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  1. Why is ARK taking up 280 gigs of drive space? With the coronavirus forcing companies to have their employees stay home, I began looking at how much drive space ARK is taking up since I will be using my game computer to work from. I have a 500 GB SSD that I have WIndows and Ark on. Nothing else is on it. Everything else is on a 3 TB HDD. Ark is taking up around 280 GB of space on the SSD. Only 4 GB is for Mods. The rest is for the official maps. Most of the space is taken up by two folders in the C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame folder. The Content folder is 149 GB and the SeekFreeContent is 128 GB. Yet when I look at the requirements the numbers dont add up. Here is what the System Requirements are for each of the maps according to their store pages on Steam: Base Game: 60 GB Scorched Earth: 10000 MB (10 GB) The Center: 3000 MB (3 GB) Ragnarok: 3000 MB (3 GB) Aberration: 20 GB Extinction: 20 GB Valguero: 20 GB Genesis: 40 GB Thats 196 GB. Where is the other 84 GB at? Thats a big amount to be off by according to the system requirements.
  2. 3 of us have never gotten a buff or a xp bonus. Only 1 player has of the 4 of us playing on a private server. We cant figure out why.
  3. Glitch missions give xp buff? Playing on a private server. 3 players are low level all under 20. One player is 40+. We asked how and he said he is getting the xp buff from doing Glitch Missions. Said he has the timer racked up from them. None of the other 3 players have ever got a xp buff for doing the Glitch Missions... whats going on? Is there a xp buff for the glitch missions? Did this guy get lucky and run over explorer notes in Genesis and not realize it?
  4. That sexy sax!!!! Where do I get a copy of that sexy Ark loading music with the saxophone!!!!?? Amazing how a simple instrument change can make such a difference.
  5. I really wished they had addressed the gates for walls long ago. It goes against the spirit of the game in regards to building. The less lag is a cop out as well, they could have just put in a walls that were 4x2 and 12x7 if they wanted to do away with the gate eyesore.
  6. I put 70 coal and 20 mistletoe in a Gacha last night and it ate them 10 at a time and dropped a crystal each time, first the coal then the mistletoe...
  7. The way Raptor Claus works is great for pvp, horrible for pve. On pvp it promotes the theme of the server, pvp. On pve it promotes disrespectful gameplay. Best you can hope for is they change the way it works next year and just write this year off as ruined (again).
  8. THey are using controllers. You can autoloot with the press of a button (spamming it).
  9. it lists non official maps as shooterentry with 70 slots when it doesnt load the map correctly. Check your settings to make sure the correct ID and name is still there for whatever map you are using.
  10. This is how it should have been from the start. All of the gifts should land at once. This would prevent the [][][]-ers from getting every single one on a managarmr. Everyone else is observing the someone else is there, move along practice except the boxers. And I agree with the quote above, this frustrating fiasco would be prevented by the gifts all landing at once, letting people who have no chance actually get at least one. Just have RaptorClaus fly his trajectory and then when he gets to the end, all the gifts appear at the same time and start landing.
  11. Its mostly the [][][] people being the dbags. For the most part, the rest of the crowd understands if someone is there, move along. Not the boxes, they land and try to loot it asap regardless of any social norms. They are a scourge upon the gaming community.
  12. You might be right if it just happened for the first time. This isnt the first time this garbage has happened, not even the first day its happened. People have the right to be upset when its happened prior and wasnt fixed then.
  13. Just noticed and came to delete before my ignorance was pointed out...
  14. The guy that did Ragnarok has decided he is going to go back and finish Valhalla. If you think Ragnarok looked good, wait til you see Valhalla. It has always been my favorite map but the bugs wouldnt let all of my friends play on it, so we had to scrap it. Luckily Rag came out a little later on for us to all play on. I like maps with wide open spaces, like the Highlands area or the hills/valleys/plateaus near the beaver lakes.
  15. Servers showing, no one can connect People are still on servers, but no one can connect to them. Checking all of the servers I play on shows no one has logged in, in the last 30 minutes and the total number of people on the server is slowly getting lower. Something up with the login server(s)?
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