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Starting fresh on official, looking to form a tribe of new friends. Looking for adult players with some experience that play with microphone and want to have a good time.


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  2. I'm a very experienced players that puts tons of hours in the game. I have played since launch and will be very active for raids, grinding or whatever is needed. I am 18 from Portugal. My PSN is Pedrexex7
  3. Hey, I'm an all-rounder. 30 year old man from Madrid Spain. He can bring whatever the tribe needs for many hours playing alone. Domestication, hunting, gathering and construction. Thanks! PSN - Big_Gesto
  4. Hey I'm an all rounder. Late 20s female from Australia. Can bring anything that the tribe needs. Taming, hunting, gathering and building. Thankyou! PSN - Bondschesty
  5. Hi am 28 and I have a mic I am interested in joining I am lv97 and have experience into the game my psn is Xxking970xX
  6. Hi I’m 21 years old, level 90, I’ve been playing since ps4 launch, and have always played on official, I’m looking for a tribe to run with, psn is Wild_Tyles
  7. I’m not new but getting back into it and haven’t played in a while. Just don’t want to play solo again!!!!
  8. i plan on coming back to official after playing unofficial since it came out lol, i got some friends that also wish to comeback as well. Theres fairly bout 10+ of us and were all experienced. i cant continue playing these few weeks back to back wiped clusters all year long. were down to grind n got time. the oldest is 21 and the youngest is 13. im speaking alone for my friends the mates i usually hang with. ill warn em once if theyre being annoying or letting down the tribe with inactivity acts. i wouldnt say a word if you decided to remove them, if so my friends & i all get the chance to
  9. Hi I've been playing by my self for a while now bit boring looking to join a fun casual clan. I'm a hard worker good at most things just want to play with other like minder people. I only get to play on weekends but good for several hrs a day im in Australia. Cheers
  10. Hello. Im 25 yrs old active player. Im level 80. Im a pretty good player. I've been playing pvp official with a couple of my buddies but its impossible to move forward when your base is wiped every other day. Im good at grinding resources and raiding. I think id be a great addition to the tribe. I am on 8-10+ hours a day. Looking for a relaxed motivated crowd. Psn: ReFLexX__IV
  11. Hi I’m a really good pve player and better at pvp and doing raids I can also breed very fast and I’m always on I’m a ps4 kbm player if u want to tribe up add YungBigsBee
  12. I’ve been looking for a tribe of fun people for ages! I am 19, experienced and good at taming and building would also love to do some raids since I’m fairly new to pvp!

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