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  2. A lot of people commenting on this post seem to ignore the fact that OP is talking about Official Servers. Should the title of this post be named differently? Probably, but use just a bit of your intelligence to realize OP is talking about Officials. Official Servers have in fact been declining over the years, via player count and server count. There is no arguing that.
  3. Genesis Recruiting (Have Discord) My tribe is Recruiting for official Ark Genesis servers on XBOX we are a very experienced tribe with about 20 active players. We are looking for new members if you're interested please contact me on Discord or Xbox. Must have a general idea how to play and be loyal. We are a family and would like everyone who joins to feel like they can join a tribe they will play with long term. Please contact me Discord - Yogurt#9732 Xbox - Z Yogurt
  4. Wildcard usually uses 10 am pst as standard time for doing all changes. Its time good for Europeans too - 19:00. Good for most of their customer's time.
  5. No, we have no information on it at the moment. Either it will be an expansion to Genesis as a whole(New creatures and biomes) or it will simply continue what we've accomplished on Genesis as opposed to being "chopped up" like the other maps are.
  6. I really wanted to find some use of the araneo so I thought it might be good for taming with the low damage slow. I tamed a lvl 30 for start. The first surprise was its stats. 102 hp and 220 stam. Okay, must put in the cryo and lvl these to keep it alive. I let the spider in the fridge for 2 day, she got some lvls to hp and stam. Let's tame a galli, perfect for testing the slow. Next surprise was its speed. I couldn't catch a walking gallimus. I tried and tried, but suddenly a megatherium rushed to me and killd my crawly spider with a single hit so i gave up.
  7. Right, i do. It would be a lie, if i would say, Ark has no issues etc. But i'm not complaing and crying...you see the diffence? I understand that you (and wait, i think we all) paid money for the game. Have you also played other games, which have a duration from 20-30 hours, and also have the same price? I think, you do and i also think you spend more then 30 hours in Ark... And of course they have to work on issues, but the devs arent work for free. Every company has fix costs. And there are so many video game developers, who sell additionally ingame currency to cover costs(i dont like that). So Wildcard brings out new content. Thats it. As long as I have fun, i'll play Ark. If I'm grumbling more then I have fun, well then nobody forces me to play it further. jm2c
  8. Amazing Music, + Amazing Picture, Im gonna wait for genesis and do a party at my house when it releases (my parents and me and all of my bros are ark fanatics.) Also ima prolly listen to this 24/7 Lmao, Keep Up The Amazing Work Cedric/Wildcard!!!
  9. omg its so unfair.... all of ark is unfair even with small tribes most play solo and wild card refuses to pt out solo duo servers just the way life is get over it
  10. Chris, y'all have not fixed the issue. We are paying for a server and not able to use it since the love update. Please tell me the bluescreen will end today with the update.
  11. But you do realise that the original timeframe was unfair to other part of the world? You cannot please everyone when you globally release the game/dlc/whatever. I live in Poland and it will be available at 1 AM, but I can't do nothing about it, nor you can. Chill out.
  12. I just purchased the Win10 PC version last night. My son had already bought the Xbox version a few weeks ago. He got the HLN-A skin almost immediately. When I made my purchase last night, I promptly booted up my Ark game on Win10, and did not see any sign that I had purchased the Genesis content (no HLN-A skin, nada). So, I clicked on the Genesis, "Get It Now," tab on the initial Ark menu screen, which took me back to the Microsoft store, where I had purchased the content previously. Here, I saw the option to download the game onto my PC, which I did. I believe the download is the skin, it's about ~8 Mb in total. Once that was done, THEN I was able to access the HLN-A skin in-game, confirming the install worked/content purchased. Now just got to sit back and wait for the big update today, if all goes as planned...
  13. is the addon releasing at the same time as EVO events?
  14. Again. US based company releasing their US developed game based on US time zones. Has always been this way. There is mo pleasing everyone as globally time zones are all different. If they tried to please UK then guess what? US or Asia is upset. So, US based company used US timezone as standard. Deal with it.
  15. Alright, going back to my origional response, I still dont think it was a bug, and that you were greifed. Try to recreate it in a singleplayer setting and see what happens.
  16. There is no limit to the duration u can imprison someone for.
  17. Anyone have any theories on what ark genesis part 2 is hello, i was wondering if any of you survivors had any theories i mean any on genesis part 2
  18. Lol you mention IT yourself.so that's how a game supposed to be for you? Losing stuff, lag etc. ? Yeah 5 years and still the same problems lol I Pay for the game so i have al the rights to complain. I bought a season pass that's worth nothing in the end. I took alot of breaks from ark Just to come back after a while and meet the same problems as before. Goodluck to you. I ain't buying Genesis. Most of the people they know this game is full of problems. I still love ark 2, but instead of focus on new content they should focus on fixing the old content first. I used to play ark on switch they never took any responsibilty for the problems on switch. All they do is point their fingers and say its not their problem. If i lost my stuff + time because it was my own mistake i could live with IT. But not if its something that couldve been fixed
  19. Agreed. Even if are not provided a timeline - at this point I would like to hear if they even have a direction to go in mind. I love primitive plus and would play it more if we had a idea as to its future. The last I read anything about it made me a bit hopeful that something would be done... But it has nearly a year, since something was said. Here is the discussion line that had been opened at that time. And below there is a separate suggestion that was made on the subject which actually works of one of the thoughts listed in the last;
  20. i still preodered tbh, i couldn't possibly make do with only videos, especially when it comes to seing stuff for the first time, i kinda would like to experience most things myself
  21. Is there any Thought of Reseting small tribes in the next year ? I was wondering if theres any chance we might get a full a reset to give everyone else and chance to get the bareing in small tribes Now alot of meshing and gliching has been fixed It would be a good time its the last yesr of ark one and it would give game pass palyers a shot to get island maps and what not.
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