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  1. SOMEONE HAS PROBLEMS LOADING DINOSAURS TO THE CLOUD AFTER THE UPDATE and I'm not receiving exp, I reached level 72, someone knows if it's a bug or the game is like this.
  2. Hey, I'm an all-rounder. 30 year old man from Madrid Spain. He can bring whatever the tribe needs for many hours playing alone. Domestication, hunting, gathering and construction. Thanks! PSN - Big_Gesto
  3. 1. PSN Name: Big_Gesto 2.DLC: All 3. Age: 30 4. time spent playing: I can play all day
  4. 1- PSN Big_Gesto 2- Are you over 15 years old? yes i am 30 3- How long have you been playing? 1 year ago by seasons 4- What was the maximum level you reached? 100 character. 5- What do you like to do in the game? Domesticate, breed, grind, build ...? tame and breed Love and peace !
  5. age? 30 lvl? 72 Time zone? Spain What are you good at? starting from scratch XD, my level of play is medium. Playing alone I learned a bit of each activity. What do you look for in a tribe? enjoy the game as a group and with a team vision. Activity? breeding What can you bring to the tribe that no one else has better? humor XD Why did you leave your last tribe? I've always played alone or boring nitrados server PSN: Big_Gesto
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