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  1. Dave192

    Ride Yuty or Rex for Solo Bosses?

    Did the easy Center arena without a hitch with just 20 Rexes, although i have a feeling medium will be a slaughter if i attempt at the moment. Will try again with me on a Yuty to see if it goes any quicker.
  2. Dave192

    Ride Yuty or Rex for Solo Bosses?

    I wouldn't take a Yuty if I wasnt riding. Its the difference between 20 rexes or 19 Rexes with Yuty buff. If Yuty buff brings more DPS overall and better better chance of surviving that i can take one of those instead.
  3. When going in solo to do the Bosses, what would be better for me to ride? Will the Yuty yeild higher DPS overall with the non-ridden Rexes, or does being in control of a Rex chomping non-stop do more?
  4. Dave192

    Taming gigas with shocking darts...

    The torpor bug means torpor reduces while the application of nacrs is applying. Yes its supposed to 'freeze' the depletion but for whatever reason on high lag servers this does not apply correctly. You can let a Giga drop to 1k torpor, feed it 1000 narcs and it will start ticking up but then suddenly drop a huge amount, more often than not a number larger than what was applied.
  5. Dave192

    Taming gigas with shocking darts...

    Im not saying feed it the whole whack, but keep feeding it narcs to top up the torpor. Letting it drop to like 1k then feeding it narcs only to be hit with the bug means it will wake up. Clearly you haven't experienced the high drain torpor bug on lagging servers.
  6. Dave192

    Taming gigas with shocking darts...

    DO NOT LET THE TORPOR DROP IF YOUR SERVER PERFORMANCE IS BAD! If you are on a laggy server the torpor depletion runs faster than the narcotic gain resulting in a giga that will eventually wake up (depending on level and what youre feeding it). By feeding it narcotics at the start you are giving yourself a full torpor bar to help counter this 'bug'.
  7. Dave192

    Event this Weekend?

    The x2 is a 'bonus', not a given. If it doesn't happen then continue to play as normal. We managed back in the day with the old 1x rates so the new x1 rate is already a huge bonus!
  8. Dave192

    KIBBLE Problems and My opinion!

    It isn't kibble that causes server tame cap, its the 'gotta have them all' nature of the players. If anything, breeding and mutations is the major source of tame cap.
  9. 5 Vaults full of stuff, 1 being Ascendant only and another being Mastercraft only. My best BP items are: Asc Giga Saddle - 119.0 Asc Yuty Saddle - 99.8 Asc Mosa Saddle - 105.7 Asc Tuso Saddle - 114.5 Asc Sword - 275.3 Asc Xbow - 269.5 Asc PA Shotgun - 275.5 Asc Fab Sniper - 290.0 But despite all the loot, what i really wanted was a MC/Asc rex saddle BP which i never got
  10. Dave192

    What's your favourite map?

    The Center is where its at for me. Love the size, the layout, the resource locations. It all just fits well. The island just feels too small for me and some of the resources are a pain to farm. SE is just painful and i havent been on the new Abberation yet.
  11. Yes i should click quicker but these old-man reflexes just arent up to the task. I feel it is just common courtesy to let someone get the item if they were they first. You need to respect others if you expect to be treated fairly. Despite having items 'stolen' I have not retaliated the same, hopefully karma will give me something nice eventually (fingers crossed for rex saddle bp).
  12. As the Xmas event is all about them loot drops, how many have you been idling beside waiting for the timer only to have someone else turn up and loot it quicker? So far I'm on 5 'stolen' drops. This event certainly brings out the Xmas spirit in some people.
  13. Dave192

    Change The Evo Event !

    They have a $2000 prize for whoever kills the new Boss. I very much doubt there will be a 2x maturation event until that has been completed so they can drag out the appeal of this.
  14. Dave192

    Not a New Dino, But...

    What about the yeti (Gigantopithecus)? They should be able to do more than just wear armour and smash faces with their fists.