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  1. same for electricity attack
  2. Giorgino87

    turrets settings

    if I set a turrett on players only, will it still destroy rockets?
  3. So this is probably a bug, as tek shield was designed not to let anything inside...
  4. Can I place tek teleporter on plantform saddle?
  5. Yes might be I have 940 weight, but I had a few things with me, and 300 stacks is at least 600 weight.
  6. this did not happen to me. And yesterday night I was emptying all safes into the tek storages. Maybe happens only in some situations
  7. get a gacha and an owl, you donm't need to collect any poo. Get tek tier doors, and you don't need to open and close. Also, set a pin and use the keypad to close all doors at once before getting tek tier. There is absolutely no need for additional mods to play this game, even with 3x it is quite relaxing to play if you know how to
  8. itàs quite obvious that many of these features are not implemented because they would generate balance issue. No height limit for structures? really? All structures silent? Do you think about pvp at all?
  9. I run an unofficial server. I run in a couple of issue, but donàt know how to fix 1) one user, while building his base, had set user owned structures at a certain point. then he switchewd back to tribe owned. Now, when he changes tribe, those structures coime with him, so the plants'x start shooting his own dinos, and the electricity goes down as the generator is also affected. Now, I tried, as admin, to enter his tribe, and use takeallstructures command, this fixes the problem, but as soon as I leave problem is back, as structures are now mine, not tribe owned. Does not matter that now setting is tribe owned. Is there any command to switch from player owned to trobe owned all structures? 2) (see other post about tek storage bug) I made useless 600 gacha crystalks containing polymer. Is there any way to soawn gacha crystals with polymer? I found a generic command for gacha crystalks that probably gives random content
  10. Giorgino87

    Game freezing issues

    same here. using wyvern is impossible
  11. depositing gacha crystals inside it makes them empty. I deposited 600 polymer gacha crystals inside, take them back and open. got nothing. yeah!
  12. I was searching info about this, but no luck so far. Anybody?
  13. Giorgino87

    s+ out tonight, engrams?

    Can anybody who player the beta tell me with bosses are required to get the new tek engrams?
  14. Giorgino87

    small tribes limit

    Is it true that small tribes limit has been raised to 10?
  15. So, I run a server, and a user, compaining for some lag when there were lot of user online, asked around if someone had an underwater base or the mesotopitecus, as, he said, they are known reasons for massive server lag. Apart from the fact that I think the lag was due to the large numebr of users, it this true? Underwater base and mesotopitecus cause server lag?