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  1. Does this really mean what I think? That most of the world will be unable to have the event at midnight? How stupid is this policy? I don;t have words for that. So when should unofficial server run the event in your mind? For lunch on the 1? At midnight on the 1? Are you serious? OMG
  2. the fact that they can be manually activated does not imply that they NEED to be manually activated cause they are not automatically activated. Anyway, I guess you mean that
  3. is the event going to activate automatically on unoficial or we need to put the switch? Isually these event activate automatically, but some time ago there was one witch did not and required the switch
  4. when will the update come? You speak of patch wednsday, but yesterday no patch was released
  5. How to activate the event? is not working
  6. I don't see any patch for the event...is this normal?
  7. Will you add the feature to extract also data of dino in cryopods? Tribe ownership can be determined by ownership of the cryofridge they are inside. This would be useful for us, as we have most dino in cryofridges
  8. I was searching info about this, but no luck so far. Anybody?
  9. probably when there is going to be a final release for pc
  10. I also agree. Tek storage should alow to store both unperishable and perishablke goods, perishable ones only if powered, or, ven better, perishable ones always but with the perish time bonus only if powered, like fridges do
  11. You may get everything back once you access and ark. Or you may not
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