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  1. Hello, first congrats to the winners ! And thanks you for the freeform win ! I dont want to complain, but common... sometime its just seems unfair. And dont get me wrong, i love the others build too, specially the race tracks (Cool and simple) . I think some more rules about how much one person can win by month would be cool and more interesting. Like 1Win/Categories/person/month. (thats will be for me more fair and will encourage more people to participate ) And I dont says either that i deserve some rewards for this builds. But sometimes because you are a repetitive participant
  2. Great crunch im sad im not even a runners up for the arkitect tough , guess im gonna make chessboard and other like that if i want too.
  3. Thanks Il keep posting every week if i can ^^, thats cheers me up for next week
  4. I guess im part of the name, i dont desagree with you, on one part im happy to see new builders and creation, but and the others end if we are not choose because we "post too much content" at least they need to make a rules likes one same winner every x contest. Personnaly i take atleast 15 hours to +150hours (like Thousand sunny,..) on every build i make, so thats would be cool. Sure when i see the chessboard that have been already make in the past im a bit confused about the contest factors. the builder surely didnt know tough Awesome Skyscraper too !
  5. Wolf angelus and me had the same idea and the postcard for this one ^^ Great crunch as always
  6. I thinks this is a good idea too. One categorie by week seems more fair for me. Very nice crunch as always, thanks for showing my TARKrven =)
  7. I dont doubt that ^^, Very nice work this week. Thanks for loving my stuff too
  8. Sad i am not even in runner up, so much work was put into this one... Nice stuff everyone tough.
  9. Good entry everyone Love the base @Monkeypuzzle! Tough i think the Runner up for the other prize are more rare since the Ark nvidia contest. Maybe its because that im little sad that i didnt make it in that categorie this week ^^
  10. Thank you, one year go so quick ! i build as long i can follow the rythm
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