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  1. Just noticed and came to delete before my ignorance was pointed out...
  2. The guy that did Ragnarok has decided he is going to go back and finish Valhalla. If you think Ragnarok looked good, wait til you see Valhalla. It has always been my favorite map but the bugs wouldnt let all of my friends play on it, so we had to scrap it. Luckily Rag came out a little later on for us to all play on. I like maps with wide open spaces, like the Highlands area or the hills/valleys/plateaus near the beaver lakes.
  3. Servers showing, no one can connect People are still on servers, but no one can connect to them. Checking all of the servers I play on shows no one has logged in, in the last 30 minutes and the total number of people on the server is slowly getting lower. Something up with the login server(s)?
  4. yup dont log out if you are still on a server or you wont be able to get back in
  5. As long as this isnt the Genesis mod map that is already out there, they can have my money.
  6. Why would the fella be having kittens over information that has been on the wiki since before it went live? Sorry, no kittens were given, and disappointed doesnt mean fuming. From the wiki, under Usage: Creatures prefer at least one specific class of kibble, but accept also kibbles of a higher class, e.g. Argentavis can most effectively be tamed with Superior Kibble and better, but Basic, Simple, and Regular class have worse results than meat.
  7. The desert crates are not higher quality in terms of %. They are crappy % high level items/bps. Scuba, Giga saddles, Ghillie and other crap that gets redundant fast. Yes there are some nice finds once in a blue moon like riot gear but really, how many 50ac giga saddles do you need? The desert crate loot table is not the same as what comes from the red cave crate since they are deep sea crates. While the dino/worm threats in the desert are easy to avoid and almost non existent, there are some threats. The cave has none. Ascendant tools bps in regular yellows??? On officials??? First ive heard of it. You got really lucky, but you could have got them a lot easier in this freebie cave. To be honest, I just want some dinos in there to make it a little harder to get the artifact and the crates. Dont give stuff away so easily, some people actually like earning things like that, and when they are given away without much effort, it dimishes the value of said items. Hell, even if they made the cave so you couldnt fly in it, that would at least be a step in the right direction.
  8. Mostly trash isnt the issue. Its when its not "mostly trash" for no risk. Im complaining because after playing for just under 5000 hours, I enjoy doing caves where you have to blast your way thru tons of dinos, jump and swim across obstacles, etc. for a reward. I dont enjoy simply flying into a cave and looting 3 cave crates that have better loot than the outside crates along with the artifact. You are also downplaying the value of the loot from the crates. You get items from them that you cannot get anywhere else outside of cave crates. If it was just green or blue level items, then perhaps I wouldnt have much of a complaint, but yellow and red level cave crates are where the best stuff comes from.
  9. Its a tactic used often to hopefully light a fire under some butts. The cave is off limits on my private server, I have spawned a bunch of microraptors and alphas in there to dissuade anyone from visiting. I am hoping Wildcard will fix the cave to be more dangerous fitting a cave with 3 loot crates all in close proximity.
  10. If you have a raft you can get crystal in a few spots "nearby" with relative ease. The first one is straight east at the farm. Literally go straight east from the Small Islands and you will see a concrete dock. That is the farm, there is carrots and potatoes growing naturally just before the ruins on the hill. If you are at the dock looking towards land, on the left hand side you will see a small hill that goes inland. It has a small amount of crystal and some metal nodes. I think its around 52, 52. The second spot to get crystal will once again require a raft. This time you will go north to the beach at 40, 38. Its a spawn point as well, Beach Zone 1. Facing the beach at the south end of it, you will see a ramp going up to the cliffs above, at the top of the ramp on the right is 4 crystal nodes. There are metal nodes all along the ramp as well. If you need more than just scraps to build a spyglass with, then I would say the next easiest spot to get a fair amount of crystal while staying near your Small Islands would be at 48, 28. You can find a small stream at the north end of the main lake near that location. The stream leads into another much smaller lake than the main one and can be rafted across. Once you find the stream, on the west side of it is a bunch of redwood trees before a cliff. You are able to run up the cliff and it leads into the Redwoods biome, where as soon as you enter it, there is a hill that runs along the cliff edge. On that hill is a lot of metal and crystal. But there are the usual Redwoods hostiles as well.
  11. Play on Valguero... the Leeds only show up deep in the underground waterway caves... where rafts cant go. They are completely useless there.
  12. These are not "regular caves". These are artifact caves that flying is on in them. Its an oversight that should have been taken care of before it became an official map. Two of the caves dont even have dinos in them and a third artifact just sits out on a hill top on the map.
  13. There is an option to check to turn ON flying in caves, because on official maps it is default for the flying to be off. However on custom maps, flying in caves is on by default. Here in lies the problem, there is no way to turn it off, only a check box to turn it on. Now since Valguero is a official map, it should have caves turned off, but it doesnt and I have not been able to find a way to turn it off, only on using either the check box or by putting the -ForceAllowCaveFlyers in the code outline.
  14. Is there a way to disable flying in caves? Is there a way to disable flying in caves on Valguero for example? I dont want players to be able to fly in and grab Artifacts with no risk. I know the command to allow flying, but I dont see how to disallow it, since its supposed to be default off on officials (it isnt on Valguero).
  15. The massive cave under the waterfalls in the tundra at the western edge of the map is the only base you will need. It has more metal and crystal in one spot than I have ever seen on any other map. It has entrances that can be blocked off with behemoths and no dinos spawn inside. Beavers on the rivers outside. A cave with an artifact in it, along with a blue, a yellow and a red cave crate and no dinos are about 2 clicks away to the east. The only thing missing is rexes immediately outside, but they are in the forested area to the east a bit.
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