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  1. Thanks for the suggestion! I've tried both of them, sadly neither results in that colour! :c
  2. Colour ID help Hello all! I've recently been playing more on unofficial, and want to recreate my favourite wyvern that I had on official. Ive figured out all the colours except for one...and its the colour of the plates/scales on her topline (the teal-ish colour) I've scoured the colour ID list, and found nothing that matches it. She is an easter 2018 event wyvern!
  3. Could we perhaps get a list of the Legacy Servers up for removal? Please and thank you!
  4. Lost interest part way through the dev diary. Your players have been emphasising the ongoing issues, in game and optimization wise, for years. The team chose to ignore the core issues, and keep pushing forward with a broken game in favor of new content, only for it to bite them in the end. I have sympathy for the players who are dealing with this mess, especially at such a large scale with Titans and Meks. I truly do. However I'm really disappointed that new content outweighed the issues that keep stacking. What I'm gathering from this is that they don't have enough testers for QA. I have no sympathy, that feels like an issue that should have been sorted out as the game grew. These new numbers with extinction, sure its impressive and I could understand if there wasn't such a backlog of issues and bugs that have been prevalent in the game for years now. The focus needs to shift and I really hope that it does, finally, after years of your players trying desperately to make these issues known to you.
  5. ^ Agree completely! I'm happy where I'm at on Legacy and don't have time to start over. I'd like to enjoy my dinos and do my boss fights, check out the new DLC when the time comes!
  6. wow that evo event is....something...hm. not a fan. beginner servers are a wonderful idea though
  7. I'm really happy to hear you guys are consolidating the patches! Having them churn out on a set day/time would be a beautiful thing, as players will then be able to coordinate accordingly and an early to mid-week patch would be awesome since it isn't as traffic heavy! Good decisions all around, devs! Thank you for diverting focus to bugs and other gameplay issues. It's something that a lot of people have voiced concerns about and its very exciting! Admittedly I will miss the TLC updates but it can always continue later if need be! Thank you again for the hard work and time you all dedicate to this game!
  8. i really adore the raptor's updated look! sad that so many people are complaining about lack of a fully feathered raptor tbh. i always get so tired of this argument of feathers vs no feathers [emoji19] beautiful work to the artists behind these TLC updates!
  9. I can't wait to see the updated dinos! I'm so stoked to see the sarcos getting some TLC as well. The fact that they get a death roll ability makes me want to tame one! I am a bit bummed about the valentines day event. I work 10 hours a day, so I can't really enjoy it/utilize it like I was hoping to. I wish it were running longer or on the weekend instead of during the middle of the week. Its a bit unfair to those who have to work. I was really looking forward to raising a giga for myself and some yutys. edit: okay the rexes...be still my heart. wow. they look stellar! you guys really outdid yourselves with these updates and should be very proud! I can't wait to see what's to come!
  10. I'd love to see the Spino get an updated look! Right now the scales/textures make the whole thing look too busy, especially in the face. Its difficult to distinguish its eye from the rest of its face! I'd also love to see an updated model for the Mosa and the Plesio, respectively. They both look a bit outdated. I know Kapros are relatively new in terms of released dinos, but its missing some of its defining features! Namely two more sets of tusk-like teeth, one upper and one lower. Also its rugose horns behind the eyes/at the back of its skull. Additionally, I feel like its a bit too sleek/smooth as far as its scales go. Even modern-day crocodilians have a lot of texture to their skin! This is the perfect example of a kapro, and let me say I'm not looking for a carbon copy! I know y'all want to take artistic liberties (and you should! your artists do lovely interpretations!) A small suggestion for Titanoboa - perhaps give them the ability to curl up when prompted, similar to how the megalosaurus does when it's asleep. They're a bit of a pain to place anywhere in a base at the moment and I think it would be a stellar option to have them coil when at rest!
  11. Beautiful work with the TLC teasers! The updates look stunning and have blown any expectations I had out of the water! To be honest, when allos entered the game I fell in love with them because of the art style, I was really hoping the rest would follow suit with the TLC pass and I'm super stoked to see that its happening! The rex looks stunning, the all do tbh but to see that big goofy nose is going away is just awesome haha. A small critique, if that's okay, the wolves' ears do look a tad bit too big, but other than that everything looks amazing. Even the Gigantopithecus! I'm not much for primates, but that model makes them bearable! I'm extremely excited to see the Spino! Also a small part of me is hoping kapros get a more wicked look too hehe. Possibly just wishful thinking/being over eager on my part but one can dream! Thank you for sharing the TLC teasers, what an awesome thing to wake up to!
  12. ah awesome! I've been hoping you guys would put an equine in! Looks really awesome by design. Can't wait to see it in game.
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