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  1. Regardless of what they do now its too late, the ship has sailed. This game will never do a 'no man sky' turnaround and become an enjoyable game. The opportunity to capitalise on the UE5/Next-Gen hype has been squandered. Had they released an actual polished product then ASA could have been performing like Enshroud or Palworld. Instead we get an absolute bare-bones MVP with the intention to drip-feed content over 2 years believing this is enough to maintain engagement and well, the figures already show that is a piss-poor decision. Im surprised they are staying dedicated to doing something with the game though. I had expected them to do a 'The Day Before' and just rug-pull once they had reached market saturation on their sales.
  2. It looks like they have adopted Bethesdas style of development. Release a Minimal Viable Product and then let the community put the time, effort, and resources in to developing the good stuff. But go one step further and take a nice slice of money from the sales of someone else's work. It's technically a brilliant business model, focused purely on maximising revenue with the lowest effort and overhead. Unfortunately for a game based on a storefront to work it needs customers, which Ark is haemorrhaging due to this chosen direction. Not only that, the loyal customers who remain need to actually buy the mods and DLC's further diluting the probability of this being a successful business choice in the end. In time, this game will become a micro-transaction poop-show. I'm glad i departed now before my memories of Ark are totally tainted.
  3. I've had this before and only solution was to quit game and reload.
  4. 'Unfortunately our developers have been forced to prioritise working on things we hope will generate money, rather than listening to and working on the communities wants and needs. You will get transfers at some point. Heres a random date to look forward to but dont get your hopes up.'
  5. Feed it stim berries to reduce its food quicker and starve it to death.
  6. I've endured server queues of 1+ hour, countless server crashes and rollbacks, lag and rubber-banding, reduced wild dino spawns, and more recently the tame cap, but the one thing that has totally destroyed this game for me is the dino render distance reduction. I play games to have fun. Ark official does not respect my time and effort, nor is it conductive to good entertainment, so therefore i moved on. I also made sure my new server is non-Nitrado hosted just to add to the departure.
  7. Why stop at 5x, why not go 10x?
  8. For me, this is by far the worst change they have done in regards to immersion, gameplay, and overall fun. (from a PvE point). I hope its only temporary whilst they work on resolving the true underlying performance issues, and i can only assume that it is because the impact it has on taming, pet following, and environment in general is severe. If this turns out to be permanent then Official is dead to me as its just not fun to play.
  9. Tried to build a base only to get the dreaded 'too many structures in the area' and it wasn't even half finished. Rebuilt base to try and work around the structure limitation and encountered the same problem. Tried a 3rd and final time but hit the same issue so just abandoned the project and live in a half-done base. Its not like its even big. I see large sprawling bases all over the map, yet i try to build a 'village' base half the size and im struck with structure limit. Apparently trying to furnish your buildings and give them nice flourishes isnt allowed on Official and instead you have to build the typical hideous square box to store your dinos in. Urgh.
  10. Flew around for ages looking for a high level Rex. Did eventually find one, but was already unconscious and being tamed by someone else. Found myself a level 20 female Giga and figured I'd tame it because its female after all; she has uses beyond being a low level. During the tame my Ptera decided to randomly shove me forwards, possibly annoyed that i left it on Follow and it spent the last 5 minutes rubber-banding around in the air. This was enough to put me in range of the Gigas enormous mouth - the death was swift and painless. Respawned, picked up a new bird, returned to my death spot, and went back to shooting the Giga. Eventually, after many an arrow, the battle was over and the Giga unconscious. I fed it several hundred narcotics and watched as they had little effect; the torpor ticked down more than it went up. No sooner was the Giga unconscious it was once again awake and looking for payback. I smiled and smirked as I remembered that Ark doesnt want me to have nice things. Went back to base and once again thanked Ark for my punishment.
  11. Tried to tame a 150 argy after hours of searching due to difficulty setting spawning level 5's everywhere Finished tame and laughed at the stats it received Server crashed and rolled back and ended up deleting my tame entirely in the process, so not even a chance of a reroll on stats Went back to base and thanked Ark for the emotional/mental abuse.
  12. Server got patched. Server crashed like normal after 20 mins. Server never came back up.
  13. There are multiple servers offline and have been for many hours. It is clear they are having some major issues. It would be nice of them to give a statement on the current situation and at very least a slight insight in to the issues (technical, ISP, DDoS etc). If there is one thing that displeases the masses in times like this, it is lack of communication and transparency.
  14. Im guessing something with the latest patch went very wrong as there are lots of servers offline, two of which i was looking to play on. guess i may as well watch FF VII twitch streams to pass the time.
  15. It makes taming slightly more simplified as you no longer need a specific species egg type, instead you need a specific egg size. All they have done is removed complexity, the necessity to hold on to pointless dinos just for eggs still exists, depending on what youre looking to tame and possible imprinting requirements.
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