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  1. Vaculity

    Blueprints Extinction, where?

    Extinction isn't like the other maps in terms of getting blue prints. Other than the Cave loot drop and fishing, if you want to get hold of any blueprint, you have to find and do orbital supply drop... but I recommend checking how to do that in youtube.
  2. Vaculity

    Legendary OSD

    There is a good reason why its called "Legendary", buddy. Of course it will spawn a lot of difficult corrupts to deal with.
  3. Putting it simply, it matters not. I fed an ascendant pike to it by mistake (not sad), and its crystal growth process is about the same as feeding it anything else other than stone.
  4. Vaculity

    Extinction cluster rules

    A bit impatient don't you think? You can't bring anything but your own naked character inside. Absolutely nothing, nada.
  5. Vaculity

    Gosh darn Baby Managarmr

    So I noticed something weird about Managarmr gestation. The baby that pops out of the creature instantly jets up once and only once after the timer ends, which instantly drains their food to zero when imprinted. Was this intended? Because if thats the case, it will be horrendous trying to find twin or triplets, even in an enclosed area.
  6. Vaculity

    Corrupt dinos - "The new way of raiding"

    I am just going to put my two cent here. While I really detest the fact people are using Corrupt dino as a benefit for raiding someone's base, or kiting to their base just to wipe their existence in PvP/PvE and pillar there, having them set so they don't break Metal or Tek just ruins the OSD or Element Vein defense mechanics. People with a ton of resources can easily just walls off the area around it temporarily and that will prevent most, if not all, dino from reaching it when the main point is to make sure they don't destroy it, in which case, this nerf will literally ruin everything. (I know Dimorph, Ptera and Wyvern won't be fully affected by this, I meant the other ground corrupts.) But I really like the idea of the "limitations" though... even though they have never truly fixed the issue with Nameless and Reaper King not despawning at Fertile Zone in Aberration.
  7. Vaculity

    augmented kibble Point of the Augmented Kibble??

    Prior to a recent major patch, only the Augmented Kibble will work for Snow Owl taming. They had relaxed that restriction a bit (possibly temporary for the kibble issue fix). Possibly they'll group all the kibble into one category based on the type of egg.
  8. Vaculity

    Mek Feedback.

    The biggest issue was PvP. It has been nerfed then and again due to that server mode to the point its laughably weak as heck.
  9. Vaculity

    velonasaur nerf

    On Turret mode. I don't see any significant changes under that state. It probably could be a bug. Unofficial =/= official. Just because it works on unofficial doesn't mean it would work in official.
  10. Vaculity

    velonasaur nerf

    They had one hidden nerf: They can't outrange everything anymore. And whatsmore, their turret mode currently do not scale with their damage. I don't see why theres a need to nerf them right now.
  11. Vaculity

    Windows 10 Ark: Extinction people blatantly ignored?

    What do you mean by that. I recalled they mentioned that console players are delayed slightly for patches from PC.
  12. Don't forget about Forest Wyvern. They too appear as minions for Forest Titan, and clearly are untamable in any ways as well.
  13. Vaculity

    Where do i find bps in extinction?

    You have only two option. -Orbital Supply Drop. Need to fend off against corrupted creatures for 5 waves in total to claim the loots inside, often containing BPs and such. Best you come prepared before triggering this. -Cave Loot crates.
  14. Vaculity

    question Aberration Engrams on Extinction?

    The only "Rock Drake" you are gonna encounter rarely are already corrupted by Element. So no.
  15. Vaculity

    Allow disabling of Cryo sickness on unofficial servers

    I highly doubt you can disable it without modding the cooldown. Most status effects here are already coded to be like that.