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  1. My age is 28 my level is 95 I've never been a part of a big tribe usually 2- 4 people I'm not technically leaving the tribe. Mates just got tired of being raided. I've been playing ark off and on for 3 years I love breeding and farming and good at building and taming. I have all DLC except scorched. I also have a mic so I can talk too. If you think I would make a good fit or have more questions feel free to message me on my psn shylynn420 or discord shylynn420#8656 Thank you for your time.
  2. 1) I'm 28 2) Central/ NA 3) I love farming and breeding and okay at building and taming but not good at pvp 4) I want to be part of an active tribe where I can talk and not worry about getting ganked all the time. I want to breed tames. 5) I don't know how many hours I've put into game but I've been playing off and on for 3 years. And for past 2 months been on every day for 5- 10 hrs if rl schedule allows me to. 6) Unfortunately I recently got wiped by a griefing mega and lost everything so I can't bring anything better. 7) The tribe I'm leaving was just a 4 perso
  3. My name is Shianne platform is PS4 username shylynn420 I'm 28 and live in the US. Looking for a official Pvp tribe. Survivor is lvl 95 with some tek unlocked been playing off and on for 3 years have all DLC except scorched. I have a mic and don't mind talking. I like farming, breeding, building, and taming. Looking for tribe where I can breed to my heart's content. Also play everyday for 5- 10 hrs unless busy in rl. Message me on PSN if you're interested or have more questions.
  4. Hello my name is Shianne I'm 28 I live in the US and been playing Ark off and on for 3 years. Since playing again I'm on everyday and play between 5- 10 hours per day I am now lvl 95 and done 2 boss fights. I love to farm, breed and tame. I'm not the strongest Pvp I can defend and assist but I don't really like raiding unless they mess with me first. I have a mic and like talking I'm pretty lay back. Like I stated above I prefer aberration but am open to other maps I have every map except scorched earth. If you would like to know more please ask I really wanna play in an active server since a
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