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  1. Vaculity

    Reaper Queens

    It would try to leave once it impregnates someone through burying and "de-spawning" thereafter. But if you somehow get it to impregnate the survivor (or yourself) while its within several foundation, it can't leave through that method and will remain around like any other wild creatures and still be able to impregnate someone else since its still very weakened... though this will result in everyone having the same Reaper King stat and color.
  2. Vaculity

    Building in/close to Radiation Zone

    Remember that you still need to get the Tekgram from killing Alpha Dragon and Beta Megapithecus (For the Tek Generator) before it can be utilized here.
  3. Vaculity

    Blocking path way on aberration

    This. We don't even know what server you are on. If its Official and its PvE, you have to report them here, and multiple times; these staff don't even bother to look carefully and claim its "resolved" though. If its Pvp though, only way you are gonna get past it is to destroy it. Legacy? Unless its Pvp, you are a goner. They don't deal with griefers in Legacy Server. If its unofficial, just find a way to report the staff.
  4. I'll just put it short: Its impossible, regardless of what platform you are on. Its like allowing PvE item/dino transfers to PvP and vice versa; they are different cluster.
  5. Vaculity

    Character Transfer to Abberation

    Did you check character list? Maybe its there.
  6. Vaculity

    Dinos beating on rockwell all dmg?

    It is actually possible even if its really difficult to multitask solo, if you know what you are doing. Balls are like explosive; they set off a chain reaction when one is exploded nearby. You just need to aim for that sweet spot when too many are clumped on you.
  7. Vaculity

    WE killed ALPHA RW, and tek railgun is ...

    Its literally just range-derped Fabricated Sniper Rifle... with Tek Tier on it.
  8. Vaculity

    Dinos beating on rockwell all dmg?

    Not really. They only spawn a certain amount at a time, but will keep spawning again after a while's wait from the last spawn (even shorter when all the wild reaper king died... one literally reappeared after all of them died). I tested with several spawned and tamed reaper king. They were easily killed by the element Reaper Kings (and others) even without charge light... and I was literally running all around the entire map with some balls still after me while others homing at them, and they were at the bridge as well.
  9. Vaculity

    Dino's in the radiation zone

    No idea lol. #gamelogic
  10. Vaculity

    Dino's in the radiation zone

    Only Aberrant. lol. Normal Titanoboa would be dead as heck on irradiated area given time.
  11. Vaculity

    Light Pets and Reaper Kings

    Weaken, not damage.
  12. Vaculity

    Light Pets and Reaper Kings

    Standing within range of Charge Light will cause charge effect on Reaper King, regardless of friend or foe. Like @AzDaemon said, utilize Glow stick if you need light.
  13. Vaculity

    Tek Cave Gate

    Huh... no responses. I guess its intended?
  14. Vaculity

    Dinos beating on rockwell all dmg?

    Were there anything that isn't wild (i.e: your tame) at the bridge? They don't "exactly spawn" on the bridge at certain health bar of rockwell, but will run towards there... if there are creatures, since they only appear to chase you all down.
  15. Vaculity

    Game idea: "Evolve Serum"

    That is true, unless the tower is an all arounder. But I digress, it is OP unless you get caught by other dinos.