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  1. On Primitive Plus, following the recent update, anyone building an Advanced Workbench gets a whole load of top level loot for free (about 100 items including Giga saddles, Metal Behemoth Gates, and lots of other items not normally available on Prim+. Just wondering if anyone knows what the plan is to resolve this? Whether it will be a roll back (hope not!) or just a deletion of any non-prim + items from the server DBs?
  2. Charlie12345

    Brick underwater indestructable

    Given explosives cannot fire underwater, is brick underwater indestructible?
  3. Just did various searches on google for best way to farm with a quetz. All the results are from early 2017 and seems quite a bit has changed with Quetz since then. Any alpha's out there know the best way to farm with a quetz?
  4. Charlie12345

    Steel Locker vs Steel Safebox

    Within prim+ our tribe built a Steel Safebox. It was pretty easy to build, but on the PS4 can be broken into easily with an obsidian pickaxe. Last night we unlocked the Steel Locker. This was harder to break and cannot be broken with an obsidian pickaxe - which is good. Anyone know how safe these Steel Lockers are? Or to ask it another way can only gunpowder/sticky bombs open them up and roughly how many would be needed?
  5. Charlie12345

    Steel Safebox easily broken on PS4?

    Playing on PS4 Prim+ official server (and loving it). Noticed last night that Steel Lockers exist (upgraded versions of Steel Safeboxes). I know steel safeboxes on the PS4 are easily broken into with Obsidian Pickaxes (basically rendering them near useless), but is that the same for Steel Lockers? Or are steel lockers a lot harder to break into?
  6. Charlie12345

    Giga got to non-land access hill?

    Thanks younevergetthis. Interesting that so many 'experienced' ark youtubers still go on about setting up a base where land dinos cant get up to, given they can be simply flown in.
  7. A tribe has just been attacked on our server by another tribe. The defending tribe were ontop of one of the hills in Ragnorak that has no land dino access. The height of the hill was about 1.5 times the height of a giga. When I went to watch the raid the giga had somehow made it ontop of the small mountain section, despite there being no land dino access. There were two quetzals also attacking. Can a giga stand on a quetzal platform and be lifted up? I cannot see any other way it could have gotten there.
  8. Charlie12345

    Brick gateways slightly too big

    After some further testing last night, it appears the Brick gateway on Prim+ is well and truly broken. Had major issues trying to place it... something that should be easy after 2000+ hours on ark... hope they fix it soon.
  9. Charlie12345

    Brick gateways slightly too big

    On regular ark, I always used to build a wooden or stone dino pen. I would build it 4 levels high with a roof. I would leave a space in one of the walls of size 2 wide, 4 high. I would then build a gateway (wooden or stone or metal) and it would always fit perfectly in the hole I left. I did the same on primitive plus last night with a brick doorway, but it wouldnt place. It keep saying the gateway was obstructed. In the end I have to place it on the floor in front of the opening, but that then leaves a hole above it. Anyone know how to get round this?
  10. Been playing PvP survival evolved ark for 3 years now and felt like trying something different so moved to Primitive Plus last night. My theory is that with primitive plus there might be an truly unraidable base location. Is the following logic correct? Build in stone - this is the top tier material in prim+ which can only be taken out by balistas, giant crossbows and gigas - Is there anything else that can break stone walls in Prim+? Build away from the water (since a raft could have a balista, etc placed ontop of it) Build ontop of hills that cannot be reached by land based animals to protect from Giga and Titan. However, a quetz with balista on its saddle could still get you. Therefore, is the only truly unraidable location to build in caves (official or tight areas) where quetz and gigs cant fit. If you do this is there any other way of someone breaking into your base on prim+? Thanks, Charlie
  11. Defending base against tamed Wyverns? This weekend got wiped twice and lost a number of tames. Both times to Wyverns. Had x plants but no auto turrets. Do auto turrets work really well against Wyverns and how many would you need to effectively defend against one high level Wyvern? Is there a better way of defending against Wyverns if you are raided offline?
  12. Charlie12345

    Tricks on Leveling up Quickly?

    Get a player to unlock fire arrows on SE then export these arrows to any server/map you like and kill high level tames. This works a treat. Not sure if there are better ways in the recent updates?
  13. Charlie12345

    Feb 2017 - Best way to take out auto turrets

    Sal. Really liked your insightful comments about dealing with alpha tribes when you are solo and getting wiped a lot. Any thoughts on how you could get past the auto turrets if you are solo and getting raided a lot? Would really like to get into their base if I could.
  14. Charlie12345

    Feb 2017 - Best way to take out auto turrets

    Great suggestions sal. Thanks
  15. Charlie12345

    Feb 2017 - Best way to take out auto turrets

    Unfortunately the alpha tribe keep wiping our base out so dont have a chance to tame any Quetz's. Any other ideas that dont require high level dinos?