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  1. Server offline for 2hrs

    On Saturday our server on 431 a ragnarok server went done for 2hrs resulting in 6 giga's dying. Here is a list of the raises we had die. The tribe name is sixth sensex.
  2. New Giant Pterosaur Discoverd

    Exactly! Instead of making you feel safe on your giga you have to worry about it picking you off your tame and either dropping you or just killing you midair for a midair snack
  3. New Giant Pterosaur Discoverd

    Do you know how crazier that would make this game. Going for a meat run and a huge shadow comes up on you.... RIP
  4. New Giant Pterosaur Discoverd

    Man I seen that was like oh snap were going to be getting something that can pick a rex but then I had to think about it there is a 60% chance we get it. It's feasted on baby dino's and had the wingspan of a small plane...
  5. Freddy Krueger Therizinosaurus

    That's what I named mine. LoL
  6. PVP Base Building Tips?

    If looking for a tribe hit me up.
  7. PVP Base Building Tips?

    Build a bunch of 4x4 wood or stone whichever is easier for you and find out which 1 doesn't get hit the most and that would be the best spot to build up at. But like the guy said yeah hide valuable stuff in chest in the water so it's hard for them to find. Or just go to a island server and premake everything and bring it over just be careful about who is around you.
  8. I'll talk with my leader and see what we can do about it man. I'll talk with my connections as well
  9. What dinosaur would you live out of?

    I would probably do the Quetzal would be my choice. But I would really do the speedboat and have it where I can park my tames on it and have turrets for protection.
  10. What's the server number and the name of the tribe? I know a few people. If the loot is good we may help
  11. I just had an idea for egg-stealing!

    Sorry I just seen your response. With the new update on the Rag server you can't place salt in the preserving bin. We have killed like 4 Alpha Wyvern and just keep the babies well fed
  12. Rexs on Ragnarok

    Green ob they spawn in all the time. I usually kill at least 2 on a meat run. And the albino rex spawn there occasionally but I see them more near the scar. I will be trying to tame me 1 this weekend so I can get me some mutations going
  13. Why no 2x raising?

    Honestly I could and would be happy with it being 2x raising maybe 2x a month or at least 1 time a month not every weekend because it doesn't make it as fun. The 2x harvesting is a great thing though but it does need to be a special occasion. That's what make the game interesting. PS I'm trying to hatch a baby Giga and since it's frowned upon to not have a troth for them to eat out of. Why isn't this a thing???
  14. Why no 2x raising?

    It wasn't 2x raising last week or this week. I work at least 40hrs a week and wasn't trying to stick my tribe with doing majority of the feeding while I was at work. But trust and believe I'm not going to complain about the 2x harvesting cause I can get some good metal things built now like my speed boat and some turrets built
  15. Why no 2x raising?

    Last week we had 2x harvesting, and taming and I was hoping for 2x raising so I could hatch my Giga egg but it's not so I'm not complaining about the harvesting I was just looking forward for 2x raising so it would be as bad raising the Giga...