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  1. The problem is if you die or transfer, the paint resets.
  2. There arent wyversn, so.. Not for a rather long time
  3. I did not mean upload and download. i meant starting a boss fight at loot drops. Is it enabled in your server?
  4. Just curious. Are the ability to start a boss fight at loot drops (not surface) disabled at your server? If not, you could technically bring all your rex fastEr than loading them with brew and traverse to rockwell terminal.
  5. Vaculity


    Booated damage against corrupted only applies to enforcer. Meks only deal bonus damage to titans.
  6. Rememeber that this can only br done in singleplayer and non-official server.
  7. Would not help if the issue is at official server.
  8. Are you sure the tek rex that spawned in isnt an enraged rex? Those looks like tek rex, with additions of corruption and alpha glow on it. max level is a level 500, but you only see those in purple osd. At normal spawn, the max level is 150.
  9. They have been doing that every single new map. If you have a lot of doubt they will open when you asked, then why bother asking?
  10. God mode resets when you restart single player server. However, if it was multiplayer server though..
  11. One word: cryopod. course, that would involve needing to get at least one tekgram to ger the replicator.
  12. They wont add rockwell boss battle in here.
  13. Or prettified one. I mean rare colored drakes and other mutated babies are in the craze with decent stats.
  14. Did you validated your game file?
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