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  1. Screw This.

    My Mosa that I've had for 2 weeks (tamed with a saddle on it) just TURNED INTO A WILD MOSA and started attacking me. GG WildCard (I am on PS4, when I clicked the PS4 button to go to messsages (it keeps the game running/on/logged in, etc) 1 minute later, my Mosa changed into a Wild Mosa. I was inside an empty underwater cave when it happened, near blue Ob. (No wild dinos spawn in there FYI) Then, my ally's giga fell under the map. 98% imprinted, mutated giga gone, poof. Not wasting ANY more time on official taming and breeding.
  2. Griffin Balance

    When I first saw this topic I will admit, I was sceptical, because I personally didn't have enough experience with/seeing Griffins in PvP but now after being involved in a 3 day raid defense and before that, witnessing small skirmishes and 'pick wars' I can now confidently say that Griffins definitely need a nerf. At least a big health nerf!
  3. I think it's safe to say that this is probably the biggest PvP meat run in Ark's history on official servers, or maybe there was bigger on PC? but either way, this is insane!
  4. Auto-Decay Prevention?

    Hmmm alright, thanks everyone! Personally I think it doesn't make sense for auto-decay to exist on PvP servers. Not sure what kind of logic they tried applying to that decision. I hadn't visited my griffin trap for over a week because I was busy building and grinding for turrets and bullets, etc. Ah well... guess I'll stick to a different kind of build to trap griffins in, which hopefully doesn't decay. The griffin trap benefited the whole server as I left the gates unlocked for all to use.
  5. Serious Qeustion...

    Are you on console too? and tbh I'll try playing with motion blur off to see if I notice any difference but the kind of lag I'm talking about here is the most extreme, when a large raid is going on and there's usually 1-5 FPS which is just absolutely terrible, like playing a slideshow, YET these certain megatribes can still operate fine and move around killing everything through this crazy lag while on the same console as the victims. It baffles me lol
  6. Hi. So I play on official pvp and I've noticed that the PvE auto-decay timer effects us now too, which is fine, but I'm confused. What exactly needs to be connected to/by Dinosaur Gates so that they don't auto-decay? for example, I put down 6 stone Dino gates in a row with doors on either end (typical Griffin trap) and after about a week, it all auto-destroyed. I looked at other traps and theirs hasn't, but I haven't noticed that they've done anything special to keep theirs in place? Also, how do you prevent a pillar from auto-decaying now? thank you in advance.
  7. Serious Qeustion...

    Well as far as I'm aware, the PS4 has a built in recording feature that nearly everyone uses and it only records exactly what's going on in the game, even when it lags or drops frame rates and the player disconnects, etc, so the raider and the victim on PS4 are having the same experience, or should be having the same experience since whenever the server lags, everybody in the server experiences it, obviously apart from individual base/area FPS lag. On these megatribe raid videos, they aren't lagging like the victims defending, and they're literally on the same rigs. Even if the raiders had a different and better way to record their footage, it would still show them lagging, but in one particular raid, the victims of a tribe couldn't even close their main gate because they were frozen still with about 1 FPS as the raiders pushed to and through their base's open doors while meat-running everything with gigas. These raiders are using SOMETHING to avoid lagging as much as anybody, and forcing their way into servers 140/70 cap. WildCard seriously need to look into that, any player above the 70 cap shouldn't be allowed to connect regardless, it's unfair because these megatribes WILL use that cap exploit to their advantage when wiping servers.
  8. Serious Qeustion...

    They're all on PS4's though.
  9. Spartans quit ark

    Well, no offence but I'm glad megatribes are quitting. I hope more do too! Ark PvP is in such a bad state because of them.
  10. Serious Qeustion...

    How come when a megatribe on PS4 wants to wipe a server, they can force the server cap to 140/70 and then usually they themselves aren't lagging at all (because their videos are all over YouTube) but as soon as you see the victim's POV (video,) they can't even move due to the lag. Why is that, WildCard? I honestly don't understand how they're allowed to do it, and they do it often.
  11. Players refusing to play on Rag Map

    We're on Official PvP Ragnarok, PS4, and it's the most laggiest map ever. Everything stopping for 10-20 seconds then rolling back, rubber-banding, disconnects, you name it. Every single day. Doesn't matter if 10, 30, or 60 players are online. Our friends are so fed up that they're leaving and going back to the Island. Ragnarok is such an awesome map but it's broken. There's even lots of under-mapping spots.
  12. Does the Quetzal need some love?

    I only ever use a Quetz for Anky metal runs and carrying heavy stuff. I wouldn't dare use one for PvP, even with mini-guns mounted. They're too slow. I wish they got at least a 10% speed increase.
  13. Wall Stacking

    It's pretty pointless. If you're going to stack any walls and doors, do at least 2 to save materials because once raiders are at your walls, it's game over, unfortunately. Any raider(s) intending on raiding a base will go through the lengths of blasting each wall after bypassing/draining turrets, so even if you stacked 5 metal walls together, they'll still blast through them all especially thanks to splash damage, because WildCard think bases should solely rely on turrets, (and heavy turrets) dinos and (usually unlikely) players actively defending/online at the time. C4 is overpowered, but no one will agree because they love being able to easily raid and blow up everything to the point where they're wiping every last foundation of a large metal base. Buff structures and stop using Tek's focus point as an excuse to not balance anything under Tek tier.
  14. Hey. Could someone please help me 

  15. inposible to defend

    Your base looks way too big! not surprised, sorry... Where's the re-worked kibble system WC spoke about? it's annoying having so many dinos collecting dust in our bases just for their eggs to imprint. That's a big cause of lag too, not just turrets and huge bases.