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  1. Too I'm 23, british. Never been in a tribe before always played solo pvp and it's getting Abit annoying haha. Can grind out all day and tame for hours also but my expert is only around 500 hours but I play very regularly
  2. Hey I'm 23 years old british, been played for a couple months solo, have reached 100 but my current is 85, looking for some dope people to play with. Love to grind and tame but also pretty decent at pvp my PSN FunkySamurai97
  3. I'm 23 never joined a tribe before and I keep getting wiped by them, timezone is British I have around 300 hours in the game but don't exactly have any sick poop anymore as I just got fully wiped on the centre. Honestly though I just want to play the game with cool people and have some fun. Will grind all day no problem and will tame whatever is needed
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