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  2. BlueGreebs

    Water bosses

    It would be cool if some water bosses were added it could be something like a kraken or sea serpent. But if they added a underwater boss they could add a type of dinosaur with it for people to breed for the boss fights but the new dino would be aquatic and it could basically be the rex of the sea
  3. jamescoolcrafter15

    Oceania ideas and brainstorm

    I just cleared all of my messages.
  4. d1nk

    Tame Roulette

    You? A spino?? Re-roll!
  5. d1nk

    Theft from Tek Dedicated Storage

    This is why we cant have nice things.
  6. Kodking194

    Oceania ideas and brainstorm

    hey james you still here if so plz go check ou the discord also empty your message storage on here i have been trying to message you
  7. jamescoolcrafter15

    Oceania ideas and brainstorm

    Also, rocket raptor I will need your email to add you to the google document.
  8. Well I didn't know that for saddles, but now I m glad because I trade some 124 for lower ones. I was aware of cap but didn't know how high it is.
  9. When standing on a foundation for a long period of time (5-10 mins waiting on the sun to come up) you become stuck in the foundation. You all of a sudden shoot down like you're crouching, but you are actually in the foundation. Took some wiggling to get out and contemplated destroying the foundation.
  10. jamescoolcrafter15

    Oceania ideas and brainstorm

    What's going on? Did you like message wildcard or something and you're mad?
  11. Krazeehhh

    Wipe Official Servers

    I have 6.5k hours on official pvp, does that make me new? I would love a wipe. Im in one of the biggest tribes on PC PvP
  12. Lucasthogode

    Need Ark friends (XBOX)

    Hey everybody, I'm really Into Ark but my other friends dont play. I have my own dedicated server and such so if anybody wants to join up and play with me friend me on xbox :TirelessCap958
  13. DaGoodNamesWereTaken

    Can you clone baby dinos?

    I dunno about cloning babies but you cant imp clones. They have 0 imp, a simple search could have netted you this info. You must have never cloned a thing in your life, make a cloner in single player and test.
  14. GrumpyBear

    Theft from Tek Dedicated Storage

    LAst I heard they were bugged. Locked or not, non-allied can withdraw from a tek storage.
  15. Kodking194

    Ocean Map DLC

    nice i am working on a huge post with stuff that was confirmed that will just correct and add a few things that you might have forgotten
  16. DaGoodNamesWereTaken

    Theft from Tek Dedicated Storage

    I believe I read somewhere tek storage boxes cannot be locked. Best bet is to put them in a locked room and not have them freely in the open. Make sure there is no cracks, or open areas someone can sneak into.
  17. Aushegun

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    PS4 - Ragnarok - Crazy Boosted German Server Long story short .... last night while grabbing Ice cave drops, I decide to look for event wyvern eggs. Take best Ptera w/ ASC saddle. Go to Wyver scar, steal level 360 Poison egg, kiting away a dozen wyverns Go back and get a level 310 Lightning from a gorgeous yellow, white and Royal blue parent!, kite away dozen more wyverns. Go back AGAIN, and get a level 310 Poison from a hot pink and red with neon blue parent, kite away a few more wyverns. I then decide that I should transfer the eggs to my Ptera 😖 Decide to get greedy as I REALLY want a Fire Wyvern ... (dum dum dummmmmmmmmmmm) see no wyverns, swoop in and am grabbing a level 170 Fire wyvern egg; when a a trio of wyverns attack out of nowhere, and I cannot get on my Ptera, I can see it, but I cannot activate the button to jump on. I'm in flames, Pteras in flames, and then I get bumped by the wyverns and I fall to the bottom of the scar. somehow I survived! but barely. I start running to find a hiding spot, while whistling follow me to my ptera. But my Ptera is nowhere to be found. Soon, I become a wyvern snack, courtesy of a level 360 Poison. Spawn all the way back at base in upper hidana.... grab back up armor, and jump on Mr. Yuck my Poison wyvern. We find my body bag, and end up grabbing 3 more eggs, but all lower levels, and we never found my ptera. No death message, but I cannot find him. So I lost those event colored good eggs.
  18. SavagelyChill

    Let's Remove the Lag by applying an unCryoed limit

    no u miss-understand me what I'm think about is an additional count looking something like this in a char inv ( uncryoed limit 0/250 limit 0/500 or 1000 ) then all those tribe that have everything out will have no choice but to cryo there dino because once that limit is reached they cant uncryo anymore.
  19. Scorpio1101

    Prim plus plant species z fix

    I don’t know if other people are having this problem but I can’t grow plant species z on prim plus and it makes abbration a lot harder because the nameless keep showing up and attacking me when my shine horn runs out
  20. shiny

    Resetting armour and weapons values

    https://ark.gamepedia.com/Blueprints Read the "Maximum armor and damage" part. The above is relevant only if you're on official or your private server has those set. Basically anything above those values gets reset back on every server restart.
  21. Aushegun

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Sorry to hear that man .... keep plugging away. My current job I found via my Mom's husband. He was a university professor, and he still likes to help his old students when they are job hunting. While looking for someone else, he came across a job, and thought of me instead. Bang, Boom I got a job. My point being, keep the faith, you never know when a great job will just pop up! (I think Calgary needs a goaltender?) 😜
  22. shiny

    RTX 2080 BSOD in Ark

    Terrain Shadows on Low = stable game. Kinda sux, when i have a 2080, but what to do ;(
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