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  1. charles06

    Best Dinos for tek cave?

    In all Honesty if he can at least get maybe 18 high level breed Allo's and at lest 25 great Rexes and some good theriz he might be able to take it as long as he has great saddles and a Great Yuti. His tactic isn't going to work due to not having no Great offense tames, all he has is maybe some dino's to do a little defense tactic. Jerry 25712 just take our advise your completely and utterly not ready by any means for the tek cave.
  2. charles06

    Level up beyond 80

    No not yet but hopefully they will get it on mobile in the future
  3. charles06

    Best Dinos for tek cave?

    After reading this post I'm hoping and praying to watch this video of him completely catching a L and losing all 70 of his tames in the Tek cave. Diplo's vs lvl 646 Rexes.... Please let me see this video when you do it cause I need a good laugh
  4. charles06

    Level up beyond 80

    I was about to say check carno island cause it's usually crawling with Alpha's and if you get a explorer note it's pretty much a really fast way.
  5. charles06

    Level up beyond 80

    Debatable. It depends on the map. The best map to power level your character on is The Island. Ragnarok has some decent amount of Alpha's spawn as well
  6. charles06

    Level up beyond 80

    Kill alpha Raptors and Alpha Carnos and Alpha Rexes
  7. charles06

    Help With Reapers!

    Get you 3 Fridges full of cooked meat and 600 pound of cooked metal. When your timer is ran down to maybe 5 minutes get the 3 fridges of meat and 600 metal loaded into a weight ravenger and get in a metal box and put all the meat in your inventory and popcorn the metal and whip it into your inventory and when it kill's you it encumbers the baby reaper so it doesn't run around trying to kill everything
  8. charles06

    Tames that have surprised you?

    Vultures about 2 of them( High Level) following you in a cave is awesome advise. Unless your doing the ice cave on Rag, then their no good. LoL
  9. charles06

    Time for PVE Purge days???

    To your suggestion of the kibble tree being reworked it's not happening until maybe after Extinction if it happens at all. To the suggestion about the PVP on a PVE server it could work maybe if they did after you was off after a hour you had raid protection but then people wouldn't log in that day. So to make it easier let them have a set amount of Alpha creatures spawn in and be super aggressive and attack everything.
  10. charles06

    What Do You Have In Your Hotbar?

    Abb is a dangerous place. LoL
  11. charles06

    100 Things To Try Building!

    4. A Underwater palace for all your tames.... Water and Land with Tek Teleporter and not just a eye sore
  12. charles06

    What Do You Have In Your Hotbar?

    PVP 1. Custom Drink 2. Custom Food 3. Asc Whip 4. Asc Pump 5. Asc Crossbow with grapple hooks 6. Spyglass 7-9 Empty unless raiding and then it's weapons
  13. charles06

    Things To Try In ARK

    I think this is the best post I've read in a while! Great job and it actually almost sums up ark. LoL
  14. charles06

    I really need help

    What is this creastols you speak of?
  15. charles06

    I really need help