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  1. also the brokenness is in every game so don't just pin it on ark. There are plenty of games out there that have broken features
  2. I don't see you making the game. This happens due to bugs in code or system. at least they fix things before putting it out unlike other games.
  3. Why do you think that. they always do something different for every map. Scorched Earth had the Wyverns and Aberration had Rock Drakes so that means that Extinction will have some thing different as well.
  4. I think they should add the original boss back in on extinction as a way to learn the tekgrams. like the current system only once you beat that boss it gives the engrams a alpha would. or people could spawn with all the grams learned
  5. Actually there is a planed 6 titans biome specific. I can't find where they said that but I will keep looking to see if I can find it
  6. I'm just going out on a limb here but what if the tek creatures are a part of the story leading up to Extinction. Here is why I think that It didn't make sense then but if what it's talking about are the tek creatures then it starts to make more sense. The system has been running for a long time. before it could handle small little changes but as the system grows old it start to malfunction even more trying to keep up with all the creatures sends unfinished models out into the ARK's. We see this with all the Tek variants, Instead of droping element they drop meat and what ever else they would usually drop. This was not the devs being lazy this was on purpose to make it seem like it was lazy. The ARK's are telling us that they are about to break the system would never just send out a creature at 50% it would wait and finish it. there is more proof but I think all of you can find it. I hope you enjoyed reading.
  7. I think the big creature is another titan. for some reason it just seems that way. I know it's not because of perspective so don't get mad at me for stating an opinion.
  8. I say the same thing destructicon54 did I DO NOT see you making the game. also you say that they can easily go away from Unreal Engine when in reality they can't. think for one second all mods are created through the dev kit meaning that those would not be supported by the game anymore. don't just say that they can just go away from it with out proof. Then you go on to mention ARK 2 which number 1 will probably run under the same thing and 2 Isn't even in the devs minds right now. They are just getting done with a 60 dollar game and 5 DLC's to go with it 3 of which you pay for. Now that they have finished the MAIN story they can get some time to relax and add small features through out the year.
  9. I guess everyone was wrong it was the Qutzel despite all odds. All so fixed some of the meshing issues. Wildcard you lied to us?.
  10. Yes I do see how ridiculous I sound but I said that for a reason. My Mario example is almost exactly what is currently happening in ARK in that glitch the player gets an advantage much like in ARK's case a mesher will get the advantages. I used it as an example so that people can see that it is in more than just ark. Also I said to go to single player because there they can do whatever they want and not get punished by a mesher who comes along and attacks from a out of bound area. I didn't mean completely go single player but to those people that get mad at people that mesh it is a good idea. I myself am a single player person I will sometimes go on servers to see what they are like but I spend most of my time designing small not PvP related bases. Also I don't want the climbing picks or any of that removed from the game I don't mind them but they're not my favorite items but they shouldn't get removed because a few bad apples ruined the bunch. If you don't get what i'm saying well I cant help that but I think one thing is clear I don't hate anyone not even the meshers. The only thing I could think that Wildcard could do is make that engram not learn able. Their are a lot of people that get affected by this and I get it it's annoying to deal with but if some one is that mad at a GAME than they shouldn't be playing in a server with a lot of people they should be playing a server with not as many players and a strict staff. Just found this but you called it a mostly PvP game when not even Popular users on steam call it that take a look
  11. They are constantly trying to fix the game. But when it comes down to meshing they really can't do anything. here is a quote from them stating what I just said" When constructing a modern game, however, it's very likely that you need to use shapes that are more interesting to look at and interact with than a simple box or sphere - so you use mesh based collision. Mesh collision treats the surface of the mesh as the collideable surface, but it cannot be treated as watertight, and the physics system cannot guarantee that you don't pass through it". Now I ask a simple question. Do you think Super Mario Odyssey was a bad game due to the fact you could cheat out of bounds in the second world? If you do not know what I'm talking about here is a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSR7QScCfmU and the time stamp is 2:14. now did that ruin the game or was it just an unintended feature that can't get fixed due to a cut scene? I will defend Wildcard in everything they do. I actually liked Aberration it was a good map with a color scheme that I liked. do call it bad because of one thing and if you don't like people who mesh why not go to a single player. There no one can hurt your base.
  12. oh ok thank you for clarifying I thought you meant a tek unicorn.
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