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  1. I'm 23 the other 2 guys are 22 and 23. levels are 84,85,89. the only tribe we have been in is the three of us and we left from out base being raided by and alpha tribe. we are looking for strength in numbers because we lost the battle from a sheer lack of numbers to defend. our expierence is ok we have only played two servers the 1st to learn and the second we made it far but the alpha tribe must have decided our base had grown enough. we have plenty of good tames just looking for more people to fight alongside us and grind to the top. we all have discord and we play late at night from 10pm t
  2. We're 23,22, and 23. I'm level 84 and the other two are 89 and 85. Two of us are in central time zone and play late at night from 10pn to about 5 or 6 A.M. the other is in japan we all are in the military that's why our time zones are different. one of us is good at electrical outlets and we all can build decent. great at gathering supplies and grinding for things we need as a group. in our last tribe which was just the three of us we worked together on projects and saved mats and determined together what they would be used for. we all have discord as well. In a tribe we are looking for fun an
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