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  1. HEY if anyone is scrolling I'm looking for someone to play with on ps4. But I need someone close to my age (21) so if you are please hit me up. I really want an Ark friend
  2. Hey I'm trying to get a group of people together for a tribe
  3. Hey, I'm 21 and play on ps4. I'm here to look for friends to play with closer to my age I'm hoping to join or start a group with others who also love the game and can play relatively actively. If you are interested please reply below. Also please be 18+
  4. Not sure if you were talking to me or them but just "Footpace" doesn’t come up. Is that just a part of it? Edit: I raptoring read it wrong Edit 2: wow they censor swear words with dinos
  5. Hello, I am 21 on ps4 and also looking to join/make a tribe. I haven't had the game for long but I have learned quickly so far and really want to learn more, but sadly I dont know anyone advanced who can teach me. Also I do have a mic. Anyway, I am interested in in joining. Please message me if you would like to add me
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