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  1. I thought this was a Zero Dawn screen shot for a second.
  2. Keram

    Mobile tame limit

    True but theres also the fact that you will probably have more then one base like a mountain outpost and a deep sea outpost if the main base isnt either of these.
  3. Keram

    Mobile tame limit

    Oh. So thats 600 to 720 tame limit on offical servers. (If we say every one has tamed the limit)
  4. Keram

    Mobile tame limit

    So wait the mobile servers can hold 50 to 60 people at 40 tames a person thats 2000 to 2400 tames per server why cant they do this for single player, the game can support that many tames with wild dinos players and bases so why can’t the single play have that as the limit, theres no need for balancing in SP, the things you do in SP are just for fun so why can’t i have a few hundred tames .
  5. Keram

    Mobile tame limit

    Or at the very least the tame limit of 2 to 5 people (which is 80 to 200 tames) in SP beacuse if its online you can just have tribe mate claim the dinos you tame so you don’t have to worry about a limit but in single player you don’t have that, and it’s so ugghh, the pc version each player gets a limit of over 200 tames why can’t we have that for single player, i don’t like to sound like im whining but 200+ would be a great single player limit for example, if theres 80 in the mobile as stated the 2 of every creature is 160 tames, that leaves so much room for breeding if the limit was even 200
  6. Keram

    Mobile tame limit

    This is a good point you don’t need many tames but, if we start talking about world bosses, breeding mutants, building a zoo, or having most/all resources handeld by tames then the 45 limit feels a little small to the pc versions 200+, and if we were to have tames do most work that means one for wood lets say a mamoth that takes care of berries as well, we can take care of flint, metal, crystal, obsidian, and frozen oil nods with an anklyo,for stone a doedicurus works, for thatch one of the moose’s works, for pelt and hide a dire wolf, and for meat lets say carnotirus, if we include non basic
  7. So i was wondering why mobile has a tame limit, i haven’t played online yet so i don’t know if there is a limit online but i was wondering why single player has a tame limit and if, there was any way around it or plans to increase the limit in the future.
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