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  1. Messed up trying to post yesterday on my phone, quoted the wrong quote, couldn't figure out how to delete it, and got distracted with an appointment and forgot about it until today. I was only going to say that i have a similar issue like you describe except my timers are going down.. First time i noticed, 7 days gone from the cryopod, now it's up to 21 days. But if i send them to aberration first, then to the island, everything seems to be fine. (Still need to test this more to be sure)
  2. I have been playing sp for about 9 months. I have never had the game crash on a boss fight. I've had maybe 1 or 2 crashes in a cave, but I've run the caves many times without a problem.
  3. Yep. exactly what RageQUitter said. I learned this lesson the hard way. getting muts and breeding it back in before i have a master pair of clean dinos just causes all kinds of headaches. But what i do now is first gather the tames that have the hi stats i want. i breed them all together until i get a "master" male and female with all the hi stats. I then make more clean females (depending on how many i want for breeding, for me, i have higher breeding rates, so usually keep 2 clean females). I will put aside any desirable muts i get during the process of getting my master pair. Once i have my master pair, then i can start breeding for muts, or if i already got one that i don't want to lose, i will breed that mut into my master pair, until i have a male with the best stats plus that mut. He will then replace my male, and i will cryo the clean male for later (i keep a clean male so that if i get a mut i want, but its female, then i can mate it with the clean male until i get a male with the mut, who then again replaces the current master male). And i just rinse and repeat the process ad nauseam. Doing it this way makes it much easier to spot mutations then because you know that all babies will come out the same lvl, unless they have a mut, then it's 2 lvls higher. And also, this prevents the mut stacking problem.
  4. If both parents have mutations, then they will stack on the babies, regardless of whether or not the babies get the desired stats from the parents. Which actually is not a good thing. Usually you only want the Male to have mutations, and your breeding females should be clean and have 0 mutations. As you get babies with the muts you want, you replace your Male with the mutated one, then start again. In your case each parent has 4 mutations, so all babies will come out with a mut counter on 8.
  5. Cheapshark.com Gives you different vendor prices for PC games.. so you can compare and find the cheapest.
  6. Yeah, and with the bear you can harvest it again in 15 minutes.
  7. thorny dragon is a scorched earth specific dino in the regular category. Also, you could use scorpions, ketros, kapros, carnos iguanadons, terror birds and ankys
  8. I did consider that, but only as a last resort. I have some other really good spawns I don't want to lose. Thanks for the suggestion. I was doing that with my baryonyx but probably didn't do it long enough. I will try again. Thanks
  9. i have only played SP so far.. Maybe once i've gotten thru all of the ascensions, i'll move to a dedicated server My schedule is erratic and sometimes i don't get to play as much as i would like, so sp is good for me that my dinos don't starve to death. And no matter how long i go without playing i can just pick up wherever i left off. i have no interest in PVP at all. Also, i like that if the need arises, i can "fix" issues that might pop up without need to find a GM, or admin and i can just take care of it myself, like getting stuck in the stairs, or like my current issue, element shortage on the island and no gigas for hearts to fight the dragon again. Spinos are currently extinct on my island map, so no ape fighting. Likely i will need to spawn in some giga hearts so i can take on the dragon again. Or kill lots and lots of fish to try to get spinos to spawn.
  10. Make a backup save to test if your dinos are ready. Then if you fail and die, you can reload your save without losing anything I have fought all 3 alpha bosses on the island sp with max difficulty. For alpha brood, I reccomend 19 Rex's preferably imprinted with at least 35k health and 500% melee. And 1 yuty with about 30k health or more. Broodmother hits hard and has 972k hit points. I took 18 rexes and lost 7. And somehow lost another one in transit because I only came back with 10 rexes Next is megapithecus, I actually took on the alpha with 10 rexes and a yuty. Rex's all had between 35-50k hp and 600%+ melee. Didn't lose anyone on this fight. Twice I fought him. The dragon is the worst. For this you absolutely need 19 bred theris with 21k hp and all theriz should have sweet veggie cakes on them. Maybe 10-15 And also an imprinted yuty. I tried the dragon several times with rexes first and failed horribly everytime. I have seen someone do it solo with rexes, but I couldn't pull it off. But when I did take on the dragon, it was with 16 theriz, 3 rexes and a yuty. The rexes didn't make it back, but the rest did. And the fight seemed much easier and quicker with theriz compared to rexes. Also, you need decent saddles. At least 80 armour, but the higher the better.
  11. Baryonx and an otter wrapped around my neck to negate any issues with heat.
  12. Definitely check the hard water cave.. On my SP island game, my hard water cave is packed full of mosas and alpha mosas. Literally, last count was 35 mosas, and 14 alphas. However, when i first got tek tier and needed black pearls, i cryo'd my basi up and transferred to rag. I tried viking bay, because there's supposed to be lots of sea scorps, but i didn't see that many. So i ended up finding "squid" alley. around 45 lat, 0-10 long. Tons of squids here (at least on my map). I spent a couple of hours here killing squids and the occasional alpha squid and walked away with 500-600 black pearls.
  13. Or you could just get a bunch of yutyrannis, beehives and call it a day. Since you can use extraordinary kibble to tame all dinos.
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