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  2. What is your steam name: 123 what timezone are you in: GMT+1 What is your Discord #ID?: Leached#5100 how old are you?: 17 do you have experience? (don't need a lot): 264 hours but have watched a lot of videos, dont really know what defines "experience", (mostly played unofficial but want to start playing official) how active can you be per day? (1-2 hours minimum): 3+ hours a day
  3. It's not a matter of being selfish or not. Some of us have been playing the game and supporting it since 2015 (EA stages) and spent upwards to 10k hours into it. Sadly, WC has the really bad habit of overhyping their playerbase as well as failing to meet just about every single time commitment they take. Highly frustrating as being a dev myself to see how they handle things sometimes...
  4. Just be patient. I can already imagine all the angry posts because of some bugs that will appear - like in all the other DLCs. I just want a trailer and a pretty finished DLC, even if it has some minor problems - unlike Extinction.
  5. i dont care for someone look at asian they have to wait longer this is the only game i found that their release date are screwd
  6. Why bother with wood when you can directly harvest charcoal from carbonized trees. All your ammo/explosives needs are easily filled.
  7. Yep, I breed Carbonemys for Squid-taming as well! And Pegos are useful if you hate them with a passion and built a sacrifice-pit filled with aggressive creatures where you throw the Pegos in. So much fun to watch those bast**ds dying! The Pachycephalosaurus is really really useless, same goes for Kentros after they got nerfed. Araneos, Scorpions, Bats, Archaeopteryx and Eels suck as well. What I really want is a TLC for one of my favorite creatures: the Terror Bird! It's so much fun running around but almost every stat sucks...
  8. Before it was delayed by 6 hours you realise somewhere in the world it was going to release at 12am right? It seems selfish because it is, although it is understandable that you may be frustrated because you are personal impacted by it. But still, looking at the bigger picture, there's always going to be countries that get poor timings due to simultaneous releases.
  9. Holy poop guys seriously. You need to seek Help. A professional help. Mimiminimi its so late in my Country when Genesis releases. Mimimimi I want a reason for that mimimi Oh my god it is so raptoring insane and sick to read how addicted you guys are. Seek help seriously. It releases when Wildcard releases it. Deal the raptor with the raptoring time. And if you gotta work or schon then play it After. You will continue to live I promise. If I were a Wildcard employee I would pick all of your pussy crying mimimi Accounts and put a +5 hours wait Buff on them. In my Country it is 1 am when it is released. I am still happy and so Looking forward to it. Something you 24/7 complaining, crying no life Bobs like the dude in the First post should do. At least some got brains here and a life
  10. I won't believe it until it's actually released. - Aberration was delayed multiple times (still the best release so far). - Extinction was delayed as well (miserable mess on day 1 with all the exploits and broken features). - Genesis delayed at least 2 times and yet any word on it since the 14th.
  11. Honestly, Daeodon. They're utility is obviously undeniable, but it's also so damn buggy. They use their healing whenever they can, and the option that says no passive healing doesn't seem to work at all. They also drain food so quickly, and take so much to eat that it almost isn't worth it. Compared to the Snow Owl, the Daeodon is really subpar in terms of healing output and sustainability. Needs a look. Enforcers. Such a cool looking tame, but they're stats are awful. Sure, they do bonus damage to Corrupt creatures, but my Rex does more damage anyways, doesn't require some antiquated energy source, and is effective against every threat. The Enforcer feels like a Drake who was almost killed in an explosion, but was brought back with the worst cybernetics available. The ability to climb like the Drake and Megalania(Without teleporting) would be a nice QoL. Better stats or an armor option would also make them better. Maybe make their damage bonus extend to all Aggressive threats to play into their enforcing role. Kaprosuchus. They're just... ugh. Low stats across the board, terrible utility, and an annoyance in the wild. They're missing something critical, but I can't pinpoint it. They're health is terrible, but they aren't a glass cannon(No high damage to make up for lack of health). Liopleurodon. I so desperately wanted the Liopleurodon in the game. A powerful glass cannon ambush predator, probably with half the health of the Mosa but twice the damage. A real threat if you get caught off guard. What we got is a joke. This is easily the WORST mount in the game. I get more use out of Araneos and Electrophorus than this swimming turd. They're loot buff was never hinted at in the original dossier, and it was a punch in the gut to see this was a limited time tame. If there's any creature that NEEDS a TLC of any kind, it will always be the Liopluerodon. I wouldn't mind if an actual usable Lio and the one we have both existed, kind of like a tamable Alpha variant, just something. Lymantria are also useless. No self defense attack(Even the Gasbag has one, come on), and almost no utility aside from it's ability to eat Veggie Cakes for Sky Turret Tanking. Megalania. After the Thyla's absolutely flawless implementation(I mean come on, Thyla's are incredible), I thought their counterpart--- the Megalania--- would be just as good, if a little slower. That is not the case. Megalania are horridly bad mounts. They have poop for all stats, terrible movement speed, are a pain to find in the wild, and do nothing useful for anyone. They look cool, that's it. The Thyla was made huge and fearsome for Ark, why is the Megalania so puny and weak. You could say it's because they live in caves, but the Megalo refutes all of that by being as strong as a Rex despite being the size of a Carno. Terribly disappointing. Onyc. Not much to be said about these guys. They're kinda just worse Dimorphodon's. Oviraptor, does they're egg effect(Mentioned in dossier) even work? They don't have to be amazing, but make them seek out and pick up eggs or something. That'd make them awesome in bases. Pachys have always been lackluster mounts. They exist to be bullied by Raptors. A size change and stat buff would do really well for them, as would the ability to damage stone. Pachyrhinos are also really weird. Sure, they have the Pheromone clouds, but those honestly suck in just about every regard. They aren't really strong, so why would you want every creature in the area attacking you(It also doesn't agro every creature, so even more useless tbh). The calming cloud is alright, but it's ineffectiveness against larger predators really inhibits it's usefulness. The Pelagornis could have been such an awesome mount, but they're the second worst flyer in the game. I thought these would be a cool alternative to the Argy for more travel based purposes, but I was sorely wrong. At least you can fish from them. The Giga. Yes, I know the Giga isn't a bad creature per-say. But it's such an archaic piece of Ark's history. Their design(Both model and gameplay wise) is terrible. I personally like how strong they are, and their rage mechanic, but it has been tweaked so much over time that I think they need a makeover. First, I'd make them around the size of a Rex, if maybe marginally bigger.
  12. I play on a PvE unofficial cluster, with Plant X Turrets in beaver dams as loot. The turrets are buffed big time, and will kill a corrupted Giga in 3 shots or less. So I use about a dozen total, and my base is safe. It really helps reduce lag, as there is no need for everyone to have huge gate enclosures around their base.
  13. Nice story you made up there bro. Take a look at your profile, it says you have received 28 facepalm reactions in total on all of your posts. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/profile/860718-slejo/reputation/ Dig a little further and the total count from myself is 1 and the total count from Joe is 1. So yeah nice made up facts there fella.
  14. Falconermx

    EXT 458

    EXT 458 Whats wrong with na 458? why is been down for a few days? and now it ask for password?
  15. I believe something was done last month about inactive player bodies being wiped. SO time to start over.
  16. Find a new server. If they already kicked you from the tribe, then you will have to grind anyway to start over.
  17. do you agree with european times ???? this is unfair for europe ??? this favors the unemployed .... SAD for them !!
  18. @Joebl0w13 - do you have some kind of automated facepalm for your favourite users? I got one from you 2 seconds after i posted my message.
  19. You'd probably get more help posting this in the correct section. Are you PC (which operating system?) or console? (which one?) Details help!
  20. I have noticed it too. Most of facepalms i have taken from are made by Volunteer Mods - @GP, @Joebl0w13 Here at FORUMS is a terrible approach to the client. Embarrassing behavior towards us. We love ark, but we are not foolish and do not bow humbly when we see a lot of errors and glithes and weak customer support service of their beloved game.
  21. SOY DE ARGENTINA EN AGLUN PAIS YA SALIO GENESIS Aqui en Argentina no salio genesis en algun pais ya salio? avisen please si sbaen la hora
  22. Single player settings help needed When I try to play a single player rag map I'm running into multiple issues. I can't figure out how to make the supply drops drop. Then I recently discovered there were absolutely no wyverns spawning. How do I fix this?
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