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  1. Allosaurous good for boss fight? if so whats the best stats for them. I am currently breeding them i have 5.6k hp 1k stamina 355 damage base stats.
  2. Have you guys been on the cave up north on the island map where the skylord artifact located at? I dont know if just my server having an issue or all the island maps. I see the drop but when i open it there is no skylord artifact in inventory. Have you guys have same issue on the island map? (official server)
  3. so i was flying with my managar on the island map and all of the sudden screen froze for 3 seconds and put me on spawn screen. so i spawn one of my bed and i lost everything i looked on to my tribe log does not say i was killed or my managar died it just disappear. i went back in my last location where i got bugged hoping to find my corpse and managar but its nothing. does anyone with managar experience this too?
  4. thank you for letting me know that otter can carry multiple artifacts now i can get more it helps a lots
  5. thats sad thats mean im going to waste artifacts that takes me forever to get :(, was talking about ragnarok server
  6. Is there anyway to get rid of offline dinos on obelsk? were trying to do boss fight.
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