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  1. Just think, it's midnight and you're chopping a tree for fire wood and you hear the sounds of a raptor approach. You are over weight so you drop some wood and dash out of there. Bob and weave, weave and bob. You look behind you and breathe a sigh of relief because you lost them Turn back around and see the 10 pairs of glowing eyes of troodons. Sounds like a blast...
  2. Yes but between the weight of the saddle and my own weight I lose some wood. Not alot but enough that it bothers me. That's why I ride beaver and transfer to mammoths with no saddle.
  3. My favorite dino has to be direwolf. I've had the least amount of issues with 2-3 following me. Alot of the others end up getting stuck on a rock or a pebble. Only thing that I don't like is lack of saddle. Still my favorite though.
  4. I use 4-5 argies. One I level Stam and weight. Probably 25/75. I use that one to carry my anky. I name him Lead. The rest weight only. I name those loader. Sometimes I'll name one of those Flint. I use that team all my resource runs except for wood which I use a beaver and mammoth team. I go to the canyons. Get plenty of metal there.
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