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  1. Xxking970xX Age 28 Dlcs all except genesis 2yrs
  2. Hi am 28 and I have a mic I am interested in joining I am lv97 and have experience into the game my psn is Xxking970xX
  3. age? lvl? Timezone? what are you good at? what are you looking for in a tribe? activity? what can bring to the tribe that no one has better? why'd you leave your last tribe? I am 28 my lv is 97 and I am on the mountain time zone and my wat I am good at is bullet grinding and farming and looking to be part of a fun tribe that likes to pvp has a unit and diverse and what I can bring to the tribe is leadership time and dedication and I dint leave my old tribe just got wiped by power rangers and we quit after that
  4. I am 28 and have a mic and put 1400+ hours into ark i have all the dlcs besides genesis prefer to grind and pvp haven't played on official since my last tribe got wiped by power rangers my lv on official is 97 and small tribes 71 and I am on ps4 my gamertag is Xxking970xX hmu on there if you have any questions
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