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  1. There are many things people would like to see in ARK 2 but what about useless, stupid or funny things which could make ARK 2 better for you? This is my list: 1. Advanced defecating system and more realistic faeces - If you played SCUM you know what I'm talking about. It would be more realistic and funny to experience diarrhea especially when running away. Also dino faeces should be more diverse, not only small, medium or large brown balls. 2. Realistic creature procreation - Probably most of us want wild baby dinos and more wild creatures nests (like we have for wyver
  2. What I would like to see in ARK 2: 1. More inteligent dinos (running away when hurt it's not enough, I would like for example see pack of raptors coopereting as a pack when hunting or pack of trikes protecting their children) 2. More type of resources too collect (especially more basic resources in different part of the maps - so more traveling to collect them) 3. Weaker flyers - flyers are still op, some are too fast, other have too big weight limit. Also flyers should be late game animals. In ARK there is no reason to travel by foot when you have good flyers. 4. Less op t
  3. AUTO6

    ARK 2!!

    Fixed version of the trailer from ARK: Survival Evolved youtube account - now blood looks ok (it was very bad in Game Awards trailer)
  4. AUTO6

    ARK 2!!

    I hope character creator in ARK 2 will be way better. I don't want to see player characters like this
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