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  1. Changing Dino Spawn codes I’m playing single player with mods and there are 2 Dinos with the same name/spawn command/BP path or whatever it’s called. How can I change the name of one so both can spawn instead of just the one from the mod with the highest priority
  2. Just got back from holidays, was fixed for me from Easter update!
  3. Thanks I didn’t know about the megatherum and bugs, am living on redwood mountain so no problems with Gigas
  4. Also where do Giganotosaurus spawn on the island
  5. Thanks! I didn’t think many things would attack it due to its size. I was going to build a watchtower so now I know what to look out for.
  6. So I just tamed a Bronto and are planning to make a platform saddle and go exploring. But I was just curious as to what Dinos will attack a Bronto without being attacked first?
  7. I’m playing on ark ps4 and the explorer notes aren’t showing on the inventory page. They’re not coming up black or whatever. It just shows the explorer name and nothing underneath
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