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  1. Nobody said you opinion does nto count. Unofortunately, "fairly easy settings" has no meaning at all. Please be more specific. As in the example I reported, changing some settings has a DRAMATIC impact on boss difficulty.
  2. exactly. I did not mean to remove people who play unofficial from the discussion. Just to be able to have a meaningful discussion, and not just a collection of reports without sense. PS I play unofficial too
  3. To understand how much a boss is difficult you NEED to have a fair meter to compare. Otherwise is like having a meter that is a meter long but that has writte on his scale that is 1cm long, you will mess up all measurements with that. Then you can rescale to your whatever settings you like. You can find any sort of video on youtube, in some people kills alpha dragon with deinonychus. Now, this is impossible on oficial settingsa. Turns out he had difficulty at 0.1,, meaning bosses have 90% less health. Is not fun thinking of how many people missed this concept and wasted weeks to prepare 20 dei
  4. what it means "fairly easy settings". All the discussion is about making the boss with standard settings as on official. tuning the setting to make boss easier is not the way we want to deal with the problem here
  5. anybody tried? otherwise i'll make some treies in single player
  6. You have been kicked by BattlEye. Reason 'Client not responding' i had heard of this issue from other people on my server, but I was never affected. This morniong i played fine all morning. Now I got kicked 5 times in 20 minutes!!!! This is not normal!!! SOlution! Please note: absolutely NOTHING has changed since this morning. I didn't even close the game when i went out for lunch.
  7. thanks for reporting your experience. I guess a few ground dinos to kill hatching wyverns are good. Did you enable special attacks on wyverns? And noticed if they are effecitive or not? Also, do you have a list of artifacts locations? Not all are listed in the wiki. Only 1 for the gamma I have found so far.
  8. new boss, best dinos for fight? So what is the best dino set for the new boss? given that flies I would not say rexes...Are new wyverns andd / or old wyverns effective agaiunst it? What are the recommended stats and types? Is the boss vulnerable to special attacks? If yes, which ones? Manticore for example is only vulnerable to lighting damage, so you can only use lighting wyverns. What about wyvern queen?
  9. it happens with the old maps. Not added the new map yet. But if it is normal now...
  10. error with new patch since the new patch all my servers show this in the console log [2018.12.24-20.50.25:084][ 0]SteamSocketsOpenSource: gethostname failed ()[2018.12.24-20.50.25:084][ 0]gethostbyname failed () is it normal?
  11. medical brew not working I was not playing in the last 7 days or so. Now I logged and i take med brew and no healing, no healing icon, nothing. What happens?
  12. i tried to build using ceilings and pilalrs, and when I was putting on them it was saying requires lava to breed...
  13. lesser antidote effects So, I was thinking that it was only necessary to heal from swamo fdever, but I was told it also makes you immune from gnash damage. like wyvern milk. What about fire damage? Wyvern milk protect you also from that, is the same for lesser antidote? other effects?
  14. tek saddles BP: where So I found out in siongle player that now tek saddles have blueprints. So far, I only got astrocetus Tek saddle BP. How to get the other ones? Where can they be found?
  15. magmasaur on aberration Can magmasaur be brought to aberration? What about the other genesis dinos?
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