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  1. Vaculity

    Extinction -> Super SOTF ?

    Remember that Extinction is based on dystophic earth itself and is technically "not an ark" overall.
  2. Vaculity

    Online noob looking for tribe

    Going to be honest. Simply asking to join a tribe will not land yourself into one. Prove to the server you are on that you are capable of surviving with others by surviving alone first and gain their trust. As one says: "Talks are cheap; action speaks louder than words".
  3. Vaculity

    OSD recommendations

    If you have access to aberration, get a few reaper kings to the above strategy to make it more simple. Swing around the osd to push corrupts away.
  4. Just Tek S+ Engram. Yes. Other Engrams will still be unlockable as per normal.
  5. Vaculity

    Unban Request

    https://support.survivetheark.com/ Go there, and explain.
  6. Vaculity

    Vulgar Tribe Name

    It best to report the tribe. Also, mentioning of tribe name is actually against rule of conduct, just pointing it out there before a mod warns you about it.
  7. Vaculity

    Solo Servers of Ark survival evolved.

    Adding official solo servers is most likely never going to happen. You have to find unofficial servers that dedicates to it. Not eveeyone will want that idea and it would waste more of wildcard money and not to mention, undesirable lag as well.
  8. Vaculity

    Rock Elemental?

    Rock elementals are rather rare in extinction. You have to search more thoroughly within.
  9. Vaculity

    Titan feeding

    Unfortunately, unless as you have mentioned of using a mod that lets you feed titan, or using infinite stat to reset the food bar, there is no other way of "feeding" the titan in a dedicated/non official private server. They aren't meant to stay for more than a day since they block any future summoning of the titan you are trying to keep alive.
  10. Vaculity

    Corrupted giga Vs a high level reaper

    Its very easy. Corrupted Giga do not inflict Gash/Bleed whenever it hits a creature/survivor unlike the original, so your Reaper King shouldn't be a worry against it. Still, don't underestimate it though if you are at an area or red/purple drop where they can appear frequently.
  11. Vaculity

    Imprinting and dino transfer

    Yep. Like say, you got Character A on one server and Character B on another server, and you just recently "imprint" on a baby dino on Character A. When you somehow brought it to Character B on another server, the baby will still ask for care for Character A. Character B is considered another character even though it belongs to the same steam user, since every character has different ID.
  12. Vaculity

    Time of End of Event and cryopod

    Ends at 18th February.
  13. Vaculity

    When Will Play As A Dino Become A Thing?

    "Ark: Primal Survival". First mentioned at E3 2016, there hasn't been any news since then. No idea if it is on indefinite hiatus or if its cancelled completely since then. Meanwhile, I recommend looking at mods if you really want to play as one. There are mods that let you do that.
  14. Vaculity

    X2 Backlash

    Cant be helped. Only knockout tames can eat it.