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  1. So what is up with the Ark Switch version? It doesn't have access to any of the DLC or any maps. Shouldn't they just make the Ark Mobile game compatible with the switch? Also it never gets updated. I would really love to get the game for the switch for portability. And really I don't play the phone game because I'd rather have a bigger screen and a controller.
  2. Yeah I can see why it seemed like a pretty anti-climatic map. I really enjoy the map for base building. I do kinda miss good ole Ragnarok though. Ragnarok was my all-time favorite map until CI came out. Mostly because of how beautiful the map is.
  3. Good luck! Im thinking of trying stegos. They'll be getting some TLC and theyre pretty tough. Mostly for s**** and giggles
  4. Good Afternoon! I'm SwiftHawk of the tribe, ~The Roost~. I play on a beautiful unofficial PVE cluster called Jurassic Ark. I main on Crystal Isles. I play official and unofficial. Recently I ventured to Genesis to tame a couple of the blue-eyed demons called X-yutyrannus. These guys are much stronger than my line of normal yutyrannus. The first one (140 Female) I led into a trap. She almost murdered my yuty I was riding. I saw that as proof that I for sure needed her and her 145 mate. I had to rest after taming her. My mount, Hawk, had only 1/4 of his health left. After a while I started searc
  5. When can we buy this again? I want it so bad it hurts lol
  6. I had a similar problem happen to me. I agree we shouldnt have to feel scared to transfer. I was transferring back to my base on Crystal Isles 839 when some stupid poop happened. I transferred in no problems but then before my server saved, it crashed and kicked everyone out. After the server was back up I transferred in and got the respawn screen only I couldnt find my beds and I did not have what I was carrying before I transferred. So I spawned in a random location and found I was kicked out of my tribe! I was crying lol I was so pissed. This was really bad because I play solo lol. I tried
  7. Idk. I hope so. I restarted playing official PVE a few weeks ago and progress is slow lol At least I have an anky now though.
  8. I really would love the option to lovingly pet my dino as I would my own dog. I know it seems silly but I would like it to appeal to the immersion of game play. I love to role play in game and I feel like it would add to the grand splendor of the game. I raise birds in the game and I'd love to hug my argies sometimes you know? I love my borbs.
  9. MTG Box for Nya Aggro Dinosaur Deck I’ll go ahead and list what cards are in my deck too. ? Creatures: (26) 2 Polyraptor 4 Ghalta, Primal Hunger 3 Regisaur Alpha 2 Gishath, Sun’s Avatar 2 Carnage Tyrant 3 Shifting Ceratops 4 Marauding Raptor 4 Kinjalli’s Sunwing 2 Otepec Huntmaster Planes walkers: (2) 2 Huatli, Warrior Poet Sorcery/Instants: (8) 4 Savage Stomp 4 Commune with Dinosaurs Lands: (24) 4 Sunpetal Grove 4 Clifftop Retreat 4 Rootbound Crag 1 Stomping Grounds
  10. So when is the TLC update supposed to happen? And can you give us any information about it! Thanks in advance!
  11. Me and my Best Friend I drew this inspired by my love for raising Argentavis
  12. Thank you all for your replies. I just hope they support the switch more soon I love playing on my switch.
  13. Switch Version I was thinking about buying the switch version of Ark because i don't really like the mobile version and I really want a portable version of ark. What's the difference between the switch version and the PC version? Does it really use the old kibbles? What kind of bugs are yall having to face? and what is the community like online PVE? Thank you for your time. ^-^
  14. The Origin of the Arks? So I was telling my husband (who’s never played ark) about how I’m not really sure if its aliens or what that puts you on the arks. I showed him what Rockwell Overseer looks like since he looks pretty alien XD. He has an interesting theory: “In ark the Rockwell overseer looks like roots and it made me think what if earth became self aware and had remembered everything that humans created. If the earth could will itself to more any part of itself and knew how to build by watching humans. If the earth could build on a grand scale and move materials from one part
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