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  1. True but I don't expect a lot of people to buy the game, install it just to vote and refund game after this. So there will be much less votes made by people not playing ARK.
  2. Congratulations. It was my nr 4 so one of creatures I wanted to see most in ARK.
  3. The winner is ok for me (probably people just want very powerful creatures) but not my top 3 (it was nr 4 for me). I cant believe why people vote for Hatzegopteryx (just little different Quetzal) and Panthera Atrox (just a cave lion, for me Giant Cheetah was more cool) in top 3 so I'm happy that Sky Giga won out of the 3. Also I can't understand why Razana was eliminated first (it was cool idea and I saw many people was hyped for that), why Nothosaurus was so low in voting (I didn't expect it to win but expect to be higher) and why Gorgonopsid was so low (one of most hyped and very cool creature, many people wanted it to be added to ARK, for sure it deserved more votes than Panthera Atrox). Gorgonopsid and Nothosaurus were the most interesting for me. Before voting I was hoping devs will add more creatures (maybe top 3) not only the winner but now when we have votiong results I don't feel big hype for adding nr 2 and nr 3 to the game and I'm only waiting for winner - now sky in ARK will be more dangerous place for sure
  4. Do I need to sign up in voting page (rankedvote.co) for my vote to count? I already voted without registering so I'm not sure if my vote count or not.
  5. Tingmiatornis A flyer not only able to land on water (like Pelargonis) but also to dive. It's middle size mid-game bird you can tame and ride (size similar to Argentavis). Not the fastest on air or in water and not very strong creature but very useful if you love both flying and diving. Maybe strong (HP) as Argentavis but little slower, with less weight and lower stamina. Giving less damage on land than in water (can kill small fish one hit but not the best to fight bigger sea creatures). When tamed not able to pick up small animals or players but can pick up small fish and still keep fish in its claws even if fish die on air. Eating fish meat and raw prime fish meat only. Taming normal way by knocking out and feeding fish meat, raw prime fish meat or kibble. Not agressive against players unless attacked. Fleeing if attacked by other creature on land, on air or in water. If attacked by player fighting back not by giving damage but grabbing the player in its claws. If on land Tingmiatornis will go up fast and try to drop a player from a great height. If close to deap water Tingmiatornis will go under water holding the player and try to drown him. Breathing air but able to stay under water for 2 minutes. Occurring near the sea.
  6. Next trailer should be a gameplay trailer
  7. Yes, Steam players need to have option to install mods using Steam Workshop, it's the easiest way.
  8. We will be playing on a new planet so instead of mythical creatures known from our culture better add some cool alien animals (alien from our perspective because in ARK 2 humans and dinosaurs will be real aliens invading planet).
  9. I hope devs will rethink 3rd person only mechanic and they will decide to give us a choice. If combat will be better in 3rd person people will switch view to TPP before fight but most time in ARK we are not fighting so there will be also place for switching to 1st person (building, walking inside buildings, exploring caves or forests etc.). Also I don't agree 3rd person is better for parkour and climbing mechanics. Best parcour games (Dying Light, Mirror's Edge) are FPP games. So we just asking for choice how we want to play ARK 2. It would be good to show us some gameplay to understand what is the devs vision of ARK 2. Maybe real gameplay footage would convince us to that vision so I hope we will see some gameplay soon.
  10. All we need now is to see some ARK 2 gameplay, we don't know enough yet to say for sure if the changes are good or bad.
  11. Maybe good idea for some DLC but not for base ARK 2. I'm sure we will have new fantastic creatures in the game (native animals of the planet).
  12. Lot of good ideas but if there will be firearms in ARK 2 let it be nothing more modern than weapons from the Renaissance period so no modern machine rifles os sniper rifles, just muskets and cannons. It would be also ok if only range weapons will be bows, crossbows, balistas and throwing spears (late middle ages as highest tier). Please no tek this time in base ARK 2 (maybe later in some DLC).
  13. I'm very curious how native animals of the planet will look like, behave and how many native species we will meet in ARK 2. We know that Aratai will ride some of them so I'm also curious if we will be able to tame that creatures too. And if yes maybe after some time Aratai will be able to tame our creatures (for example after 100 days on server) because they are able to tame like humans. Remember that on this planet humans and our animals are aliens and we are invading the planet from Aratai perspective.
  14. Please no in game currency
  15. AUTO6

    Oceans in ARK 2?

    ARK 2 is not coming to PS4 or Xbox One right now, only PC and Xbox Series X|S (probably also PS5 in the future). Later devs plan is to make ARK 2 version for Nintendo Switch so maybe they will also launch this version to old gen consoles. But it will be for sure very simplified version of the game (just compare ARK: SE for PC, PS4 and Xbox One to Nintendo Switch version).
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