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  1. Big part of breeding/imprinting is setting up the infrastructure too. Having a dedicated breeding/nursery area is what I do. With the imprinting kibble, its based on the old kibble tree system. There are like 15 different kibbles the babies will request. Ankylo, Carb, dilo, dime, dimorph, dodo, galli, lystro, pachy, parasaur, pteradon, raptor, stego, terror bird, trike. Biggest pain is the dimetrodon and dimorph eggs. Protip 1: Download dododex to see what kibble goes to what and how to make it. Protip 2: Have 2-3 kibble of each variety ready BEFORE your baby comes out. You could ge
  2. another tip is don't derender the area. They could glitch out of a 1x1 if they load in before the structure does.
  3. My main breeding pen is made from stone like a 6x8 w/ dino gate. Two raptors will fit in a 1x1 which I normally make out of thatch as a temp in my pen. I build it around them. They need to be within or around 1x1 foundation for the breeding to hold. If they are glitching out of it for you on official. Try these options. 1) Enable wandering on both and just stand there whistling "stop all" until mating is done, and then disable wandering and wait for egg. 2) Utilize the pheromone from the store. That will normally get a fert egg before they start wandering off. Give pheromone
  4. What kind of numbers were you getting with the Ascendant Compound Bow?
  5. Not really a problem, as it is a function. Unfortunately if you die so does the baby. Radiation also kills the baby.
  6. +1 for fire wyvren. Second choice would be a griffin or owl.
  7. Make sure to destroy unwanted low level eggs and don't just toss them on the ground. Eating all the eggs will promote new spawns when you renter the area.
  8. You're not being stupid. You can't upload from drops on single player. You'll have to use a Tek Transmitter, or survive long enough to get to an ob on the surface.
  9. Recoil


    Do you play official or single player, OP?
  10. I had to check single player settings and the values aren't making sense for all creatures and def. not for flyers. I believe base stam on flyers is higher naturally on mobile than vanilla.
  11. This is a bug that is related to the culbi multis or however its spelt. Jellyfish boss in the dungeons. Your food drains instead of your oxygen. Make sure you are running the most recent version. I agree it is def. annoying to deal with. I had it and it was fixed after a patch. I just avoid doing that boss. Is that how you got it?
  12. What time is this announcement dropping? My guess is the "big announcement" is just simply dates for Gen II and that it will be the biggest map or most ambitious project yet.
  13. What kind of armor values were you getting for the argie saddle?
  14. Mobile didn’t get the same TLC as vanilla if that’s what you’re asking.
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