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  1. Zaffira

    Lost Character and Tames

    My boyfriend lost 3 characters (2 don't touche since week) so doesn't matter if is transfering or not when is rollback.
  2. Zaffira

    Dino leash is not worth

    I have this problem with Doedicurus for farm stone. Many days he go out -__
  3. After 1 year? I'm in this server since was opened and i have all
  4. I don't tame anything cause my server is capped all time, ty for this event. So i lost opportunity to have colour dino So...don't cry because Wildcard put down event x2 for resource because i don't think you all guys have my same problem.
  5. Hi, only adult can eat vegies but baby, juvenile and adolescent don't eat any vegies (only mejorberry and rare mushroom). Are bunny, why can't eat vegies? Put possibility to eat these please, much time i forget and many dies.
  6. Zaffira

    Tame Cap....STILL

    After release pokè ball many servers don't have tame cap so the problem are people. I know there are people sell for real money the slots. You need change server because this don't will finnish. Change now is better, you don't have much
  7. Hi, i received email by ARK Alert to tell me my baby is born in specific server and is true but how is possible he detect this?
  8. Zaffira

    Option disable chat

    This is why i opened this post for suggestion.
  9. Zaffira

    Lost Everithing while tranfering

    This problem wasn't happened when was opened transfer for Aberration?
  10. Zaffira

    Option disable chat

    But is all chat, i want read only tribe and ally. Not world. Sorry, i forgot to specific XD
  11. Zaffira

    The Dino you hate most ?

    I know for Cnidaria is better kill with crossbow, a good crossbow.
  12. Zaffira

    Can we get Rag Cap Fix?

    Or there are people continue cap woth Dodo so he can sell slots for real money. Change server.
  13. Zaffira

    Where to find Ragnarok Argent Saddle BPs

    Or loot crates in the desert.
  14. Zaffira

    The Dino you hate most ?

    Scorpion in the sea (don't remember the name). I Prefer see Alpha Mosasaurus than this XD
  15. Zaffira

    Ragnarok Cap

    Anyone continue see Ragnarok capped? Because if you continue see this, probably is a guy cap with Dodo to sell slots dino for real money so is reportable. I play Ragnarok and Island and after release Extinction the cap is finnish.