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  1. Thanks mate! would be great if it did move Speaking of pirate ships that doesnt move I had one of those featured in last community crunch - seems you and I have same taste
  2. First - thanks MonkeyPuzzle Secondly I think its good that there can be several winners of this exact reason, so anyone can submit the builds anyway! I know I wouldnt always post unless that is the case due to amazing builds! Your build is looking great, hope they add water, plants and similar stuff in official over time.
  3. Submission for Arkitect: Submarine Underwater PvE base! Continuing with the nautical theme it seems Functional base, with tek transmitter to allow access to land dinos, and inside of sub is actually inhabitable as it contains vacuum compartments. Video is 6.48 minute long, let me know if that's an issue! This is with official server building settings (no mods, no special clipping etc). Some extra screenshots and gifs here: And build progress pics here! Enjoy
  4. Thanks Fizz Very nice submissions all around, my personal favourite is the epic skyscraper!
  5. Oh, and by the way - some of my older submissions that has won Arkitect are up as videos now if anyone's interested:
  6. Hi all, here comes for Arkitect (and I guess technically for ansel as well). Functional as a PvE base, but NOT on raft so does not move. Pirate Galleon, Local server but official settings (including clipping, same as official, and of course no mods) Youtube: Imgur ansel screens: More imgur screens: Thanks for watching!
  7. Yay, thanks for the award! Many very nice submissions this week! Full album of my build can be found here if people are interested:
  8. Heya! Here comes a build on PvE New (non-legacy) Official server! No mods ovbiously since this is official Preview attached in the post, full screenshot gallery here:
  9. Hey everyone, got a new build I want to submit but can't find the new thread for it? Am I blind or just missing it?
  10. How picky of a builder are you?

    I'm very picky I play PvE so I can afford to be, however most of the stuff i build are on officials, so no mods for me Very big satisfaction to play the game in a base that looks good and works the way you want it, if I build on local I never get to "use" it if that makes sense. Then again building is what I find most fun with this game so tend to do that more than grind bosses or breeding, each to his own I suppose No knobs, as little visible cable/pipe as possible, stuff needs to line up properly etc. No gaps towards ground if it can be avoided etc. Here's a couple of the latest ones:
  11. Hey, I fell through the ground in the new area, at 63.3/44.3, just by a new cathedral type ruin where waterfall runs down into it, which I suspect many people will be checking out. It was on unofficial so managed to teleport out, but if it happens on official you might not be so lucky.
  12. Community Crunch 100!

    Cheers GG Fizz, glad to be sharing the win this week with you, you have a great build as always Shame Glider doesnt work on officials, but we'll see what I can come up with on local and try it out. Grats to everyone else as well!
  13. Heya, I'd like to enter my "Ragnarok Treehouse Evolved" on Official PvE Official server so no mods or anything. Preview here below, all other screens on imgur link:
  14. Community Crunch 88!

    Wow cheers, thank you for award - and grats to everyone
  15. Hi guys, here's a submission for the Arkitect award, on official PvE, I present - Volcano fortress!