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  1. Choose back, then join the server again. It went back to normal mods for me.
  2. btw clicking the back button and then rejoining fixed it.
  3. Our unofficial server just updated and now the mods page is saying there are 666 total mods on the server (there are 3) as well as 666 of all the other categories. Its also saying a purchase is required to continue. But no mods show. What was in that update to cause our server to be possessed?
  4. Mods just showed up on their screen and I was able to log in. Just a FYI for those waiting.
  5. You didnt mention the other basics: Ankylosaur for Metal, Crystal and Obsidian gathering. Doedicurus for Stone gathering. Depending on which map you are on, almost any other flyer is faster than a argy. Sometimes you need to get somewhere faster and an argy wont cut it. Pteranodon, Tapejara, Griffin, Snow Owl, Managarmr are all fast or much faster than an Argy.
  6. Tribemate got a ascendent bp from red desert crate. I finally got a couple wind turbines.
  7. When I played Scorched Earth on ASE, a chainsaw and wind turbines used to be in yellow supply crates. On ASE SE my tribe has easily looted 100+ both yellow and red crates and have yet to see a chainsaw or wind turbine. Has anyone seen a chainsaw or wind turbine from a supply crate? Perhaps its just rare with all the extra loot added to the tables in ASA.
  8. I had just ko'd a beautiful 145 female tapejara, put spikes around it and added mutton. I flew out of render to get a yellow supply drop and when I came back 5 minutes later the tapejara was gone. There was a lightning storm and lightning was hitting the ground right where the tapejara was knocked out. Do lightning storms now do damage to dinos when they are in the ground effects? No way it woke up, it should be out for at least a hour and 10 minutes due to the torpor. Nothing hostile was anywhere near it, I had it on a empty tor. Was no corpse either. Trying to figure out what happened.
  9. I logged in this morning and a sand storm hit. Immediately my vision narrowed due to my desert helm. I knew that meant the sand storm was working as intended. Sure enough, my stamina started plummeting when I left my base. So it would appear it was fixed but not mentioned in the patch notes. I havent seen an electrical or heat wave yet to know if they are "fixed" as well. Hopefully the frequency was fixed to ASE rates as well. Edit: Back to back to back storms, doesnt seem the frequency was fixed.
  10. Storm rate was toned way down in ASE, I suspect it will be in ASA as well. Its just a matter of going thru all the same bugs from ASE and how far into the list was the weather.
  11. Couldnt run pipes off wells in ASE SE. Needed S+ to do it.
  12. Moonie1

    SE Patch Notes

    I dont see anything in the patch notes about nerfing Jerboa's. Mine was 140 today, logged out a few times and just noticed its now level 1. I was a bit surprised they had jerboa's higher than level 1 in ASA but I guess it wasnt meant to be. Would be nice to see it listed in the patch notes.
  13. You forgot to add that the same bugs that existed when ASE Scorched Earth went live, exist once again in ASA. Just like the Island.
  14. Its the same bugs as when SE was released in ASE. The weather is way too common, it eventually got changed to rare. Heat Waves killed you even submerged in water, it was later fixed to being safe in Adobe or standing in water. They did add some new features like falling thru hill/mountain slopes to die under the terrain.
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