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  1. charles06

    Going Solo

    Get you some wooden bases built in some hidden areas. Build you maybe 3 through the map and see which get's destroyed and which doesn't and that will help you with decided on where to build. Trust as a solo player unless you plan on living on a boat you have to get yourself hidden. Tame you some parasaur and just level up weight on it to start harvesting metal
  2. charles06

    UC on ps4?

    Whoever is left either went into hiding or joined somebody else. Majority of the servers I went to all the UC bases have been raided. There may still be a few out there
  3. charles06

    tips for solo player on official

    Build boat store tames on boat get you some forges on boat and troths for dino's and become a pirate. Stay hidden and craft you some metal stuff until you find you a good spot to build up at.
  4. charles06

    Put a cap on movement speed and health

    @banggugyangu yeah that's true and if he's on that kind of boosted server maybe he needs to find another server. So yeah @WhaCky find you another server playa.
  5. charles06

    Put a cap on movement speed and health

    @banggugyangu Just like your assuming something as well. I didn't say there wasn't no other server besides the official server. So he just needs to get better at pvp.
  6. charles06

    Put a cap on movement speed and health

    Nope never did. I was assuming official. So before you go putting your foot in your mouth pay attention. All in all I don't agree with the statement of putting a cap on movement speed and health. So with that being said @Rhinenorr stay on topic
  7. charles06

    Put a cap on movement speed and health

    If you read the post he say's its a pvp server...
  8. How about a contest where you hide different collectables to help with maturation rates? Kinda like the valentines event with the chocolate but instead like a Golden Dodo which when killed gives you a special golden meat when fed to the babies it helps raise their maturation rate and imprint. And for berry babies have special bushes hidden around the maps when harvested does the same thing for berry eaters.
  9. charles06

    Finding a PvP server?

    If your a single player it's fairly hard for you to build up and nobody talks in chat cause majority of the tribes use tribe chat.
  10. charles06


    Honestly if they re worked the kibble system down to maybe 6 dino's for imprint instead of maybe 15 it would cut down on how many tames people have
  11. charles06

    Is ARK Ending?

    You do know that they are working on the supposedly last DLC. So it might be that their finishing up with it. But the kibble system really does need a over haul
  12. charles06

    Put a cap on movement speed and health

    That's why you set up traps or you shoot a rocket or something. No need to nerf everything that doesn't work to your advantage. You just have to get better. Find other way's to stop them. Plain and simple. And yeah I agree with the above statement 1000 speed and 80k health........
  13. charles06


    Major Holidays. From what I've read a lot of servers have problems with being dino capped so their only doing it on major holidays now. Until people stop hoarding dinos.
  14. charles06

    PvP Characters Official Servers

    200hp, 300 weight, 220 meelee and 26 fortitude. Harder to KO
  15. charles06

    pvp Raiding Tips - Bullet Soakers

    Their saying that you do build a box around it for the bronto and paraacer. You just can't have that same protections while riding a golem.