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  1. To chat or not to chat

    lol yeah it seems to be that way but to be honest, it was a big French tribe that wiped us in the end and a French tribe who was our original server's first alpha (from PC) when we started on PS4, but they got really cocky and put turrets on the volcano so everyone got together to wipe them out and then the server had a bunch of tribes who all got along, ranging from American, British, Greek and German. Some Spanish were okay but French really have a problem with us as well.
  2. What sums up Ark for you?

    That will be because you're caught up in a dupe server, unfortunately. My friends and 3 tribes from my alliance used to do it on Legacy servers before the new official servers were released. They even gave us 20 tek behemoth gates to plonk around our perimeter. Without describing too much detail about how it's done, they basically use other servers (that aren't their home server) to crash them, forcing a rollback. It became a meme because whenever we had lag in our server, people would say "Who's duping?" even though our server wasn't used as a "crash server" despite it being DDoS attacked every now and then. Popular tribes on legacy were known for being exposed on YouTube for it, after months of them coming across as "powerful" server raiders not to be messed with. This is why we all abandoned legacy. About 20-30 of us moved to the new official servers because we didn't want to be caught up in any more duping drama.
  3. Why no 2x raising?

    Honestly would love it if they just made x2 (technically x4) for gathering and taming and x2 for breeding permanently on PvP servers. Why only PvP servers? because they're designed to flow from bases/structures being built, to being destroyed. Same with tames, even though they die on PvE just as often but obviously not more than on PvP servers. We lost 185 tames in one night a few months ago.
  4. To chat or not to chat

    This is what me and a friend done when we first started Ark when it came out on PS4 and we got far over 7 months. I tried it on Ragnarok though, on about 6 different servers (on the new official servers) and it didn't go well at all... there's lots of Spanish tribes on there now who don't really know English/Dislike English players, not being a xenophobe or nationalist, I'm just stating facts from my POV. Of course not all Spanish tribes are bad, but most of them don't like talking to you or seeing you type in global chat unless you're Spanish/speaking Spanish.
  5. Official Server Gathering Rates lol

    Yep but it's barely noticeable with the method I used. I killed 5 different Brontos all around 50-140 and they still give similar amounts of meat, but I just think it's weird how a Phioma can give more meat than a Bronto. Imagine it in a realistic way... it's crazy
  6. Official Server Gathering Rates lol

    Even with a giga I'm sure you'd get similar results, more meat from a Phioma than a Bronto or Diplo, most likely. Yes but on official PvP servers it has never made sense to me why the grind is the same as PvE servers, since it really slows down action and the flow of PvP because everyone has to grind for weeks/months to progress enough for actual fun PvP.
  7. I've always wondered about the logic behind the gathering rates when it comes to farming stone, wood, metal, raw meat, etc. I'll give you an example of a little test I've just done, using a wyvern (not imprinted to me) with 320% melee damage, even though none of that matters when it comes to logic I'm about to show. Raw Meat Gains (Normal Official Server Rates) Rex: 54 Raptor: 29 Argy: 56 Parasaur: 38 Stego: 44 Scorpion: 26 Phioma: 58 Sabertooth: 24 Bronto: 48 Diplo: 42 That's the amount of raw meat harvested with a wyvern. What confuses me, is why in the world do we harvest more meat from a PHIOMA than a BRONTO, Diplo and Rex while they're completely huge in comparison and would obviously have more meat on them? And look at that, an Argy apparently has more meat than a Dilpo and Bronto... I wonder where all of the Argy's meat is hidden? because it sure isn't anywhere near the same size as those other kind of dinos. Trees 26 Wood from a tall, thick tree trunk, using a metal hatchet. Sure, I can use a chainsaw, a beaver, a Theri, but it's just funny how a tree that size yields barely any wood. Don't get me started on those massive rocks you see which give you about 16-50 stone using a metal hatchet, then the little rocks next to it give similar/if not more. I just mined a metal node (not the golden raw metal ones, the stoney-looking metal nodes) and got 10 Metal. Okay, maybe that was just that rock, it may have been previously hit by somebody? I mined another near it and that one gave me 18, using a 202% metal pickaxe*. Yes, again, I can use an Anky to get more, but it still makes me laugh how dependent this game is on dinos when most players who're new to Ark or new to a server, will spend a lot of time, if not all of their time progressing with tools. Especially on PvP servers where it's difficult to have the right tames for the job because of how hostile they are. It's this kind of logic which makes no sense to me even though it's not real, the rates are all messed up, and I believe if official PvP servers were to ever be successful with a nice flow between players gathering and taming more frequently with higher rates, instead of depending on bonus weekends, then the rates would need some drastic improvements.
  8. Indeed... all of that you mentioned is what I love about Ark PvP, but it's not at all "realistic" to pull off on official due to the immense grind, like you said.
  9. I thought it was a good time to make this topic after my... 11th? "hidden" base was destroyed all while I was offline, on at least 6 different rag servers. I even joined my friend's server who are alphas and I told them, I enjoy solo/small tribe play a lot and I like building, I like occasional small-scale PvP, so I allied with them and they gave me a wyvern. I'd fly around collecting resources and scouting building locations, found one hidden between two cliffs all the way next to the map's barrier, south east Ragnarok. Didn't last long... Unfortunately the bonus event weekend had just ended so I was left to farm with a primitive hatchet and a mastercraft pickaxe. Even with metal tools, gathering rates are so bad... huge, thick trees gave me 16-40 wood and a giant rock would only give like 20 stone. It's even funnier when you kill a massive bronto for 60 raw meat... I know there's a ton of farming tames and tools like a chainsaw, but even with the wyvern I'd still get similar/same meat gathered anyway. Took me a few days to get a litttle hidden base going with all of the usual stuff, turrets, etc. Always the same situation... you log off for the night thinking "will all of this still be here tomorrow?" and of course it isn't. Twice in a row, even after the alphas stated in global that I was their ally. TLDR: I ended up just joining the alpha instead. (30+ member tribe) This game is so anti-solo/small tribe and yes on legacy servers back when I first started, we were a tribe of 3 who succeeded very well over 7 months and made friends, etc. Now that everyone is pretty much familiar with Ark on console, it's not a good place at all for anybody who doesn't know somebody in an alpha tribe.
  10. I wish you both good luck in your search for a narcissist-free server, whether that be PvP or PvE.
  11. I strongly advise you to not bother even playing on any official PvP server as a solo player/small tribe. Just don't bother. Save yourself the time and energy. There's too much grinding and effort involved. Ark's focus is extremely heavy on big tribes when it comes to almost everything. You can waste a week building "hidden" even on a huge map like Ragnarok, playing smartly, farming all of that metal to smelt it simultaneously in a few forges while risking yourself and your tame (if you have tamed anything by then) to farm the rare resources to make a fab, generator, cables, outlet, gasoline, turrets and then ammo, after spending maybe 15+ hours in that 1 day just farming and then the alpha/local tribes of the server will find your base while you're offline (it's always while you're offline), soak your turrets and wipe you for everything you've got, leaving you back at square one and then you can either join the big tribes and PvE (tame, raise dinos, build, help allies out, do boss battles, caves, bla bla) or stay solo/small and question why you're even playing Ark because as a solo/small tribe, you're going nowhere. If you do get anywhere, you're lucky/are great friends with the alpha. That is all.
  12. Bulding a Base with 4 Walls

    If people successfully get to your base by bypassing/draining turrets, they're going to have enough C4 to blow through all layers, and especially if the foundations are exposed. I personally just prefer 2 walls thick... it's all about turret density and positioning. Especially now that people soak on stegos, you want to have turret towers supporting each other.
  13. Screw Tek, seriously. It's an absolute joke, a gimmick. It's only ever used on PvE servers, Single Player/Unofficial/Non-Dedicated and duped like crazy on Legacy PvP servers.
  14. Disgusted and Discouraged!

    It still sucks though, especially on PvP servers. It makes no sense whatsoever. With the bonus weekends to gathering, taming and breeding, the game feels playable and you can actually make progress at a nice pace, but once it's over, it's like... why even bother logging in?