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  1. anybody tried? otherwise i'll make some treies in single player
  2. You have been kicked by BattlEye. Reason 'Client not responding' i had heard of this issue from other people on my server, but I was never affected. This morniong i played fine all morning. Now I got kicked 5 times in 20 minutes!!!! This is not normal!!! SOlution! Please note: absolutely NOTHING has changed since this morning. I didn't even close the game when i went out for lunch.
  3. thanks for reporting your experience. I guess a few ground dinos to kill hatching wyverns are good. Did you enable special attacks on wyverns? And noticed if they are effecitive or not? Also, do you have a list of artifacts locations? Not all are listed in the wiki. Only 1 for the gamma I have found so far.
  4. new boss, best dinos for fight? So what is the best dino set for the new boss? given that flies I would not say rexes...Are new wyverns andd / or old wyverns effective agaiunst it? What are the recommended stats and types? Is the boss vulnerable to special attacks? If yes, which ones? Manticore for example is only vulnerable to lighting damage, so you can only use lighting wyverns. What about wyvern queen?
  5. it happens with the old maps. Not added the new map yet. But if it is normal now...
  6. error with new patch since the new patch all my servers show this in the console log [2018.12.24-20.50.25:084][ 0]SteamSocketsOpenSource: gethostname failed ()[2018.12.24-20.50.25:084][ 0]gethostbyname failed () is it normal?
  7. medical brew not working I was not playing in the last 7 days or so. Now I logged and i take med brew and no healing, no healing icon, nothing. What happens?
  8. i tried to build using ceilings and pilalrs, and when I was putting on them it was saying requires lava to breed...
  9. lesser antidote effects So, I was thinking that it was only necessary to heal from swamo fdever, but I was told it also makes you immune from gnash damage. like wyvern milk. What about fire damage? Wyvern milk protect you also from that, is the same for lesser antidote? other effects?
  10. tek saddles BP: where So I found out in siongle player that now tek saddles have blueprints. So far, I only got astrocetus Tek saddle BP. How to get the other ones? Where can they be found?
  11. magmasaur on aberration Can magmasaur be brought to aberration? What about the other genesis dinos?
  12. best method to mass breed magmasaurs The fact that they only breed in lava is a big factor that slows down mass production. What is the ebst way to circumvent this? Askign for PVE-like environment options I was thinking of building a breeding pen next to a lava pit, with beds. I could leave there all breed magmasaurs, afst move there and make a collection of eggs every time they can mate (once per day on 3x). Pen could be even of stone maybe? Another option was to leave all magma open in base, and build a tek generator+tp next to a lava pit. THis would also allow me to breed them every day. Now, the problem is that magmasaurs in volcano biome can destroy tek, right? what about eruptions? If stone buiilding pen gets damaged it's not a problem, but I'd like to avoid to lose tek stuff, or even worse magmasaurs to be killed
  13. tribe rankings Like they are now, they make not much sense. Need a ranking for who can destroy structures, and who can cryopod dinos. Like this, members are either not allowed to destroy afirecamp tat they put down or they are allowed to tear down your whole base. Same for dinos, not able to cryopod even a dod, or able to steal all your dinos
  14. cannot place turets on boat: why So, some time ago I was trying to build up a fob to atatck another tribe, I could put down a motor boat and build on it, even placing turrets. Now, in the same place, I can still build but cannot place turrets, it tells me it's too close to enemy foundation. Now, even before there were foundations around. On what does it depend on if I can place turrets or not? Did they build some new structure that prevents this? Or did the server settings change? (are there any settings about this?) unofficial without mods
  15. turret can fire thought meshes around 23 49, on top of waterfall, it is possible to get hit by a turret placed inside the cave. Apparently it can fire though the meshes
  16. looking forward to see it. We just tried again, dino quite survived this time (there with cake and rex with milk), but we did not
  17. there must be some difference, or they patched something. with the same rexes we cleared out on gamma without issue, and got wrecked on beta
  18. we did gamma with 4 man tribe, 18 rexers, 1 yuty 1 daeodon. 2 rexes and 1 daeodon died on the very last seconds of the boss. Gamma does not seem to be a problem. I think in beta there are either more spawns or avatars have mroe hp or dinos make them less damage
  19. at this point, the best is not an army of therezinos with cakes, low health, around 20-22k, full damage, and maybe a yuty? Or, maybe, rinos? I saw a video of chineese guys making the beta with 4 rinos, 1 spino (that died very early) and 1 ferox. Anybody knows why youty was losing food so fast? I didn't see any comment on that, might have missed
  20. you will need a cage if you need a precise angle. we were barely able to hit it while he was runnign away
  21. oh ok nobody knows yet, good to know
  22. OK, using out rexes from ragnarock, and ascendant saddles with 100+ armor (rexes have 58 points in health and 70 in damage, leveled to 40k hp and 1100% damage), we were able to make the gamam boss but lost 2 rexes. When we tried the beta, we lost at the last round. We don't really understand why rexes die, because they were full health when they entered last round, and we didn't see any big number/damage. Also, the yuty started losing food since the beginning, very very quickly, and was empty by the end of the first round, this is also quite strange.
  23. how to correctly tame astrocetus? We tames like 4 lv 135+ astrocetus, but resulting tames were between lv 144 and 168... we used hover skiff and cannons to take them down...We think probably cannos caused splash damage, reducing a lot taming efficiency, as we used kibbles so it has to be that... so is there a way to avoid splash damage?
  24. I am the admin of the server! And I am going crazy that lot of users are reporting this since yesterday. And it happened to me as well!
  25. I did not do anyhting. No fix was suggested/communicated.
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