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  1. DeadStatix

    The Dino you hate most ?

  2. Hello everyone I am looking to see if anyone can help me with integrating the baby notification and tripewire on the forums into discord as either a bot or a webhook if possible? I play on official servers and I get these notifications via the forums someone said its impossible to do as we cant access the API for it this feature would be so handy for us right now to notify us when a baby has been born etc! I read up and has something to do with the parsing of your email address to get the notification, has anyone had any luck making this on official servers?
  3. I feel like these announcements are becoming more like a copy and paste from last week or the week before that, nothing interesting to read nowadays! Lets hope we get a V-day event like last year with some nice dino colors....
  4. DeadStatix

    What makes a good server admin?

    Do you remember when the devs did that on officials!
  5. DeadStatix

    What makes a good server admin?

    What makes a good admin is one that works backend to ensure updates (mods) are up to date on the server, checking on tribes and players joining if its pvp. In a lot of cases there is as I would say abusive admins out there that abuse their power and cheat throughout the server which makes everything go to poop in the end I have seen in first hand. I used to run my own Extinction Core servers a while back that was balls of fun. You also have to see actions from all angles and not just take blind action on a tribe or player you have to be fair to your players as well as maintaining a strict policy.
  6. DeadStatix

    Taxidermy makes Unicorns show as an Equus

    Yeah that kinda sucks would of thought it would of shown the Unicorn, nice find man lets hope they fix it!
  7. Ark is hard to grasp at first and will take you a while to get in the game, if your going with pvp your best bet it is to find a team to play with as it is a tough mode aimed advanced play style. Start with PVE or singleplayer learn the basics and check out some YouTube many of useful guides for starters. For example where to find all the explorer notes on The Island to level faster! There is trolls on every game and if your on pvp its kinda expected.
  8. DeadStatix

    New server cluster again?

    I believe the new update will be addressing these issues, such as the Tek Gauntlets this has now been patched on the PC. Check the latest community crunch I pretty sure its in there!
  9. Our bases on Abberration got meshed 4 times in a week now we wiped, well done for making a stupid map that is the easiest to mesh did u forget to design the map properly. Annoying part is the map is like a tease its like come get this juicy metal and organic poly, just a heads up your getting meshed soon, u might as well announce it to all the tribes on the map cause its utter bullcrap when some russians come along and ruin your fun all the time wasted months of work undone in just a few hours and this is on 6mantribes and conquest these servers are supposed to be supported but your too lazy to do anything about it and let continue to cheat the game!
  10. Happy New Year, i am looking forward to the Public Beta being more of a thing before live features are added this will help to curve game-breaking issues and should of been something that was added way back! Will there be some patch notes to follow? I know there is a bug with one of the artifacts so I am told on Scorched Earth.
  11. Happy Christmas Holidays Everyone! Tip: for anyone giving mistletoe or coal to the santagacha only give it 1 at a time cause if you feed more it will eat all this is to maximize on crystal drops!
  12. I believe with the others that the game needs some work, hire a bigger Q&A team to show the community that you care! Fixing stability of the game, optimization no one really cares about new content being pushed especially if its going to be hand fed to sugar coat the issues at hand. Most of us want a polished game at its core balanced pvp, I feel at times that the game was never intended for pvp gameplay because it is so broken and unbalanced and easy to raid bases with defenses lagging serverside to keep up so its easy win for raiders regardless of what styled base design you have if someone wants in and invests on the soakers or glitches they will do it. Why not increase the structure health and fix broken armour when running with some beer your like a god take for example the armour from all the gatcha exploits over 1k durability use that with beer and u can run heavys no problem. I am glad my bases survived the broken Extinction DLC with the Meks and Titans you should have had testers that built big bases hire in some pvpers from official to play around break the game as much as possible to ensure that the issues wouldn't occur, hell I would of done it for free knowing that I helped contribute to the community! I have reached a point now where I am fed up I have 5000 hours in Ark and most of it spent in PVP the content has become stale boring with no real challenge, everything is far to easy to obtain early. I think DLC for certain dinos should be considered with new and improved abilities take for example the Hyaenodon why not make it so it instantly spoils meat in its inventory or has a reduced time possibly bigger and ridable at the moment its use is pointless no one really tames them. Another is the Carno it could use some work on it to improve its functionality it is kept mainly as a kibble dino. There is a long list of things to consider here not to go too off-topic with it all.
  13. I feel lucky to be a PC Player! Sad for the console community though.
  14. DeadStatix

    Saddle durability

    If you have ascendant saddle with high durability it can be pretty op tbh!