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  1. Looking to join Hi, i've been playing ark for the last months, but now im on pvp servers, i noticed its very hard without a tribe. I haven't been in a tribe before, but im on ark a lot. So if you have a place for me in the tribe, i would be happy to join.
  2. Looking to join Hi, im fairly new, but looking to join a tribe. My discord is JiggyJames#6746 msg me if i can join. I play a lot!
  3. Looking to join Hi im fairly new to the game, but looking to join a tribe. What do i need to do?
  4. Looking to join. Hi, I've never been in a tribe and would love to join one. Ive got all the dlc. Im fairly new to the game, but eager to learn. Im play a lot of hours every day.
  5. Looking to join. I've never been in a tribe. I'm an active player. Havent got a lot of experience, but im eager to learn. My age is 31. How can i join?
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