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  2. I used my therizino and trike to kill the alpha, I was busy at the time I typed it.
  3. Automatic Saving Today, I lost my progress in ark because there wasn’t an automatic saving. My progress was that I went for my dinosaurs that were saved in the obelisk and put them in cryopods. But because my progress wasn’t saved my dinosaurs are not in my cryopods and not in the obelisk either. Any help?
  4. This is great. I have an English ally buddy and we use to go back and forth on English to American spellings. He also use to wish us happy Treason Day every 4th of July. Lol
  5. Is it? Ah well, it just seemed weird to see some french mixed in (yes, fiber is actually fibre in french 😃). However, I still think this is not consistent with the game spelling it "fiber".
  6. Servers disappearing Servers disappearing Official pvp servers that where just created have been disappearing off the list. no admins or support team has taken any initiative to fix this issue so far. the community need help! whole servers are unacceptable , alliances are getting pushed because others are taking advantage of your servers never coming back online. everyone dies because you cant keep the worlds simplest server maintenance. please fix this!!! been 24 hours now with no server responses.
  7. yekrucifixion187


    There's the issue. Console doesn't possess the processing power to have 2 sections of a map rendered at the same time. It would probably actually cause a surge. You can rent a server (believe through Nitrado for PS4) and make it so only you and your buddies can play on it and it'll take care of the tether distance.
  8. Fibre is spelt the correct traditional English way, not your simplified American way 😛
  9. What? Websites don't do that. They never attempts to keep you clicking and rendering their ads, never. You should upload it on the Kibble page. I noticed a typo tho, it says "in addition to that, 5 fibre is needed".
  10. Snow Owl Healing can anyone give me some detailed information on how the healing works for the snow owls? i know that in a previous patch they made it so that the healing is based off the snow owls base health but does that go up if you get hp stat mutation?
  11. Ark has been free on Xbox game pass for months
  12. Today
  13. Need help turning OFF decay timers on buildings I have a private PVE server using the Ebenus Astrum map. No other mods. I have some players going on a 2 week long vacation and their buildings are going to decay before they get back with the current timers. I would like to turn off decay timers completely, or if that is not possible to increase the amount of time. I have tried all sorts of numbers and true/false on the various decay settings and have been unsuccessful at changing the timers at all. I was able to turn off dino claiming at least. I see people saying they have no timers on their buildings and want them turned on in other threads, so I copied the setting they said they had but I still get the default decay times. Any help would be greatly appreciated. They leave on vacation tomorrow so I am on a short deadline as their buildings will be gone in a week.
  14. There's serious bugs that need to be fixed first
  15. Lost dino I have lost a highly mutated Baryonyx it was behind me one minute the next second it’s gone without a trace. I’ve spent two hours looking for it but nothing. It was on neutral and I haven’t received a death notification. I’m playing on Xbox too so mods aren’t an option. Anyone have any advice on how to find it? And could anyone tell me, if my Bary killed a wild Dino who attacked it (since it’s on neutral) would the game tell me even if I’m far away? Thanks!
  16. Unable to connect to friends dedicated server. I'm unable to connect to my friends dedicated server from anywhere but his home network (we don't live together). My NAT type is open, I'm able to connect to official servers, and overall have no other issues with connecting. However his server doesn't appear on the list, and others who do live with him are able to connect easily, and I was able to connect whenever I was over today. Any ideas why this is happening? We are trying to understand the whitelist to see it that helps, but it's a bit confusing. I can start to join from the friends menu on xbox, and on my pc, but it eventually says "Join Failed" Any tips or solutions would be greatly appreciated!
  17. So you need a PC to do this?
  18. My 220 Trike murdered a level 150 alpha raptor with my therizino.
  19. error 007 por que cuando te cambias de servidor te sale el error 007 y con ese error con la perdida de el pj
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