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  1. Bloom slider update bug? Anyone else having trouble getting a normal looking game since the update for bloom slider? Need bloom on to make genesis look how its looked since release eg nice bright colors for missions like dodoball & enhanced ambience in bog biome. Abberation was playable before but now i need to turn bloom off to see anything in red zone. The gamma correction seems to be the only other setting to adjust 'brightness' Has adding the bloom slider in settings changed the standard settings somehow?
  2. Wouldnt recommend trapping the turtles the fish will kill the swarm & you will hit the turtle with your sword. I have an underwater base nearish to moeder boss fight thing & i see soo many fish schools near there all the time. This would be the best spot to start looking for a swarm imo. Wish i could kill fish schools with a sword as they get very annoying near a base
  3. Devil1234 thats a big negative on the spawns fixed. I have eagerly gone to each biome affected after each patch hoping for the gaps to be filled. Is it because on SP we can transfer dinos maybe the devs feel its not important to fix. Is SP not as important as online? I thought the money we pay was sufficient to be treated as equals.
  4. I didnt see an option to drop it and i did attempt to drop it several times but guess it was stuck in my inventory Maybe this is something that was fixed in an update. Either way im glad we didnt need to actually use the skin during genesis so we can have chibis equiped also.
  5. HLNA Skin removed from inventory Hi all, not sure if this will be useful for anyone but dont hurt to try. I figured out a way to drop the HLNA skin from inventory, it comes back again if you die just repeat. Im on Xbox but this may work on PS4 also Open anything eg storage crate or dino inventory, select any item in the box/dino so it is highlighted, with item still highlighted go to HLNA skin and click RT to equip and you will 'consume' the skin I got sick of the skin being in my inventory so this is my quick fix for this little bother.
  6. Are they proud that the game needed 300 fixes since Genesis release? I loooove this game but i think thats a bit funny
  7. bill765 i believe you cannot consume items while being blood drained by stalkers
  8. I can confirm only 15 fish for alpha. if you use a bloodstalker and enter orbit camera mode you can see the fish outlined. So its easy to know which hole to fish from and how many fish for each hole. But this on alpha is actually impossible atm...Xbox One SP, i also tried spawning a coel in the area to catch the 16th fish but any fish spawned in do not see the bait.
  9. Hi OP, Same exact thing happened to me but while riding my bloodstalker. Im on SP xbox so i ghosted under the map where i died and was surprised to find... a half dozen magmasaurs were under the map and were somehow able to insta kill me when i got close above their heads and caused my bloodstalker to go swimming in the lava under the map. Bloodstalker didnt instant die but was unreachable without console commands. Couldnt see tames name until i was under the map so this could have been what happened to your wolf. Unfortunately there may be no way to save your mounts from this bug on official.
  10. +1 same thing happening to me SP Xbox. Stalker is doing side to side animation but even with holding buttons for longer still will not dive. I was able to get it under water once if you jump from very high and hit the water fast i was overencumbered so couldnt attempt to move while under, had to dismount and it followed underwater for a short while before popping up to the surface Even without swimming underwater this creature is still the most versatile
  11. yes tossing them off your shoulder whenever they make a certain noise...it builds up fairly quickly I was getting 24 element dust each time but a bug caused me to have to re give all levels and when i put more points in melee instead of health i now get 128 element dust each time from the same ferox.
  12. Ferox Element Gathering Theory needs proving but i think levelling ferox in attack increases element gathering.
  13. Same issue on Xbox SP. Iv extensively explored the bog but no crocs, leech or baryonyx. No amount of dino wipes will fix it, they do spawn for the missions though i dont believe they are tameable in missions. I have seen a single pair of beavers in the snow biome but even with well over 30 dino wipes theres not been any more beavers. Before the release of Genesis i was eagerly waiting due to 1 cool picture i saw online...the picture of the bog that had a croc walking near water and a stalker in the background (also had a pteranadon flying in the background but thats another topic lol) I wanted my first tame to be a croc but that didnt happen dissapointment I cant wait till they fix this as i was planning on building in the bog but will wait till its not soo empty. I love this game and would never complain but i do miss my crocs.
  14. +1 I am waiting for the next update/patch hopefully this gets fixed for consoles with the next patch...got a bit frustrated why it wouldnt eat my magma eggs lol Keeping my eye on the lv 145 i want and hopefully it doesnt dissapear before i can tame it.
  15. Ingame Craftable Stopwatch Hi everyone...im wondering if anyone thinks a craftable ingame stopwatch item would be useful? I play mostly in SP and being able to pause the game makes raising a baby (not ingame) alot easier. Using a stopwatch to raise babys (ingame) and not miss a imprint is essential. But pausing the game messes up the timing sometimes Wonder if we could have an ingame craftable stopwatch that would also pause when the game is paused? I think it could be really useful, maybe it could be an addition to the GPS or something.
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