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  1. well, if I go near it will activate. We won't last 15 minutes
  2. The math is not correct, I think 0.85/34=2.5% This is the correct one, right? However dododex displays 5%, why is that? A 40 wild points mantis should therefore have little more than 100+2.5%*40=200% attack after taming (neglecting bonuses), or 100+5%*40=300%?
  3. Our Gigas have 120/140 saddles and 500% attack. We were 3/4 people but could not do it. What you mean with spikes? metal spike walls are broken like they were made of butter even in yellow drops.... no structure resists coirrupted dinos. Even tek shield does not resist mroe than 1 wave
  4. 40 dodorex is 40x400=16.000 wishbones. Maybe I'm noob and I don't know how to farm them efficiently, anyway it seems anyway too much. To solve this, it would be enought to set the limit per tribe to 1.
  5. We have never tried with rexes, as I play unofficial with settings similar to official, and the breeding lines of our cluster have strongest rexes reach 1100% DMG. Anyway those numebrs are extrapolate considering 18 rexes with yuty, for 5 rexes atack should be even higher. Just to add, we of course had also good shotguns with us.
  6. to summon a dodorex you need 400 wishbones. They take quite some time to farm, and numebr of days to do that is limited. To collect 40x400 seems quite a long take, needed several tens of people 24/7 for several days (at elast if settings are standard). You cannot beat dodorex with giga, even 1 to 3 is hard due to the fire, even if dodorex are dismounted. For sure if dodores outnumber the gigas it's useless to try.
  7. Dragon on island takes way less damage than dragon on rag/val. While rexes on rag/val can take it down and still have 1/2 of their life there (with fire is does % damage, so increason basic hp at birth using breeding and better saddled will not help, increasing base attack will instead reduce the time to kill it, but you would need to get a factor of roughly 3 in damage to be able to kill it before he kills the rexes), on island I think they'll just die, whatever you do (at least, if you try and head-on assault without breaks). We did the alpha dragon on island using 18 therezinos 1 yuty 1 daeodon and many veggie cakes. therezinos has rougly 50 point in health and 60 in damage. Leveled up with 20k health and all the rest attack (around 850% if I remeber correctly). We had to make many round of dragon landing - attack -retreat - dragon flying - landing again. I guess that if mounted players stay on rhyno instead of therezino it can be even easier. I would not try with rexes though, unless you can bring the attack to something like 1800% lol. Surely above 1000%
  8. bug report 1)Managmar on island and scorchered cause you to disappear together with dino and your inventory 2)Aberration clibing hooks cause you to teleport below map, die and loose all your inventory 3)If you have many slots in your inventory, some items are not shown, but using "move all" to a dino/storage shows them back 3a)Suggestion: add a configurable option for the max number of slots of dinos and players 4)Quality mek saddles only cost more but do not deal more damage than normal saddles 4a)suggestion: remove the damage to the saddle when removing it/crypodding it 5)Tek storages can be opened with ORP when tribe offline 6)Triangular structures snapping points are bugged, and stability of structure is buged. For example, triangular ceiling. If you remove just one piece of ceiling from a complete ceiling half roof may collapse, even if perfectly hold by other ceiling/wall peices and with foundations below.Same if you remove wall snapped on trinagular foundations. This makes these structures very weak for pvp. pvp users are forced to use old ones for now.
  9. easist location for legendary OSD? With my tribe we regurarly do red OSD, with gigas. they are easy for us, in 3 or 4 people. However, we tried the purple one and when I crashed my mates quicky got annihilated. By experience, some locations are easier than others, because on # of spawn points, and terrain configuration. What is the easiest location for the legendary ones? We tried the one at 43 13
  10. add 5 more levels after king titan ascension and add engram points to high level This is for genesys, the number of engram points will start to be not sufficient even for lv 135 player. please rebalance the levels by adding 5 more levels after king titan ascensions (5 each level of difficulty) and add more engram points to levels that currently give only 1
  11. We absolutely a chem beanch with 600 slots, like replicatore. Also the fridge is necessary. Other stuff less important.
  12. tek fridge It looks absolutely obsolete to still use the normal fridge once you get to tek tier, and you have tek base, tek turrets, tek doors, tek storages, but old 48'slot fridges. I understand the 1600 slot tek storage could have been too many slots if enabled for a fridge, but at least a 500 slot ones, like vaults, vould be nice. Tek fridge should also give a larger buff thgan the 100x of the normal one (like 300x?)
  13. will try then. Pity that when you uplaod it it loses all food, even if you download back on same map, right?
  14. titans not attacking during king titan fight So, we tried several times the gamam king titan fight by hosting a server on my pc, and me and my team did it 3 times out of 3, with few losses. When wee tried it on the unofficial server we play on, we got wiped 2 times out of 2. settings are the same. Strategy same, equipment similar. The thing is that when the king spawns, titans do not attack him, whatever we do. Whistles do not work. Also mounting them does not work. left click, no attack. Could it be due to the lag? My server had very low ping, while the unofficial server has 100-ish ping
  15. imprint timer bug with unoficcial multiplier? I read a few weeks ago that a patch claimed to have corrected a bug added in one of the ones immediately before that one about imprint timers. In fact, my unofficial server running at 3x breed had suffered for a few days a strange imprinting timer of around 55 minutes, while it was set to the standard 8h one. After that patch this bug seems to have gone, but this weekend I was running an event with 9x breed, and this strange timer popped up again. So it is not fixed yet, right?
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