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  1. yeah my tribe has the saddle, what i want is the engram unlock so we can all ride it
  2. I have a saddle from a mission but without the engram its mostly useless
  3. Astrocetus Tek Saddle Engram Has anyone found out where to learn this? I don't see the saddle on the boss loot table and passengers can't ride it without the engram.
  4. No XP from corrupted dinos? I made a new character and went out to level by killing corrupted using drops and veins. I tried joining a non ally for a purple and got no xp. I went to a 50k vein and did solo, no xp. Did a red drop solo, no xp. The giga I am using is max level which hasn't mattered in the past, need to try a giga that can still gain levels yet. Is this working as intended or did a recent patch mess with the xp from kills? Thanks -Cystric
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