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  1. There are multiple servers offline and have been for many hours. It is clear they are having some major issues. It would be nice of them to give a statement on the current situation and at very least a slight insight in to the issues (technical, ISP, DDoS etc). If there is one thing that displeases the masses in times like this, it is lack of communication and transparency.
  2. Im guessing something with the latest patch went very wrong as there are lots of servers offline, two of which i was looking to play on. guess i may as well watch FF VII twitch streams to pass the time.
  3. Server outage resolution time So EU-PVE-Official-TheCenter396 has been offline for around 40 minutes now so wondering how long it usually takes for them to bring broken servers back online. I know its like asking how long is a piece of string, but there has to be an average... right?
  4. It makes taming slightly more simplified as you no longer need a specific species egg type, instead you need a specific egg size. All they have done is removed complexity, the necessity to hold on to pointless dinos just for eggs still exists, depending on what youre looking to tame and possible imprinting requirements.
  5. So essentially they haven't got rid the of the dependency on 'useless' dinos that serve no purpose other than to lay specific egg types, instead you need them for their egg sizes. I would have thought, and hoped, that feeding any dino an exception kibble would yield the best results. This would have removed the dependency on so many lower tier dinos. When it comes to breeding and imprinting, do they ask for the new kibble types?
  6. Looking at your cheat sheet, does this imply that you can only tame dinos with the specified kibble, or is this the minimum level of kibble required to be effective?
  7. What dinos lay an extra large/special egg? Unless they make any further changes, the max amount of eggs in an area is 20 and only 6 from same species. This may make getting the kibble harder, or more likely lots of small bases spread around with just more of the dinos that lay these types. At least people may feel inclined to kill their 'useless' tames and fill them spots with even more colour mutated dinos... mainly for display purposes only.
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