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  2. People mistake official as the complete package and most common complaints are the state of the servers, not the game itself. Bugs are much less noticeable when you can play the game smoothly.
  3. Ced, I have been an ark player for over a year starting on Legacy, keeping that base on the island and starting on official when we first started hearing about decommissioning of servers. We moved from official island , to scorched, to Ragnarok, and then to center. Each experience on official was worse than the next. We didn’t have the same “community” on official as we did in legacy. So far we have survived the great migrations on 537 as we have people that play and we work as a community to help each other and new players. We never saw this on official, or at least the severs we visited. Several of our members have been there since beta and have Thousands of hours invested in their bases and Dino’s. They are the ones that are the first to help, especially new players. Sure we like to see new maps and stuff, but not at the convenience of wiping others out to get new content. I would be in favor of a subscription to keep my legacy server and would probably get the download if you close it down and host it myself. Living the island life -Mao Noel
  4. Maybe they could set it up so that a map like Scorched Earth, Aberration or Ragnarok would be available in the app store, separate from the original ARK Mobile app
  5. This is really subjective. I play on good hardware for my client. Good hardware for my server. Most major bugs, like ovis babies falling through floors, can be avoided with workarounds.
  6. Over a year online now, the community is still very active. New Coliseum Event map added! Summon your own boss fights, 24x7 Treasure hunting, Outdoor PvP area, and the new Labyrinth Maze! More events coming soon!
  7. As the discussions around a relaunch of Astral ARK have been more frequent on Discord, we have put a website in place to give a bit more details about what you can expect once the servers are live. For those of you still playing on the current cluster, worry not, we will do what we can to allow you to keep some of what you've earned so far More details will follow. Everything is explained on our new website dedicated to ARK. This website will be completed with the relevant info when we manage to reach our goal. Thanks a lot for your support, and we are looking forward to seeing you again on Astral ARK, soon! https://ark.astral-imperium.com/
  8. Looking for Memebers Lvl 80+ Looking for skilled high lvl players to join my 10 man Team. We will take a server, must grind and have general raid knowledge. I can help you learn how to Rocket run, stego drop, grief, ect ect lmk for further details on disc @ItzNezarbich#4045
  9. I just used a dire bear in the south cave on the Island, and finished it in a matter of minutes. The only place it wouldn't fit was the entrance to the artifact chamber, and it's high torpor was great for tanking all the scorpions and boas.
  10. Just look at the MTS servers and how popular they are, I think that you should make a 3 man tribe mode with increased rates and offline raid protection say 3x turret dmg and 5x structure hp
  11. Money. I could elaborate, but I'm gettin' ready to do a cave run.
  12. Did the game download? and where does it tell you you've been globally banned?
  13. Considering Bethesda is AAA development studio that owns several other smaller studios and makes two of the most popular game series, and that wildcard has only produced 2 games both of which were early access at launch. Daddy Todd Howard probably has way more assets and money to pay their support team. Wildcard is trying to balance producing new content to keep players interested and fixing bugs. And when fixing bugs they have to account for how it could effect other things and if that fix could make new bugs 1000 times worse. For instance, the fix you suggested could be exploited if a rival tribe sets up a killzone outside the Tek Cave, they can kill the tribe and dinos after they finish the boss fight, and the already weakened tribe will have little defence against it. or the dinos could spawn in the lava outside the tek cave Not to mention that developing ARK is the devs job, not their life. They have families, they need vacation time and need time to relax after work, like all people do. PS. Bethesda has done a worse job, Fallout 76 on launch was horrible and they way their support handeled it was worse.
  14. Ark saved my life. Ced you gotta understand bro your most dedicated player base might be on legacy. I got hit by a drunk driver in 2016 and I was restricted to my bed and pissing and crapping all over myself. I was a 4x natural body building champion, personal trainer, and fitness director. It was all taken from me. I had 3 reconstructive operations and was in a wheel chair for nearly a year. depressed in bed my 19 year old son brought me his ps4 and showed me this game ARK Survival. I started playing. The work, the struggle, the effort, to build my base and tame dinos reminded me of what it's going to take to get out of my depression. Ark revealed to me what was already inside me - a tenacious mofo who will never quit. Every morning I was in so much pain. But I would wheel my self to the kitchen and make a cup of coffee and turn on my ARK server 629. You wiped it! People say its just a game but to me it's more than that. I sent you guys a nasty response when you said you wouldn't help me transfer my stuff to official. I apologize - I overreacted.
  15. and it turns real bitter if you think about how our dlc money has been pumped into ports for other devices and atlas and we still see no bug fixing. say something about it and you get a whole flok of wildcard worshippers to defend them. right now i am trying to incorporate tek triangles into my building and to my great horror i find out that the triangle panel is snapped higher on top of the ceiling instead of against it, and so the walls you put on it are higher then the once that go onto ceilings. for wood and stone you wont see it, but if you build in tek its to obviously out of alignment. if you take this game under a magnifying glass, you will notice that almost every item or dino has a bug or glitch. i count 4 bugs in eggs alone. 1 of them is super easy to fix, the incubation timer is right now not synchronized with the server timer while the spoil timer is. but what fix do we get instead ? they try to fix vault dropping .... and then dont test it. and in a rollback 100's loose there char and potentially there bases. so there is time available as long as it is something to screw with us. and after it was all over, autodecay turned back on, we suddenly get a red text in the server window that WE must behave and follow coc rules.
  16. Today
  17. Isn’t this a secondary attack? Map it in settings. It’s the same tap you use for pteranodon barrel roll.
  18. Keyboard and mouse?? Hi, I just wanted to know if there are any plans for adding keyboard and mouse controls for ark mobile?
  19. Good Play As Dino server? I did find a PaD server, but the link to the steam page was broken. Does anyone know of any active PaD ark servers?
  20. I stay on legacy servers partly due to the lower population. I find the people that play legacy are generally more open to discussion about trading space if you want to build in an area they have pillared off. I also find that though some areas are pillared it is actually less than I've encountered on fresh servers. They come across as more mature players in my experience. I've made lasting friendships with people I've met on my server and we've had some fun times in the thousands of hours we've played. It takes a lot to tailor build your base appropriate to the location you have and it is a gut punch when you have to move and rebuild when you had no intention of leaving. I did not have a good experience when the scorched earth server I was playing got migrated. In fact I haven't returned to scorched map since then other than to fly the desert for loot crates. When you pour thousands of hours of your free time into farming, building, taming, breeding, raising, imprinting, trading, exploring and fighting you hate to see it taken away. True it's just a game and they are just pixels but they still took thousands of hours of your life that, when gone, you will not get back. No one likes to have their time wasted.
  21. So it may be oblivious to WildCard and that is not a shot at them. I’m not sure how invested you are in Xbox but let me say this. The official servers are a disaster. They need to wiped. There is an absolute ton of duped loot in the game. Recently the megas went at it and when one side meshed the FOB they found over 40 Valentine’s Day chocolates. These are obviously duped along with the insane amount of 256 level meks that Everyone has on Xbox officials. I have proof of all of this and more. I am heavily invested in ark and want the best for it. The best move is wiping the Xbox official servers.
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