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  1. Hello. Im 25 yrs old active player. Im level 80. Im a pretty good player. I've been playing pvp official with a couple of my buddies but its impossible to move forward when your base is wiped every other day. Im good at grinding resources and raiding. I think id be a great addition to the tribe. I am on 8-10+ hours a day. Looking for a relaxed motivated crowd. Psn: ReFLexX__IV
  2. Im 25 yrs old from Canada. Level 80 Time zone is mountain standard. Im a good player as long as there is a goal to be accomplished. Im good at raiding, collecting resources and defending when needed. Just tired of getting every base wiped because we're so small of a tribe. Looking for a fun group or people to enjoy the game with. I think id be a good addition to the tribe because im a reliable player. I will be on 8 to 10 hours a day if not more. I left last tribe because nobody was willing to work to better the tribe. Psn: ReFLexX__IV
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