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  1. I will try it too. we managed to do a few more, but still miss 3. If giga works, is still 2 more missing. I really don`t know for what to do for. Spider race seems beyond my abillity. Fishing on ice alpha too. arenas - ice and volano alpha I don-t think there is any point to try, we did beta with difficulty. Lunar seems also too much. Is there a chance for bog maybe? Suggested builds for pg? I made some tests in single, with 40 of fortitude it seems to resist pretty well the torpor....how much life, damage and speed? Cause maybe this one is doable.... megalodon tooth: I really d
  2. no it does not show up. I guess because is not an official boss
  3. With velona attacks is she forced to land like usual fliers? Or why you take velona? I just tried 12 blood crystal wyvern, 19k HP 850% attack 6 rex 40k HP 1185% DMG 1 yuty 1 daeodon Was solo, I did not use daeodon. I buffed with yuty first part, then once se was very up in the sky and could not reach my wyverns with buff I went with shotgun Lost no dino, but wyverns were very very damaged. The first half od life went down very fast, but second half took long cause no landing means no rex damage, and also wyverns have difficulty to attack her while she
  4. Does this really mean what I think? That most of the world will be unable to have the event at midnight? How stupid is this policy? I don;t have words for that. So when should unofficial server run the event in your mind? For lunch on the 1? At midnight on the 1? Are you serious? OMG
  5. update: have not tried to do the giga one yet, but thyalcoleo works wonderful with white whale mission. Even by using giga it life would go down damn slow, but with thyla was so easy and fast. warnning: does not work on basilosausrus, you still need to take down those 2, but with thuso or beter giga they go down very fast
  6. lots of stuff has changed since genesis was new....
  7. i had 2 eggs, put in my room, it has 5000 thermal insulation, can hatch anything there. They don't open. Too hot it says.
  8. ? I think you are mixing up with another dino. Megachelon hatching requirement is not about temperature, but depth. From the wiki: Megachelon can only be bred or hatched at extreme depths. Seafloor on The Island is not deep enough. Even large amounts of Air Conditioning or Dimetrodons will not bypass the depth requirement for eggs, as it will still say that it is too hot. Can be bred/hatched in particularly deep parts of the Genesis ocean. Some spots include the area around the mission beacon for "One Tough Moeder". Yet some particularly deep parts of Ragnarok are deep enough to
  9. So, time ago I read in the patch nots that megachelon dept requirement had been changed to allow mating on othe rmaps. I thought: "great!" Unfortunately, as always in this game, this does not seem to work. Tests done so far: -Valgueroi, deepest part of the map, -82000 depth, megachelon won't mate, egg won't hatch -Crystal islands, standard depth -42000 to -45000: megachelon will mate, but egg won't hatch -Ragnarock, standard depth -40000 no mating no hatching, squid trench, depth -60000, both mating and hatching are working (only location I have found so far!) -island,
  10. So, while we were trying this, we got another problem: I am not sure if at first or second round, but 2 of my mates suddenly their hp started to go down, despire, they say, they had no conditions, hot cold nothing...their hp were goinf down, even though they had all soup buffs active...any idea why that happened? EDITç ok nevermind, figured it out, they took battle tartare
  11. nobody knows? I thought a recent update was made to allows breeding on the other maps...
  12. interesting. Problem is that 48k health thyalcoleo is not so fast to achieve, I think our can get max at 30k. Plus, we are pvp, we have cryopod syckness, would need many people to open cryos
  13. I tried what should be the deepest part, in single player, coordinates say depth is -82000. They don't breed.
  14. Did you manage to do al[ha Giga? We got all of giga to go rage mode after like 2 seconds of fighting.
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