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  1. "Ping Pong; Bang Bong........Ding dong? you sure you touch the tralala" XDDDD
  2. For those who do not know how to spell the name and for those keep spelling wrong the name so repeatedly this video will help you out xd Not Charcha, not Xaxa, not Carxa not Xarxacaxaxaxaxa XD
  3. I was one of the Dinopithecus voters and I totaly agree that Carcharodontosaurus should be the 3º chosen dino for the Lost Island, after all he almost win the votes and every one loves him, the number of dinos that ware not add to the game are running short so I say, make dossier for the Carcharodontosaurus and when the next new dlc comes we can discuse of new votes of new 3 creatures
  4. Excuse me, but Why titans have to be temporary tames as well in pve? it makes no sense. In PvP makes sense, cause they have lot of power and would be unfair for starter players and more difficult for them to even fight the alpha tribes, but in pve, there is no war and fight between tribes, it is more about building, collection and more friendly the way I see, even if those titans have only one use for the boss, it is still almost not worth to tame them then, would make much sense if pve players are allow to have both this titans and the titanosaur permanent tames, and each tribes will be allow
  5. Don't know if it was already talked about, but will the titans be permanent tame and not be short tame like titanosaur? Will be possible transfer the titans of extinction to other maps? Is the titans gonna be living artifacts to face the boss?
  6. What about the Legacy servers for the old players that work harder get and reach where they are? We cant ever bring our stuff from there to the new officials?
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