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  1. well, as it was the best way to harvest high quality resourcers, including shards that cannot be imported from other maps, yes is not so small. There are worse ones of course, like the ones that destroy months-years of work, but is not a negligible one
  2. It happened several times, missing failed and me dead. One time my mate got even unmounted by dolphin. That really looks like a bug!
  3. is this a bug or what? some time ago I was farming crystal nodes for shards and gems, was working pretty well. tried today, does not work anymore.
  4. I am a server admin and I am trying to customise mission rewards. I am currently testing the configuiration, and to do so quickly I cannot really play all misions multiple times to get the reward, so i use cheat forcecompleteactivemission 0 command to complete the misison instantly. However this is problematic for the "Survive the ark mission", as doing so does not give you any reward, as this is a special missoion that has not end, and you get a reward only if you finish wave 10. Any workarounds for this?
  5. sometimes it takes more than a year to fix a simple bug on this game...
  6. thanks for advice. Will try and share my result I always summoned dragon on gamma, first time looked OP, second time the dodrex eat it very quickly...
  7. So, there was a tread discussing the best dinos to do it, but I can't find it back. just curious in case there have been updates. Me and my mates would like to try it on beta and alpha, but we tried it on private server and we keep dying, at least many of us, together with many dino. Is there any consistend and legit way to do this? (we saw some bug using techniques, but we don't like that)
  8. since this tread is ratehr old, I updated the tread here I am still looking for one more missions that is doable to reach the 168 missions on genesis part 1 I also made a new discussion for genesis part 2
  9. Hi All, this is an extension of and where I discuss genesis: part 1 missions. Here I would like to discuss genesis part 2 missions. To start, I have to say that my feeling is that genesis part 2 misisosn are much easier, in general, than genesis part 1. First, for the time allowed on alpha, that is usually 1 hour, comparing to 15 minutes in part 1. Second, because there is no mission with enemis as strong as the alpha Giga of part 1. Third, cause there is no only-water mission that makes you really wonder "how the heck I do this?" like for megalodon thooth, dalph
  10. This is a follow up to I finally got to 167 missions, out of 168 missions required for the alpha BOSS. I am looking for a last mission that is doable to unlock it. Here is my situation BOG Spider race Beta [I never manager to do it, but my friend did, so I asked him to do it for me] Spider Race Alpha [I never manager this as well, but my friend did, though it was not easy at all for him as well] Arena Alpha: We tried with flak armors, with armor and durability around 100 per piece, in 6: got wrecked. Artic Arena Alpha: Same as bog, much
  11. as title....we keep friendly fire disabled on my server, no way to use the plants, as you need to hit them to get the food... such a grewat idea from the developers to change e working mechanics into a not'workign one....
  12. The problem is not about spawning. Is about despawning. After we found them, they both despawned after 5 minutes. Not enough to tame. We will try again...
  13. as title, if you die in star dolphin you may die in real, not just exit the mission
  14. Yesterday my tribe was trying to tame a wild R-Giga. We did not success, as 3 out of 3 attempts we made, thw wild giga despawned in front of our own eyes while we werew trying to trap it. Any suggestions?
  15. Hi, any update on this topic? I have a large number of ferox tamed with this bug. Upon the first transformation, as somebody said, the speed stat is added to melee, the others are rerolled. This collection was featuring a lot of 150 lv tames, so they are all pretty good with 40+ stats and 70+ melee. I would like to breed them, but this seems impossible though. Did WC made them impossible to breed to avoid people using these OP ferox? I get the hearths, and then nothing....just the mating timer, but no gestation bar. Newly tamed feroxes have normal behaviour instead. Is there any
  16. Hi, I was trying to breed some ferox that I had in criopod in the last...10 months? gave element to females, 100% addiction, waited them to get small, enable breeding, hearths, jump, and...no breeding bar appeared. Is it normal? Some of them also got "required max addiction to breed" on top after a while....
  17. As by titol, since gen2 is out maps are randomly crashing, even with no users online I had 8 maps on my clusters, now added genesis 2. Everythign worked for like 2 hours. Then I noticed a couple of maps had crashed. I restarted them. Then Genesis2 crashed. Trying to restart it failed as it crashed again during startup, and together with it another couple of maps returned a crash error message when I tried to start gen2 back. Since then, I did not try to start back Gen2, but other maps still crash randomly.
  18. Any update on this tool? Is really useful, but outdated. No genesis and crystal isles support.
  19. Hi, is there any way to ban an object class from a map? I would like to remove the cactus soup from aberration, but I don't want to remove it from all maps of my cluster, only from aberration.
  20. it's outrageous that Aberration boss id broken by stupid soup. I remember 1 week after aberration was out people started doing aberration boss exploiting rock drake invisibility not to get hit by boss and making it easy. This issue was immediately fixed. And was not really severe, cause one cannot keep drake invisible forever. The fix made so that the invisibility hides you from dinos (nameless and reapers) for as long as it works, but boss can alsways see you, both tentacles and energy balls. With cactus soup instead the boss is completely broken. Not only dinos don't see you.
  21. yeah this sucks. seems very easy to get a reset
  22. I will try it too. we managed to do a few more, but still miss 3. If giga works, is still 2 more missing. I really don`t know for what to do for. Spider race seems beyond my abillity. Fishing on ice alpha too. arenas - ice and volano alpha I don-t think there is any point to try, we did beta with difficulty. Lunar seems also too much. Is there a chance for bog maybe? Suggested builds for pg? I made some tests in single, with 40 of fortitude it seems to resist pretty well the torpor....how much life, damage and speed? Cause maybe this one is doable.... megalodon tooth: I really d
  23. no it does not show up. I guess because is not an official boss
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