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  2. Trouble with ini files Does anyone know how to make the invisible trees with ini files show up? Here are the files I'm using: [Startup] foliage.UseOcclusionType=0 ShowFloatingDamageText=True FogDensity=0.0 FrameRateCap=144 FrameRateMinimum=144 MaxES2PixelShaderAdditiveComplexityCount=45 MaxPixelShaderAdditiveComplexityCount=128 MaxSmoothedFrameRate=144 MinDesiredFrameRate=70 MinSmoothedFrameRate=5 NearClipPlane=12.0 ShowFlag.AmbientOcclusion=0 ShowFlag.AntiAliasing=0 ShowFlag.Atmosphere=0 ShowFlag.AtmosphericFog=0 ShowFlag.AudioRadius=0 ShowFlag.BSP=0 ShowFlag.BSPSplit=0 ShowFlag.BSPTriangles=0 ShowFlag.BillboardSprites=0 ShowFlag.Brushes=0 ShowFlag.BuilderBrush=0 ShowFlag.CameraAspectRatioBars=0 ShowFlag.CameraFrustums=0 ShowFlag.CameraImperfections=0 ShowFlag.CameraInterpolation=0 ShowFlag.CameraSafeFrames=0 ShowFlag.ColorGrading=0 ShowFlag.CompositeEditorPrimitives=0 ShowFlag.Constraints=0 ShowFlag.Cover=0 ShowFlag.Decals=0 ShowFlag.DeferredLighting=0 ShowFlag.DepthOfField=0 ShowFlag.Diffuse=0 ShowFlag.DirectLighting=0 ShowFlag.DirectionalLights=0 ShowFlag.DistanceCulledPrimitives=0 ShowFlag.DistanceFieldAO=0 ShowFlag.DynamicShadows=0 ShowFlag.Editor=0 ShowFlag.EyeAdaptation=0 ShowFlag.Fog=0 ShowFlag.Game=0 ShowFlag.LOD=0 ShowFlag.Landscape=0 ShowFlag.LargeVertices=0 ShowFlag.LensFlares=0 ShowFlag.LevelColoration=0 ShowFlag.LightComplexity=0 ShowFlag.LightInfluences=0 ShowFlag.LightMapDensity=0 ShowFlag.LightRadius=0 ShowFlag.LightShafts=0 ShowFlag.Lighting=0 ShowFlag.LpvLightingOnly=0 ShowFlag.Materials=0 ShowFlag.MeshEdges=0 ShowFlag.MotionBlur=0 ShowFlag.OnScreenDebug=0 ShowFlag.OverrideDiffuseAndSpecular=0 ShowFlag.Paper2DSprites=0 ShowFlag.Particles=0 ShowFlag.Pivot=0 ShowFlag.PointLights=0 ShowFlag.PostProcessMaterial=0 ShowFlag.PostProcessing=0 ShowFlag.PrecomputedVisibility=0 ShowFlag.PreviewShadowsIndicator=0 ShowFlag.ReflectionEnvironment=0 ShowFlag.ReflectionOverride=0 ShowFlag.Refraction=0 ShowFlag.SelectionOutline=0 ShowFlag.ShaderComplexity=0 ShowFlag.ShadowFrustums=0 ShowFlag.ShadowsFromEditorHiddenActors=0 ShowFlag.SkeletalMeshes=0 ShowFlag.SkyLighting=0 ShowFlag.Snap=0 ShowFlag.Specular=0 ShowFlag.SpotLights=0 ShowFlag.StaticMeshes=0 ShowFlag.StationaryLightOverlap=0 ShowFlag.StereoRendering=0 ShowFlag.SubsurfaceScattering=0 ShowFlag.TemporalAA=0 ShowFlag.Tessellation=0 ShowFlag.TestImage=0 ShowFlag.TextRender=0 ShowFlag.TexturedLightProfiles=0 ShowFlag.Tonemapper=0 ShowFlag.Translucency=0 ShowFlag.VectorFields=0 ShowFlag.VertexColors=0 ShowFlag.Vignette=0 ShowFlag.VisualizeAdaptiveDOF=0 ShowFlag.VisualizeBuffer=0 ShowFlag.VisualizeDOF=0 ShowFlag.VisualizeDistanceFieldAO=0 ShowFlag.VisualizeHDR=0 ShowFlag.VisualizeLPV=0 ShowFlag.VisualizeLightCulling=0 ShowFlag.VisualizeMotionBlur=0 ShowFlag.VisualizeOutOfBoundsPixels=0 ShowFlag.VisualizeSSR=0 ShowFlag.VisualizeSenses=0 ShowFlag.VolumeLightingSamples=0 ShowFlag.Wireframe=0 SmoothedFrameRateRange=(LowerBound=(Type="ERangeBoundTypes::Inclusive",Value=60),UpperBound=(Type="ERangeBoundTypes::Exclusive",Value=70)) TEXTUREGROUP_Character=(MinLODSize=1,MaxLODSize=4,LODBias=0,MinMagFilter=aniso,MipFilter=point) TEXTUREGROUP_CharacterNormalMap=(MinLODSize=1,MaxLODSize=4,LODBias=0,MinMagFilter=aniso,MipFilter=point) TEXTUREGROUP_CharacterSpecular=(MinLODSize=1,MaxLODSize=4,LODBias=0,MinMagFilter=aniso,MipFilter=point) TEXTUREGROUP_Cinematic=(MinLODSize=1,MaxLODSize=128,LODBias=0,MinMagFilter=aniso,MipFilter=point) TEXTUREGROUP_Effects=(MinLODSize=1,MaxLODSize=128,LODBias=0,MinMagFilter=linear,MipFilter=point) TEXTUREGROUP_EffectsNotFiltered=(MinLODSize=1,MaxLODSize=128,LODBias=0,MinMagFilter=aniso,MipFilter=point) TEXTUREGROUP_Lightmap=(MinLODSize=1,MaxLODSize=8,LODBias=0,MinMagFilter=aniso,MipFilter=point) TEXTUREGROUP_MobileFlattened=(MinLODSize=1,MaxLODSize=2,LODBias=0,MinMagFilter=aniso,MipFilter=point) TEXTUREGROUP_RenderTarget=(MinLODSize=1,MaxLODSize=128,LODBias=0,MinMagFilter=aniso,MipFilter=point) TEXTUREGROUP_Shadowmap=(MinLODSize=1,MaxLODSize=2,LODBias=0,MinMagFilter=aniso,MipFilter=point,NumStreamedMips=3) TEXTUREGROUP_Skybox=(MinLODSize=1,MaxLODSize=256,LODBias=0,MinMagFilter=aniso,MipFilter=point) TEXTUREGROUP_Terrain_Heightmap=(MinLODSize=1,MaxLODSize=2,LODBias=0,MinMagFilter=aniso,MipFilter=point) TEXTUREGROUP_Terrain_Weightmap=(MinLODSize=1,MaxLODSize=2,LODBias=0,MinMagFilter=aniso,MipFilter=point) TEXTUREGROUP_UI=(MinLODSize=1,MaxLODSize=256,LODBias=0,MinMagFilter=aniso,MipFilter=point) TEXTUREGROUP_Vehicle=(MinLODSize=1,MaxLODSize=256,LODBias=0,MinMagFilter=aniso,MipFilter=point) TEXTUREGROUP_VehicleNormalMap=(MinLODSize=1,MaxLODSize=256,LODBias=0,MinMagFilter=aniso,MipFilter=point) TEXTUREGROUP_VehicleSpecular=(MinLODSize=1,MaxLODSize=256,LODBias=0,MinMagFilter=aniso,MipFilter=point) TEXTUREGROUP_Weapon=(MinLODSize=1,MaxLODSize=64,LODBias=0,MinMagFilter=aniso,MipFilter=point) TEXTUREGROUP_WeaponNormalMap=(MinLODSize=1,MaxLODSize=64,LODBias=0,MinMagFilter=aniso,MipFilter=point) TEXTUREGROUP_WeaponSpecular=(MinLODSize=1,MaxLODSize=64,LODBias=0,MinMagFilter=aniso,MipFilter=point) TEXTUREGROUP_World=(MinLODSize=1,MaxLODSize=2,LODBias=0,MinMagFilter=aniso,MipFilter=point) TEXTUREGROUP_WorldNormalMap=(MinLODSize=1,MaxLODSize=2,LODBias=0,MinMagFilter=aniso,MipFilter=point) TEXTUREGROUP_WorldSpecular=(MinLODSize=1,MaxLODSize=2,LODBias=0,MinMagFilter=aniso,MipFilter=point) bDisablePhysXHardwareSupport=True bFirstRun=False bSmoothFrameRate=true r.AOTrimOldRecordsFraction=0 r.AmbientOcclusionLevels=0 r.Atmosphere=0 r.BloomQuality=0 r.ClearWithExcludeRects=0 r.CompileShadersForDevelopment=0 r.CustomDepth=0 r.DefaultFeature.AmbientOcclusion=False r.DefaultFeature.AntiAliasing=0 r.DefaultFeature.AutoExposure=False r.DefaultFeature.Bloom=False r.DefaultFeature.LensFlare=False r.DefaultFeature.MotionBlur=False r.DepthOfFieldQuality=0 r.DetailMode=0 r.EarlyZPass=0 r.ExposureOffset=0.3 r.HZBOcclusion=0 r.LensFlareQuality=0 r.LightFunctionQuality=0 r.LightShaftQuality=0 r.LightShafts=0 r.MaxAnisotropy=0 r.MotionBlurQuality=0 r.PostProcessAAQuality=0 r.ReflectionEnvironment=0 r.RefractionQuality=0 r.SSAOSmartBlur=0 r.SSR.Quality=0 r.SSS.SampleSet=0 r.SSS.Scale=0 r.SceneColorFringe.Max=0 r.SceneColorFringeQuality=0 r.Shadow.CSM.MaxCascades=1 r.Shadow.CSM.TransitionScale=0 r.Shadow.DistanceScale=0.1 r.Shadow.MaxResolution=2 r.Shadow.MinResolution=2 r.Shadow.RadiusThreshold=0.1 r.ShadowQuality=0 r.TonemapperQuality=0 r.TriangleOrderOptimization=1 r.TrueSkyQuality=0 r.UpsampleQuality=0 r.ViewDistanceScale=0 r.oneframethreadlag=1 t.maxfps=70
  3. Most important for me is dealing with offline raiding, unless this playing as small tribe is nonsense. Add raid timers like in atlas/conan or at least increase turret damage while you offline. ORP is just fail. Tribe limit 8-15, which is middleground between small servers and conquest servers.
  4. if you fall of a cliff irl you would probs die, and if you passed out in water irl you would probs die, thats the point of my idea, a hardcore hardcore server, it would only be a event, timed event for maybe 1-2 weeks, very fast decay and ya character auto dies if you dnt log in every 24 hrs
  5. Did you file a ticket under support? You may want to submit it under the form, report abuse. I hope this helps. The forum report button will not get it to support. Make sure to include as much details relevant as possible, including the server name or number, character name, tribe name, etc.
  6. I also was able to join on my friend in my server as well.
  7. Customer support works on a first come, first serve basis. The ticket system is over saturated by people who submit multiple tickets of the same issue as if it will speed up the process not knowing that it actually hurts the people with genuine concern further down the list. They could limit what type of issues people can submit because not every issue is of the same value, and put systems in place to prevent spam. They could also put checks in place to flag an issue that is deemed a priority instead of the user having to push to get it escalated. They may already have these systems in place but just don’t have the resources to afford a sizeable technical team.
  8. The only problem for that is you just built up and everything you are doing will not stay, and just that will make people less playing, less try hard. I don't even want a gameplay like that, i don't think i will play on a 6 month wipe server, and for few friends too. I realy think wipe when there is only 1 tribe on the server is ok, then just wait this time. As you said, if only 6 ppl play the server, just wipe it, but if you add a timer in your server, you already know you can destroy absolutely everybody who come to start because you know it will not stay forever, hope i get understandable
  9. I play on Legacy PvE since before it was legacy. Over 2.5 years now. The community is great on our server and on others. Like many other players I agree that WE supported you from the start. Tested your game, reported bugs/glitches, we all stayed through the ups & downs of the game. We deserve some love from WC. Wiping us all would be a slap in the face to your most loyal players.
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  11. Votre mail ne fonctionne pas.... Ma boîte mail Outlook me dit que les données sont incorrectes..... Merci de répondre au plus vite....
  12. Now that you have implemented a mesh detection system and people are actually starting to be fearful of cheating, what about giving everyone a second chance and lifting all bans? I believe it would bring alot of people back and boost community morale. I know alot of fair players that got fed up with being meshed so much that they built in the mesh just to avoid it and are now banned because they didnt wanna be cheated against
  13. Let’s be honest, none of our opinions really matter because it all comes down to WC. And imo I don’t believe frequenting the forums gives anyone any kind of status or anything. Plenty of people grind and played the games for years without looking on this website once. I think it’s a misconception that just because a person is active on the forums that makes them better or more knowledgeable? I’m not saying anyone said that per se but it’s the attitude that is received. And is highly toxic to read.
  14. They're not gonna fix it. If they havent fix'd the overloading spot on scorched earth between green and red obilisk since beta times, what makes it sounds like they will fix extinction XD
  15. The devs dont care about meshing enough to do anythings directly about it. Let alone the xbox side of things. If you were on pc they would have been dealth with within 3-8 hours.
  16. @thefailedyou There al servers on legacy still being played. I say keep 4 servers of each map on legacy alive till forever delete the rest. And get rid of all 0-2 official servers...But dont get rid of all legacys yet since they still being played by quite some players every single day...
  17. I think you’ll find this post and every other like it are all from official players who are the ones advocating for a wipe. I just find the whole thing hilarious that there are salty people complaining that my opinion doesn’t matter (I don’t care if it doesn’t) whilst simultaneously acting as if their opinion matters more than the thousands of people who don’t frequent the forums or social media.
  18. How can i get a hold of this spreadsheet as well?
  19. Xbox store glitch. I bought the game, but it keeps telling me Ive been globally banned. What gives?
  20. So you think complaining about spending thousands of hours and having it wiped because of some non official players are advocating for it is on par with complaining about a slushee machine is broken? Hmm. Ok. 🤔
  21. ok first thanks for the reply's, I have already reset the router and I was definitely online as I was in a Xbox live party at the time so with the process of elimination the game must be bugged out I have tried restarting the game several times and now have reinstalled it so hopefully that will cure it, my only concern is my wife like me has a new Xbox one s and is having the same issue so maybe the internet/router is faulty?
  22. you force feed it to them I believe, but fully level up that dino before u do it
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