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  1. I don't tame anything cause my server is capped all time, ty for this event. So i lost opportunity to have colour dino So...don't cry because Wildcard put down event x2 for resource because i don't think you all guys have my same problem.
  2. This problem wasn't happened when was opened transfer for Aberration?
  3. I'm sad, since yesterday the official server ragnarok pve is capped (i see much raft ecc) and I d'not know what to do. Me and my friends wanted to be bosses and grow t rex here but he decided to don't play, is frustating... I don't know what to do, I don't want to play on unofficial servers because they don't last long and I also want to unlock the achiviement and have the chance that I can go in all the maps... I think I'll leave ark and I'll look for another game
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