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  1. thanks for suggestions, we performed well against the beta. One question: so, let's say we tame all 3 titans, and have plenty of ammon and dino for the fights. If we fight the gamma and we win, and titans do not get killed, if we start the beta fight all titans will get their health restored 100%? And again if we start alpha fight straight after? Just to understand if we can do all 3 levels by taning 3 titans instead of 9 One additional question, I saw that it may happen that for example the ice titan, tamed as alpha with 550k life, revers back to 350k life (so gamma level?) after a while, for some reason (overight? restart? I don't recall). I just noticed that for gamma fight we tamed it as beta but its max life was lower the following moring, after the night and a server restart. Instead this time, luckily, life stayed at 550k. And one more question: sometimes titans heal themself over time, some other they don't. Why? What does this depend on?
  2. How to activate the event? is not working
  3. if you raide them the raider gets killed very quickly, doesn't it? And if you build beds on saddles they get destroyed as well. They do eprform well sometimes, more then ridden, some other they keep starting back attack animation without ever hitting. We think depends on the lag of the server but we are not sure
  4. I don't see any patch for the event...is this normal?
  5. fantastic. This is a great combo with titans sometimes not attacking the king and staying still to get killed and lose the fight without any hope
  6. King Titan Trophy gets consumed? When summoning bosses, usually tributes gets consumed. One important exception, as far as i know, is the tek cave, for which tributes do not get consumed (at least, not the times I tried it, any difficulty). The only boss I am still waiting to battle is king titan beta and alpha (won against gamma recently). Now I wonder: does the king titan head get consumed when you summon it? So, if I want to battle twice the alpha titan, do I need to win twice against both gamma and beta, not just once? So if I lose the fight vs Alpha, so I need to start back from gamma?
  7. valentine chocolate and titans Can you feed titans with valentine chocolates to fully restore their health? Asking to fight king titan beta
  8. how to reduce dino food consumption only for adult So, I am a server admin, to reduce the food consumption but only for adult dino, I should set dinofoodconsumption to 0.5 and babydinofoodconsumption to 2, or dinofoodconsumption to 0.5 and babydinofoodconsumption to 1? I want to keep same food use for breeding
  9. reaper pregnancy bug Looks like a recent update has broken reaper pregnancy, if a player is max level baby reaper does not exp anymore. I am admin of a server. Any way to help my users about this? Is there a command I can use to level up their babies?
  10. Thank for your reply. I was definitely suspecting that. This is quite absurd. The game was already very heavy and performing very badly, especially on multicore-oriented CPUs, making updates that worsen the eprformance, instead of improving it, is really turning people away from the game
  11. I am hosting my server nothing ahs changed, as I said
  12. network probelms arised lately Hi, I am the administrator of an unofficial server cluster. Our hardware is not top, but it usually allowed to run 10 users very smoothly, and up to 15 users with little lag. Lately, reaching 15 users causes a very large lag, with users kicked in mass all together. Might this be related to some recent in'game modifications? Cause I did not change anything in the configuration of the server. I'm really having problems from this, users are getting frustrated.
  13. well, if I go near it will activate. We won't last 15 minutes
  14. The math is not correct, I think 0.85/34=2.5% This is the correct one, right? However dododex displays 5%, why is that? A 40 wild points mantis should therefore have little more than 100+2.5%*40=200% attack after taming (neglecting bonuses), or 100+5%*40=300%?
  15. Our Gigas have 120/140 saddles and 500% attack. We were 3/4 people but could not do it. What you mean with spikes? metal spike walls are broken like they were made of butter even in yellow drops.... no structure resists coirrupted dinos. Even tek shield does not resist mroe than 1 wave
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