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  1. Crows

    Don't Bother Playing Aberration (PvP)

    I'm saying don't bother, as in don't waste your time (figure of speech) not "DON'T PLAY IT!" like as if that would have any impact anyway, everyone's experiences differ on the game but I'm still sticking with "don't bother." Aberration or not, if players want to continue playing Ark then go ahead and have a blast, I sure made some good memories from the game but I won't ever be going back to it unfortunately. My only drive and intentions to play Ark were on official PvP servers only, and so I stuck with them since I started. On top of all of the bugs, imbalance and obvious flaws, WildCard (and you lot) think it's all great though. Look at the trailers for new maps which showcase unrealistic PvP battles/raids which could only ever be achieved on unofficial servers with some planning. The reality of official PvP servers is basically, in a nutshell; a sociopath's wet dream. It does nothing good for the human psyche. People's true colours show on official PvP ark - it's like a personality test rather than a game. I lost countless friends over the 1+ year and when it all comes down to it, it's all for nothing. So much for a game where you can spend months building up only for it vanish just like that, and for what? to satisfy someone else's ego. You can say "that's Ark!" yeah, but it will only continue going downhill regardless of all of the fancy new updates, creatures, maps, etc.
  2. Crows

    Reasons to buy Aberration

    Not worth it if you plan to play on official PvP servers. Wild Plant Z healing = bye bye your base regardless of size and turret density.
  3. Crows

    Don't Bother Playing Aberration (PvP)

    I was online. I already "literally" gave you the reason - Wild Plant Z, specifically. There are 4 plants by where our base was located and the closest one to our base had a turret tower over it which got easily soaked because they placed their Tek forcefield right next to it. We also tried killing their Paracer while it sat on the heal plant and it wasn't enough. Not even 6 C4s (I got attacked by their Reaper) tickled its health as it quickly healed out of its bloody state within seconds. Regardless of the possibilities and odds and situation, they are overpowered. Simple as. I didn't say we had a problem getting pearls, I merely complained about how infested the blue pearl lakes are. We farmed 10k+ pearls in between our Angler's constantly dying to bugs(?) but it eventually got tedious. 2 man tribe. Thanks for your reply anyway. I'm not going to sit here and explain in detail about what exactly happened and how our base was layed-out and how many turrets and where they were placed and what defensives did we have set-up, etc etc etc. The fact of the matter is wild Plant Z are overpowered and it spoils the map because it forces you to either go big with a big tribe, or build ridiculously high while limiting yourself in the process. There's fundamental issues with Ark, you can't deny that. Even if you're personally in a comfortable position right now on your server and have it all going for you, once you've played for long enough and experienced PvP in its entirety and been wiped and raided others countless numbers of times, you start to see its fundamental issues and in the end, it leaves you questioning why bother continuing to play the game.
  4. Now look, before you think "Oh he's just whining" hear me out. I have nothing but respect for WildCard for making this awesomely addictive game, but you know what really bothers me? how things in the game aren't completely thought-out before being implemented into the live game, and before their fix (if they ever do get altered/fixed) it's too late. I'm going to try and keep this simple because quite frankly, I'm quitting or at least taking a few months break until something new happens, I suppose. Aberration... awesome map, but why the hell have you scattered the 'Wild Plant Z' healing plants almost EVERYWHERE? raiders are draining bullets and healing at the plants. They're using Reapers, Boxed Paracers and obviously Stegos. The only "safe" places to build on that map on official PvP servers is obviously high up to avoid bullet soakers. Even then, it's not hard to use a rock drake to soak bullets and then fly down to a heal plant afterwards. Reaper Kings being able to jump as high as crabs, like really? that's ridiculous. No CrossArk/Open Aberration servers = Established tribes in the servers get bored and wipe lesser tribes, even mentioning it in global before doing so... "Are you prepared for war?" like as if it's some hosted private/non-dedicated server. Also, pearl pools are ridiculous, especially in blue zone. I tamed 7+ Anglers (lvl 50-130's) and all of them died to WILD anglers around every 3 days while locked up inside of a 2x2 metal box. Not to mention when you go to gather pearls, every eel and angler in the space of a friggin mile aggros you until you kill them with your crab on follow, but whatever - I got used to it, though I got sick of taming anglers. If I were to leave any feedback about the fundamental issues of Ark PvP: Get rid of the auto-decay. It has no purpose on PvP servers where players can kill/destroy things. Make taming, gathering, XP gaining and breeding less tedious because once that tribe spends enough time building up, only to be wiped again and again and again, guess what? they'll most likely quit playing, and no - not even retreating to PvE because they've seen enough of the game at its core and spent enough time on it already. Significantly buff structures or nerf explosives or significantly increase their cost. Any established tribe has access to hundreds of C4 and so they foundation wipe without a care. They're swimming in explosives. Good luck guys.
  5. Crows

    Why don't more people play Aberration?

    I only play Aberration. I'm sick of the other maps purely because of Gigas, fliers, Brontos and Titans on official PvP servers. Aberration is much more balanced even though it has its vulnerabilities.
  6. I simply agree with the idea that PvP servers should have higher rates to suit their nature, while PvE servers should remain the same, if not less to combat hoarding, lag, structure spam, tame caps, etc. It's a no-brainer. I'm not sure why WC avoid it.
  7. Crows

    Aberration Drops SUCK!

    More Fish Basket BPs, Shag Rug BPs, Pipes, Dino Gates, Primite Ghillie pieces, Chitin armor pieces and glowsticks from Yellow, Blue and Purple drops today. YAAAAAAY!!!!!
  8. Crows

    Aberration Drops SUCK!

    Hopefully WC are aware of this issue then, since it's clearly an issue/maybe not intended... I am tempted to tag a dev just incase. @Jatheish
  9. Crows

    Aberration Drops SUCK!

    Today from drops I have gotten 3 Shagrug BPs, 2 Fish Basket BPs, 2 Cable BPs, Primitive and Ramshackle Lances aaaand a medium crop plot from a yellow drop.
  10. Crows

    Aberration Drops SUCK!

    After opening 100+ drops around Aberration, I've come to the conclusion that they are extremely underwhelming to the point where you don't even feel like opening them at times. Every single cave-styled drop around Aberration sucks. I know, the surface is where all the loot's at, which isn't so easy to get on official (especially pvp) servers without a rock drake. At least on other maps the drops weren't THIS BAD. Look at the Island, you have normal beacon drops which can drop decent items/BPs, then obviously greater loot drops from caves and underwater, etc. Look at the Center, then look at Rag, the Scorched Earth, they all have decent-ish and great drop loot, but on Aberration that's not the case. It's like the normal drops on Aberration have the other map's OLD loot tables which got buffed because of how underwhelming they were. FYI I'm not asking for normal drops to consistently give Purple/MC/Ascendant Items/BPs, don't get me wrong - I'm just saying, after the... 30th+ Fish Basket BP, Crop Plot BP, GLOWSTICKS, a few Gems, Cable BPs, Pipe BPs, Wooden Dino Gate BPs, pieces of Ghillie, you start to see the difference. Yeah at times I've gotten some decent items from drops, like MC climbing Picks (premade) and Journeyman saddle BPs or a Pike, and Apprentice Flak, but the chances are so tiny that they're not enough. Just sayin.
  11. Crows

    I got lost on Aberration while gem hunting.

    Gotta admit I love getting lost on Aberration.
  12. Crows

    Am I going mad in Aberration

    That's eerie! I like it.
  13. Crows

    So this happened....

    I dunno, I've never seen that happen before...
  14. Crows


    So that's how it's done? I definitely should try that, thanks!
  15. Crows


    Oh? so I'd need to drop the materials as boxes and then pick them up and put them in an offline tribemate? or have I read that wrong