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  1. Its just certain dinos with the saddle design that has a bedroll on it. When i look at the saddles i can tell the designer has put their heart into it..every saddle has visual bits that make it seem practical or logical to the design..i just notice the bedroll & think it could have been utilized but i am not sure how. The deinonychus is the saddle off memory that i recently noticed with bedroll but im sure equus has it too I just imagine if ark was real the dinos would be treated like a horse with saddle attachments & utility beyond a seat. I know i would be living off t
  2. New update added alliance chat with LB + RB This LB + RB combo was also the controls to stop 1st person camera while slowly decending on a mounted bloodstalker Does anyone know if theres been a change to the stalker controls to allow slow decent without 1st person camera changing each time its pressed?
  3. Certain dinos hav a bedroll on the saddle..would be great if we could use it. These tamed dinos could be a bed spawnpoint. I know plat saddles can have beds built on them but it seems strange to add a bedroll into the saddle design without adding the utility of it
  4. Hi. Can we please get the armour displayed in the stats when a dino is podded? This will allow us to tell with most dinos if they have a saddle equipped while podded. Or any other option that lets us know if a podded dino is rideable once un podded
  5. Its been months since genesis came out...im sure im not alone in saying that this bug has killed SP genesis. Great if they fixed it but wow priorities were to release another map b4 they fix SP genesis...R.I.P Genesis SP
  6. Gigantopithicus Shoulder pet bug Having trouble picking up a shoulder pet with my Bigfoot. Used to hold in right thumb stick and it worked every time. There was also an option when you held in the action button in the wheel menu it said pick up. That option is not there anymore. If I spam holding in the right thumbstick it will eventually pick up the shoulder pet & a option in the wheel menu is there to drop shoulder pet. I dont expect this will get fixed as the small issues are being overlooked by devs. Sad that this amazing game is being ruined by a plague of bugs.
  7. Food trough diet selection How about an option in food troughs that select either carnivore or fish eater & only that diet creature will eat from that particular trough. Eg select fish eater fill it with fish & only creature that will eat out of that trough is fish eater (piscivore) Baryonyx needs fish but everyone eats fish b4 raw meat
  8. You all made my day ? thankyou soo much wildcard. 6hrs till i finish work & im down to the halls of reaper to get me my 1st coloured demon baby
  9. On xbox SP still no change in bog biome spawns. ?
  10. Tropeognathus Tropeos are great fun. I found out they can harvest the lights & solar panels on extinction. Not very well but its something. I like how you can see the air stream of other flyers...could be very useful. Xbox double tap A does a wing slap that knocks down trees & hold right thumbstick few secs to turn off jet. Just wanted to share my little findings.
  11. Giga Saddle ladder/slide Kinda makes sense to take fall damage every time i get off my giga...shes a big one. If i can build a flushable plumbed toilet in a desert wasteland or a saddle that can protect me from lava & even a volcano eruption then shouldnt i also be able to build a Giga saddle with a ladder or a slide attached to the tail (flintstones style)... I propose a built in part of every giga saddle that allows the rider to safely dismount with style. I have to take my hat off to the saddle design crew, every saddle has a unique style. Theres a visual beauty & a see
  12. It doesnt do it for me if i spawn on a bed on a raft or platform saddle. Try this it may work for you too
  13. I use folders which stop the item transferring if you transfer all but the drop all drops everything even in your folders unless you use the search feature to narrow down your selection. If they fix folders so the only way items in a folder move is if you open said folder & transfer or drop all, which should then only drop/transfer whats in said folder. Upvoted
  14. This is sortof what conan does. Its fun but gets boring quick coz its all scripted. If your Single player gets boring & u want dinos raiding you i suggest putting rare flowers on your hotbar & exclusively eat nothing but those ? or extinction has corrupted dinos who can kinda raid your base
  15. Its a bit buggy bit if you kinda flick the thumbstick in the direction you want the stack to go directly after beginning to hold A (xbox) it transfers full stack slightly faster than just holding in A. Not sure if this is well known but iv used it regularly. It saves some time but not a cure all so to speak
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