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  1. heyaa not very experienced player LF tribe to become betetr and have fun with, have 100+ hours (pvp) can play ps5 and pc 5-8 hours on weekdays (work in the weekends)utc+1 Discord name: Daphys#5321, Steam name: Pinkemo or 1002234296. KOPIËRE
  2. What is your steam name: Pinkemo or 1002234296 KOPIËREN what timezone are you in: UTC+1 What is your Discord #ID?: Daphys#5321 how old are you?: 29 years do you have experience? (don't need a lot): 100+ Hours (pvp) how active can you be per day? (1-2 hours minimum): 5-8 hours weekdays (work in weekends) what makes you a better player than other players applying for this tribe? nothing exactly just fun times along some friends are you a Taming Person or a Farming person? Both
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