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  1. I finally found a solution Apperently, ARK does not like server and peer port set to 7799 and 7800. Chaging to 7785 and 7786 fixed the problem
  2. no, ASM is setting the firewall rules. I cheked anyway, they are open
  3. Hi all, I am running in a strange problem with the latest map. I am using Ark Server manager, it says the map is up and running, people can see the map in the server list, however nobody seems to be able to get in. Ports are forwarded as usual. I was initially setting 7799 UDP, 7800 UDP and 28021 UDP as query port. I also tried changing 7799 and 7800 for 7787 and 7788 that are ports I was using for another map that is now offline but where still configured in the NAT (so I was sure they were configured correctly). No luck. People keep getting connection lost.
  4. well I did not check the version number cause usually updates are released immediately, but looks like we are still are at 340.3, now the obvious question is why. In the past as soon as the patch log was updated the patych was available for unafficials
  5. any news on this? how is possible that they put out a patch with a patch note that only cites this as fixed and is not, and weeks after is still broken??? Where did they learn programming the developers of this game?
  6. So we just tried this on a test server, 19 theri and 1 yuty, the dinos were doing fine, just last roubnd is though. I rememebr on gamma and beta that it was enough to make four rounds, and for each round you could deplete by 1/4 the boss health, bu in this run it happened twice that we could not make nearly any damage at all, anybody knows why? Might it be that on the first run we did sometime like 24.9% and so in the following round we were onyl allowed to make another 0.1% to get to 25%? same thing happened on third found round: life was nearly depleted to 1/2 after third round, and in fourth round we were alowed to make nearly no damage
  7. so does not work still? any confirmation?
  8. any update/fix? still broken and I have to restart the map so often cause idiot users go on starting that mission
  9. gen2 crashes everytime it reaches the last wave on beta difficulty, tried and happened 2 times out of 2. Also everything in the inventory is lost
  10. Any update on this tool? Is really useful, but outdated. No genesis and crystal isles support.
  11. Does this really mean what I think? That most of the world will be unable to have the event at midnight? How stupid is this policy? I don;t have words for that. So when should unofficial server run the event in your mind? For lunch on the 1? At midnight on the 1? Are you serious? OMG
  12. the fact that they can be manually activated does not imply that they NEED to be manually activated cause they are not automatically activated. Anyway, I guess you mean that
  13. is the event going to activate automatically on unoficial or we need to put the switch? Isually these event activate automatically, but some time ago there was one witch did not and required the switch
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