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  1. imprint timer bug with unoficcial multiplier? I read a few weeks ago that a patch claimed to have corrected a bug added in one of the ones immediately before that one about imprint timers. In fact, my unofficial server running at 3x breed had suffered for a few days a strange imprinting timer of around 55 minutes, while it was set to the standard 8h one. After that patch this bug seems to have gone, but this weekend I was running an event with 9x breed, and this strange timer popped up again. So it is not fixed yet, right?
  2. Will you add the feature to extract also data of dino in cryopods? Tribe ownership can be determined by ownership of the cryofridge they are inside. This would be useful for us, as we have most dino in cryofridges
  3. cleaning inactive users below lv10 Is there any tool that lets me clean the players below lv 10 that are were not active in the last month?
  4. Is anyone sure about this point, the damage vs times thing? We tried to tame it using assoult rifles, that have very high ratio, but was never ending. Could be due to the reset when getting to the limit of the arena, though. We tried back with niper rifles and tek tape and did easily the first 2 nodes. PS: how can you make a trap for ice titan? It destroys everything, even the tek....
  5. dodowyvern spawn Hi, we were searching for the dodowyvern on scorchered. We see the moon with the wyvern face, but there is no dodowyvern on the map. I checked this by saving and loading the save in a program that lists all wild and tamed dinos. Does the wyvern spawn only once in 3 days like dodorex?
  6. how? we tried with tek tape, too slow, he goes on turning. We hoped we could find a strategy to do each titan in 30 min or less, we want to to king titan, and we are 3/4 people
  7. how do you hit the nodes using the cannon?
  8. forest titan terminal I did forest titan until a few days ago. with latest version I cannot access anymore the forest titan terminal. other terminals work fine. Ideas?
  9. yes I'm doing exactly this. I will use tames ones then. special attack still stuns, yes?
  10. how to spawn hidden purlovia is there any way to spawn a purlovia that is hiding and therefore will attacck players with special attack as soon as they approach?
  11. how do I set up the server to log this information? Would really help.
  12. Hi platform: PC I banned the steamID. But the asshole has made another steam account. I suspect using family sharing he didn-t have to buy the game again. And seems intentioned even to spend money to break my ass. So I was thinking about enabling exclusive join, would that help? password is not really an option, as anybody could secretly tell him behind my shoulders. I have many users cannot be sure of all of them. I have no clue how to find and blacklist a micid
  13. how to ban an user that makes multiple accounts I am administering a server and I have run into a problem. A troubling user that keeps making new accounts to avoid the ban of his previous ones. How can I kick him out once for all?
  14. that means I am right and should ban this user?
  15. tek dedicated storage and offline raid protection issue I am running an unofficial server and I am running into a problem. Tek dedicated storage are still accessible when protection is turned on. One use has raided a base when offline raid protection was on. For me, this is bug abusing and I would proceed to give a ban. The tribe of the user came out that this is actually a feature of the gam, and that is the same with all tek structures. Is there any official comment on wether this is a bug? Ca use to me it makes no sense that game mechanics makes turret NOT fire but leaves top storage accessivble when raid protection is on
  16. mek bps drop back when they die? So, if you find an enforcerer bp and craft it, when the enforcerer dies you get the bp back. Does it work the same for meks? I am about to craft high level mek, I hope to get a good crafting bonus %, but if not, I was thinking if I can kill the mek to get back the bp and try again. Also, how does the mega mek work? the original 4 meks get destroyed after you make the mega mek, or you get them back? Are the mega mek stats depending on the stats of the original mek? In the end, is it better to use high-level meks or low level one to make the mega mek?
  17. I just checked the game fiels, indded the zobie dodo are still there, but dodorex files are not. Strange choice from the developers
  18. It is in the game if there are the files about the dino, not if the dino naturally spawns. I know it does not spawn naturally apart from events. But if the fiels are there, the spawn code should work. I can spae the zombie dods for example, without activating any event. I don't understand why I can't spawn the dodorex. If the files are not there anymore, then I get why the spawn code is not working, but in such case activating any event will not change the fact that it can't be spawned
  19. so you are telling me it is not in the game anymore?
  20. well, we only have 6 people, but we got very good shotguns. However, rock drake saddle only 64 armor. What i was asking is about additional unmounted dinos to bring. Are reapers a good idea? they should be able to tank a lot. Also Stegos we were thinking, they should also be able to tank a lot.
  21. Aberration alpha boss with reapers hi, we were thinking about bringing reaper for aberration alpha boss, as our spinos barely survived the beta one. Is this a good idea? how many can we bring? I guess we cannt fit 14 on the platform (we are 6 players mounting rock drakes). What other dino can we bring together with them? Stegos are good idea?
  22. Pvp: underwater base, titans and basic tips So, before extinction I think the best base was something very up, that is more easily defended. This was tru also on aberration, where no fliers are allowed. Water base, as far as I know, were not used much because of the cost (but how safe were they? just wondering) Now, with extinction situation changed, as even a base very up can be reached with the desert titan. of course elevated position still helps against forest and ice titan. However underwater bases I think are safe from all the titans, right? (Can desert titan go underwater? Can other titans go underwater? How much time for oxigen running up to kill them?) Does this re-evaluate underwater bases? What are, in general, the vulnerabilities of an underwater base? How are turrets best placed and set to defend a large base? Placing them all close to each other makes them more effective, but you will hit quickly the 100 turrets limit. Spreading them over a large area helps towards to limit, but this will eman that only a part of yout turrets will work when you get attacked. Setting them only on tamed dinos and survivors is of course a bad choice, as ona only needs to drop many tank dinos inside to make them empty. Setting them only on mounted dino and survivors still allows to tank them by dropping players mounting tank dinos. Placing them on survivors is effective and it will shoot any survivor, even the ones mounting dinos? However, only set on survivors will expose your base to c4 dinos, so still need a few turrets on tames dinos. Added question for aberration: ifor a bunker, it is better a position very very high in the green zone, or a position down into the red zone? High helps, especially with no fliers, but the red zone has radiations, that make it very difficult for players to assault. first of alll, you need many radiation suites for the whole length of the raid. Second, most of the usual thaks are not immune to radiations. Third, environment also does not help: reaper queens attacking you while you raid are not fun. What do you think?
  23. So I need to enable some event on the server to spawn them? what is the switch to turn it on?
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