts are a pain in the butt to knock down. Don't get me started when they suddenly start hovering with no landing.
  3. He said: Build high up and such. Turrets are worthless against Corrupteds, even with 20 heavy since they take laughable damage from it.
  4. It will always keep respawning over time without needing to de-render in all platforms, meaning someone has to be actively dealing with them the moment they respawn while another mines.
  5. They have to be touching the lava to breed. And if it still shows that even after putting them on a lava, move them around till you see the "Enable blah blah blah" on the female.
  6. It may be worth mentioning that Bloodstalker were easy to tame 1-2 month ago as Wildcard was still trying to find balance and fix bugs related to taming it. Now its a pain in the ass to tame a bloodstalker without first increasing the taming efficiency to reduce blood pack consumed/increase its level on taming it. Any dino will do long as they can be grappled by the Bloodstalker, though I am not sure if this will affect the efficiency increase. Heck, you can even sacrifice yourself/ your teammate to increase its efficiency.
  7. Wildcard has mentioned time and again that NPC Survivors in ARK will never be a thing. If you want it, get a dedicated server and the mods. (There are tons of mod with it)
  8. Correct. Remember that Wiki is run by community and not by wildcard. Some posts are in dire need of updating, this including Lesser Antidote.
  9. Did you have something on your character when you tried to transfer to GenOne? AFAIK, You can't transfer any character that has item if item transfers are disabled. (Won't show up in download in said server, but will show up in other server)
  10. tbh, Volcano eruption are the least of your worries if you have positioned your building well enough to avoid the magma rocks from landing on that area. Magmasaur will pick a fight with almost anything, even buildings, and doesn't help either since it can destroy everything. Don't bother building a breeding pen. Its a waste of time and resource. Best you have a building nearby instead, preferably far away from the other magmasaur you want to breed with, and have several creatures or magmas on neutral following one passive magmasaur to guard any magmasaur you plan to breed with.
  11. It may be worth mentioning that 2 Magmasaur will keep spawning regardless whether or not you are near their spawn (two pits). Simply clearing it won't be enough. Going with a shotgun? Really terrible choice. Those creep's searing spit melts your armor like hot butter through knife. Would advise a Magmasaur with decent health and melee, or for transfer purpose, a Reaper King or a Giga with decent damage to clear them up. Just be mindful not to get yourself killed by their fireball if you are using the latter 2. Magmasaur's spit and swing destroys the crystal. If possible, either lure them far away from the crystal, or rush to them and quickly kill them before they get the chance to spit searing spit at you.
  12. May be worth mentioning not only to focus on Rexes if killing bosses is your intention. While Rexes (And Yuty combo) are in favor for most killing, you will come to surprise that such powerhouse strategy may not be as easy as it seems. If you plan to kill bosses once you have the stat of the dino, there are a few things to note: Moeder can be started at any time in the giant mission terminal found deep under water in Ocean Biome, but if you don't have decent water dinos stat bred like Mosa and Basilo, you are gonna have a bad time. I would advise against using Spino, as good as it is. You can find the location of that terminal by marking the mission "One Tough Moeder". Be mindful of the aggressive dinos lurking there. P.S: Bring Health Brew. Corrupted Master Controller requires you to clear specific number of mission before you can start at any time. No tributes or any of that schnitck. Just number of cleared missions (Based on difficulty) for the one starting the fight (others don't need the amount of cleared mission). This can be started via using the "Arrival Protocol" from HLN-A. On that topic, you need to make sure the missions you are doing are up to your skillset, dino and equipments. Alpha missions are no joke, especially if you want to kill a specific creature for the said mission. Also, if you friends are from an ally tribe, their dino won't come with them (but they do). However, a work around would be to claim their dino, and once everyone warps in, unclaim and let them claim back before the cohorts warps in. P.S: Bring Lesser Antidote. This boss also follows the same limit as that of other boss arena: 10 Survivor, 20 Dino, within Drag Weight limitation. Don't even think about bringing dinos like Rock Elemental and Giganotosaurus over. lol.
  13. You didn't take into account over breeders who has gigas that are bred to its OPness with 600%+ DMG or so. Its Rage does make it worse since it literally becomes uncontrollable, but its where the beauty lies. It also gains boosted damage, and since it attacks anyone and anything, it deals more damage to Alpha Brutes as well. True, it doesn't kill Alpha Brutes with just one chomp, but it makes it easy enough for people to complain about it. Also, its mainly mission that requires killing specific creature that is giga-worrying. Afaik, Giga can't be sent to the Master Controller Fight since the Arrival Protocol follows the same restriction as that of most other boss arenas. Mosa are like Rexes water equivalent imho, Megalodon just gets ripped to shreds fast unless they are fully health-bred to tank 16-20 hits from Alpha Moeder's bite.
  14. It is true that no one forces a person to use a giga, but that isn't the main point. The term "temptation" comes into mind here, and most of us just sucks at resisting the temptation of using a giga to ruin the challenge (me included). Barring of Giga transfers would actually be a huge blockade, but that will never happen.
  15. He meant tamed Reaper Kings, which can only be raised at birth. Also, this post was created prior to Wildcard patching a rather dumb exploit that allowed survivors to bring their pregnation of Reaper King Embryo without losing them (and removing any of them still in existence outside of cryopods after patching it) Reaper Queen for Genesis only exist in mission. Mission Creatures aren't tamable, so the Queen won't impregnate anyone even under very low health or away from charge light debuff. (Pretty obvious since theres no pink around around it.)
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