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  1. Ocean East spawn location has a mission terminal on the little island you spawn on
  2. Happy birthday ark, honoured to be part of the community favourites, thank you looking forward to what's coming up next!
  3. You're safe, if you have only played single player you will not be affected by this.
  4. Agreed, that he was not recognized is a shame. Creative and new and extremely difficult build and not even a mention.
  5. Hey ho - quick question @Jatheish or @Jen, text says two runners up but only one shown? Typo in the text maybe?
  6. Thanks mate! would be great if it did move Speaking of pirate ships that doesnt move I had one of those featured in last community crunch - seems you and I have same taste
  7. Thanks Fizz Very nice submissions all around, my personal favourite is the epic skyscraper!
  8. Yay, thanks for the award! Many very nice submissions this week! Full album of my build can be found here if people are interested: https://imgur.com/gallery/dE3NR
  9. Cheers GG Fizz, glad to be sharing the win this week with you, you have a great build as always Shame Glider doesnt work on officials, but we'll see what I can come up with on local and try it out. Grats to everyone else as well!
  10. Wow cheers, thank you for award - and grats to everyone
  11. This is on local so I could measure by using admin commands to set time of day. Shadow from the center pillar shows what time it is - there are two sides, one for the moon to measure nighttime, and one for the sun to measure daytime.
  12. Sitharias

    Treehouse, finished

    Stage one completed.. plan is to connect it to another tree platform as well, but that's another project. Wanted a treehouse that was not fully symmetrical but still following the platform shape. Also wanted to show as much of the floor as possible. Local server, but vanilla ark.
  13. Finished result here: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/gallery/album/972-treehouse-finished/ --------- Local server, just wanted to try different things with the treehouse platform. I usually post here on https://www.reddit.com/r/ARKitectureEvolved/ More images can be found here http://sitharias.imgur.com/
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