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  1. Are blueprints limited on Ark Mobile? Are blueprints limited to a certain number of crafts?
  2. Does the chest piece drop higher than primitive? you make it look easy, but is this boss hard in your opinion? Looks like if you aren’t careful you get pushed into the lava.
  3. Recoil

    Alpha Raptor

    If you can’t kill it, I’d recommend just kiting it away. Drop all your gear and go on foot. Agro it and lead it to a safer location. Preferably at a lower elevation/stuck in a natural boundary. You will die several times so don’t bring tames or gear. If you can afford the slots you’d be surprised what some low level trikes on aggressive can do.
  4. Thank you Xaos for doing this every week. Seldom said but greatly appreciated.
  5. Is the boss still bugged where food goes down underwater and not O2? My character is still bugged. Why hasn’t this been fixed yet?
  6. Troodon taming single player Troodon taming in single player is a bear. So far a 263 Rex can instant tame a 150 troodon, but inflicting torpor literally takes hours. Mine are 26k torpor. There has to be a better way than force feeding narcotics. anyone have advice for single player, and or what level spino is needed for a 150 troodon. I heard spinos are the best bang for the buck. I may use the baby method but I’ve found that to be finicky on official.
  7. Do the tek pieces drop as journeyman?
  8. Recoil


    If you are still using the same user ID, I'd imagine if you hit "restore purchases" it may give you the premium items. They are tied to your account not the survivor. IIRC.
  9. Recoil

    Breeding eerie dinos

    I can now confirm a random mutation being a non eerie baby. Finally got my normal jerboa
  10. Recoil

    Breeding eerie dinos

    Both parents need to be eerie. Mixing will always result in non eerie baby. I read that very rarely, two eerie parents will have a non-eerie baby mutation. I’m trying for that now with jerboas. Just not a fan. If they were more like aberrant, that’d be cool.
  11. Food stat bugged underwater Under water my oxygen stat doesn’t go down but my food stat goes down rapidly, like they are reversed. Anyone have the same issue?
  12. Recoil

    Plant species Y

    Plant species Y Is this a thing in ark mobile? If so where is it found?
  13. Never mind. I think there was maintenance going on. New cave added. Jerboas!
  14. Dungeons not working? I just completed a dungeon and went back to do another run. I hit access dungeons and under the pop up where it says available dungeons it’s blank. I reloaded a cloud save from before my last run but it’s doing the same thing. Even tried a different obelisk
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